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My first bike - Suzuki GS500F

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DrewBytes, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. I've had my new 1st bike now for 2 weeks and 550 kms. Been lurking on here so about time I introduced myself. Been thinking about riding for a long time, but the potential dangers put me off mostly I think as well as wondering if I could control myself. Finally bit the bullet and hit the L course almost 3 weeks ago and went and ordered a new bike the next day :grin: Hopefully at 38 I am mature enough now to handle a bike after owing a few powerful cars including my current Commodore I've had for 5 years which makes 430 rwhp.

    So far I am loving riding, the freedom, and being involved in riding rather than just siting in a car detached from the experience really. I've been reading as much as I can on here about tips for new riders, road craft etc.

    I have only ridden the CB250 on my L course apart from the GS500 so I can't compare it to anything else. I did a lot of research on LAMS bikes and spoke to some riders who have been around for a while and the GS500 seemed the pick of the bunch for me. Considering I'm 188cm (6'2") and 95kg I didn't want a buzzy little 250 that you have to rev. I'm used to torquey V8's and don't like reving the clappers out of things so I'm happy to say I don't have to do that to the GS500 in average riding.

    Things of note:

    • 1. Other ridings mostly nodding on passing, I'm in the club :grin:
      2. Cagers getting up my clacker when riding at the speed limit won't make me go faster or move over :evil:
      3. The bloody wind. It's been very windy here at times and today riding to work through Coppins Crossing (80 kph zone, no wind protection, country riding basically with winds around 40 kph) it was really bad and I was getting shunted around. Did plenty of reading today realised I was gripping the bars when I should have been relaxing. Tried it on the way home, barely touching the bars and it was 100 times easier - hardly noticed the wind at all :cool:

    I intend to do the MOST test in 3 months as soon as I can. I've been practicing my low speed stuff u-turn etc on the weekends and some evenings and hopefully I'll be ready by then. I'm thinking my next bike will likely be a Suzuki GSX650F depending if anything else is available by then that would suit my needs better.

    As for the pic, I now have proper pants too and a tinted visor on the way.

  2. Welcome bloke , nice ride , enjoy
  3. Nice choice of bike. :wink: They're definitely good fun for a first-timer (in my experience so far anyway!).

    I'm sure you've seen it already, but gstwin.com is an invaluable collection of advice and tips for the little Gixxer lookalike.
  4. Congrats on your choice of ride

    I've had my GS500f for about 8 months now and have about 2500 km on the dial. It has loosened up quite a bit in the motor and spins a lot more freely after a bit of running in. Lovin it a lot and riding even more so. Agree with your comment about being part of whats going on around you rather than spectating from a car seat. Good luck and happy riding. :)
  5. Nice colour scheme.
  6. The girlie has had her GS500F for 3 months and has 5600km on it.

    get out there and ride, every day if possible. to and from work, afer work, at night, lots of twisties and some highway time too.

    the more you do the more youll improve.

    The Gs500 is a great bike, and I wish learners could ride them when I was starting out.

    Have fun

  7. Great first choice of bike! Mine is the 3rd bike i've owned and its by far the best. Only issue i have is the seat is too hard :( I put some more foam padding in it and its good as gold. Great bike :)
  8. Hahaha nearly everyone that has posted a reply owns a GS500 as well (me included).

    They are a great bike, i've had mine for three months now and put just under 5,000kms on it and haven't had any issues at all.

    Enjoy :grin:
  9. Hey there.

    That's the bike I would have liked but the budget didn't stretch.

    I'm similar size to you and ended up with an 01 cb250 when I did my l's in july.

    I commute ln the freeway often and have to wring it's neck to keep up with traffic. Became less of a hassle when I discovered earplugs! I hear you about wind buffeting. Its worse on a naked 250 let me tell you.

    Good luck with the bike - i'm completely jealous.
  10. <3 my GS500, had mine about 5 months and put 5000km or so on it. Love it, very forgiveable, cruising @5000rpm doing 100 is pretty nice.

  11. The GS500 really does seem to be the pick of the bunch, a bit like the VTR250 was in the pre LAMS days.

    Nice bike dude, enjoy and welcome to NR.
  12. Good choice, and nice work not letting those Canberra driver pr!cks push you around. The thing I love about Canberra drivers is how they will take about 10 years to get to speed off the lights, have a reaction time of about 10 hrs before taking off, yet will happily speed and sit 1cm behind each other stubbornly refusing to let anyone in 'their space'. God love em.
  13. Good choice! GS for Life! Ok, maybe not for life, GS for Restrictions! Lol

    The only negative(for the lack of a better word) that I have with the GS is that it's pretty heavy for a first bike, compared to some of the 250's out there that barely weigh 140kgs. Takes a little getting used to and isnt quite as nimble in the twisties compared to some of the other LAMS bikes.
  14. Congrats mate. Looks like mine 'cept mine took it's clothes off :grin:
  15. umm no it's not, naked are better in the wind, in fact i would rate the gs500f as one of the worst bikes in the wind for buffeting

    we have a great netwoork of riders in the ACT but would be lucky if 30 of those posted here, get alone to the monday night coffee nights held at tilleys in lyneham from 5.30 onwards :grin:

    enjoy the gs i enjoyed everyone of the 24,000kms i put on my old one
  16. That's interesting. One of the reasons I bought the F over the naked GS500 was I thought the F would be better in the wind at 80+ kph. If as you say it's one of the worst in the wind, then it's a good learning experience to ride it in the wind I guess.
  17. your talking about a different thing or maybe i was confused to what you meant by wind,head wind is not an issue on a gs500F well not always, i have had head winds that have stopped me from doing anything over 100km/h, it's the bike getting buffeted around by cross winds that i am talking about, the gs can be bloody scary in them
  18. I was talking cross winds... Had 2 firsts today for me.

    1. My first lane split, although not technically a split as I went up the bike lane on the left to the front.
    2. 200m down the road from gunning it from the split, I ran out of juice. LOL, that'll teach me.

    Must be riding it a bit harder now, that tank returned 4.57 l/100 (just over 300 kms) whereas my first tank was 3.9.
  19. yeah the reason they are so crap in cross winds, is the fairing acts as a really big sail (drive along lake george in a van on a windy day), it has lots of sharp edges so not real areo from the side

    how many kays on it now? if breaking it in by the book, should get 400-500 out of a tank depending on how much your doing around town

    did you run completely out or just have to switch it over to reserve? i have a feeling that you might not be fueling it up to the top, as your consumption is very high for it being a bike that from your first post is still being run in, next to mine being switched over to reserve was a tad under 300km's by someone that is just about to come off their restrictions, mine was 247kms chasing litre sports bike through the snowies, with the revs pretty much never falling below 7k rpm my last trip on the beast before getting my firestorm
  20. Nice choice for a first bike, I loved my GS500.