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My first bike! So stoked!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Pizza, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Just introducing you guys to my new ride, shes a 2002 GPX 250. I picked her up yesterday! Was so nervous about the drive home - along military road. But then as soon as i hopped on, it felt great and was so easy to ride home!
    Been out riding most of today. Shes in really good condition, no scratches on the fairings, just need to fix up the chain a bit, and she'll be perfect. Got 15750ks on it. I just need a name for her now!



    Sorry about the phone pics,

    I'll probably take an easy ride around tomorrow and sunday, and then on monday might take her up to palm beach and back.
  2. Congrats. There's nothing like that first ride on your own bike. I remember mine like it was yesterday (only it wasn't) :)
  3. Congrats man. It's an awesome feeling hey?

    Remember though, don't just judge a bike by it's fairings. Give it a good going over before any serious rides. But she does look clean and well done. (y)
  4. I had my mechanic go over the whole bike for a bit over 30mins before i bought her, needs a few things doing, but not a whole lot.
    She's so much easier to ride than the bikes at HART, lighter and sexier...then again i think almost anything is sexier than those bikes with the roll/drop bars all scratched up... I did want a 650RL, but this was about 8-9 grand cheaper. Really happy with it.
  5. Nice colour.
  6. You scored well there! Nice bike! So exciting to get your first bike too.
  7. Good stuff riding 'er home. As much as you would like to have a more experienced guy to take it back because you don't wanna mess up on the roads...it's still a hellovalot more fun to take it back home yourself.

    Keep on riding
  8. It was a great ride home...I hopped on it, and went to get some practice on some back streets, after about 2 minutes i just headed for the main roads and it was fine. Only thing, the bike doesnt have a clock - do any bikes? was so hard cause i didnt know if it was school zones! I've been wearing a watch to ride now.
  9. most new bikes have clocks these days, u could always buy yourself 1 of those stick on clocks
  10. The GPX is a good learners bike, you will be happy with it.

    As for a clock, just buy a cheap $5 digital watch , and wrap it around one of the handle bars.
  11. Yeah, get a cheap watch. Rip the band off and stick it somewhere with some 3M. I remember my very first ride on my bike. It was 2am in the morning. When the sun came up I realised the bike needed a clock.
  12. +1

    Did my L's/p's on a ZZR250 (basically the same). Never missed a beat for the 17000ks I did on her.

  13. I did look at some ZZRs, but couldnt find one in as good condition as mine. I couldve waited for one to come up...but i'm really happy with the gpx.
    I'm building more confidence up every day! and i cant believe i waited 2-3 years to take up riding.
    I just need to name her...Something that goes with the name for my ute...the uterus...but still suits her. I'll think of something.
  14. Haha I remember my zzr250 which is very similar to the bike above. Very nice and reliable bikes
  15. GSpot

  16. Congrats Pizza! If you want to meet up for a ride sometime drop me a PM.
  17. So i've just been for a nice long ride! Started off at home (north Balgowlah) and headed out along Wakehurst pkwy, down to mona vale, then to hit some easy twistys on McCarrs Creek Rd.
    Was a great ride, went along there then did a couple of laps around to Akuna Bay and around.
    When i was finished (severe case of numb bum set in lol) i headed up around toward Mona Vale road and doing about 65-70k/h around a shallow corner, a cop appears!](*,) He was facing the same direction as i was, and i have no idea if i got booked, but i dont think so, but i slowed to just under 60 (speed limit) before i passed him. I pooped myself (not literally).
    There were these two cars behind me, who i was planning on letting go past as soon as i found a spot to pull over, as one was tailgating me and pushing my speed up.
    So then i rode home, still worried about getting booked, and i had this guy in a ute pull out infront of me, from a driveway. I slowed down way ahead of time, as i saw him, and there was plenty of room! He obviously didnt see me, but still appologised!! I said no worries, as i;d seen him and slowed. Nice guy!
    Then about a minute later this lady pulled out in front and slammed on her brakes. I'd just come around a corner, seen her, put my fingers to the brakes just in case. And then she abuses me!! I was doing less than 40 around this corner, in a 50 zone, plenty of room after the corner, and was prepared to brake...And She was on her <expletive deleted> Phone!! The <expletive deleted> <expletive deleted> cow!
    I just rode off, shook my head, and came to vent abit on here.

    My ride route is attached. Cop was at point C, and the lady who abused me was at F (just behind E)

    Attached Files:

  18. Congrats !!!

    I do that loop from time to time.

    Terry Hills, Mona Vale, Palm, Wakehurst Parkway, Powder Works.

    (if you dont mind, plz PM me the price which you'd paid for the 2002 GPX) Got someone in the market looking to buy.