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My First Bike Ride Today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazza, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. Well it was not my very first bike ride, but it has been the first time in the past six weeks. I had a knee reconstruction six weeks ago and have not been able to ride the bike :( . I made a last ditch effort on Friday (MotoGP weekend) and could not get my leg up onto the foot peg, little alone take the weight :evil: . That was the only time I visited the bike in the garage, until today. Thought it best to not go in there and look at the bike it may just piss me off seeing the ride reports go up on the site and seeing the nice weather.

    The time passed pretty quickly though. When I got on the bike today I just knew everything was going to be sweet :D . I don’t think the knee is up for an all day hard ride, as I went for a one hour squirt and it stiffened up a bit. Just think its the severe angle the sports bike makes the leg shape go into, to ride the bike, no big deal. *Con the Fruiter voice* Coupler Days*

    Well I must admit when I got home a had a HUMUNGOUS SMILE on my face :D . I looked like the cat that stole the milk :D . I was very responsible on the 12 :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :wink: , I was paying attention to throttle control (at full extension) :shock: . The lane splitting of the mobile chicanes was fun :D . All in all as long as I don’t get any letters in the mail helping to pay Brach's debts everything will be good . I must admit I had a Massive Brain Fade when I left the garage until I got home.

    I apologize to everyone for potentially giving bikes a hooligan name. :oops: , but I believe the exorcism performed back at home was a success :) , everything seems to be normal again. :roll:

    It was funny though looking back and reflecting. I did not place to much emphasis on not riding and did not believe it was to much of a big deal :shock: that was until I started riding again, damn bikes are just bloody great hey, what a hoot and thrill they are. I suppose you don’t appreciate something unless you have not had it for a while.

    To those that have not had a reco..........DAMN let me tell you it would have to be the worst pain known to man. I have had both my jaws broken at the same time and that paled into insignificance compared to this *In a Dr Smith voice from Lost In Space........The pain The Pain (P.S. I AM A WOOOOOS)

    Any way I am rambling on here, just thought I would let everyone know what I have been up to. I am going to try and make the "Relaxing Cruising Ride to Arthurs Seat on Sunday", as this will be a good kick off for me (will be able to catch up with a few faces and meet some new ones).

  2. Fantastic news Daz, glad to hear you're back up an hooning around, giving the rest of us a bad name once again :p

    Man, seems to be so much good news around lately, must be somethin in the air. Lets hope it continues. ;)
  3. Heya Dazza,

    Great news. Did it feel weird to be back on the bike?? Hope your knee is allllll better really soon :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  4. Dazza, I've had a knee reco too, many years ago, it still gets stiff after a long ride and takes a bit to get it going after I jump off the bike. :(
  5. same here after an opposing rugby player decided that my left leg needed a reverse joint knee, they do get better but they still stiffen up sometimes (usually for me when the pressure drops) but glad to hear you are getting better and back on the bike
  6. Great to hear that you're fully recovered and back on the bike again...
  7. so fartsack
    did you make it and how did you pull up after it ?
  8. Thought it would but but I just slotted back on the bike, like putting on a favourite pair of gloves, it was really cool.

  9. Mate I made it to the ride. Leg started to stiffen when I was just standing around, waiting at the start, just needed to get on the bike and take the pressure off. Once we split up slow/fast riders and the pace quickened i noticed straight away that I could not weight shift, coz I could not put enough pressure on the pegs. That was the only bummer. Leg pulled up OK just a little stiff no biggy. The funny thing was coming home my clutch wrist got bloody painfully sore (friggin soft cock). All in all it was a really fun day.

  10. Onya mate.

    keep up the good work

    (Thought it'd been tooooo long since a squid thread was brought back from the deep. Too much time on my hands here)

    *cowers in corner* :shock: :shock: :shock:
  11. OH MY GOD. I am sitting at home on bulk painkillers after this


    I have been sitting on the bike measuring how far my knee has to bend before I can ride! It's excruciating not being able to ride! ARGH!

    *Swallows Endone and Oxycontin*

    Ahh, that's better. Hmmm. What were we talking about? I'm tired. Night. :grin:

    BTW +1 on 'worst pain ever'. Jesus. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  12. I know what you mean, I "decided" to ride a pushie to work for three months (13 points in 18 months, none on a bike).
    The day I became legal again I went bloody stupid!! Something like a kelpie let off the chain...
    In retrospect it's amazing I didn't come unstuck or get busted.
    But s**t it felt good!!!!!!
  13. Ive had knee reconstruction and I certainly would not be jumping on a bike after 6weeks no matter how much I was missing riding.
    Not only would it be dangerous u could do more damage to the knee but most of all damn right dangerous of not being able to ride properly hence having accident and hurting other people.
    Did I miss which knee it was? right knee back brake? left knee gear change?
    Sorry but I'm not one to say good on ya for getting back on ur bike so early.
    I just hope some of you guys here ranting about hooning arnt the ones that will go out wide cos and take out some other rider that this enjoying his bike or me!!! even worse taking out a car with little children in and you surviving and them not.

    Just think about it appreciate what you have today cos in a blink of an eye it could be all gone...you could be gone.
  14. Mitch bugger the endone, I hate that stuff.. I have a bad back and it's what they've been giving me for about a decade.. it works a treat but the day after you come down you're in zombie mode.

    At least I am.
  15. it was almost 5 YEARS AGO.
    get over it :p
  16. Nibor it wasn't me who re-opened the thread after 5yrs so I think you should get over it.
    I feel it's relevent now just as it was 5yrs ago.
    With that attitude "get over it" show's your matuarity.
  17. I hope it wasn't me that caused the rugby injury(Though I was in QLD so doubtfull). I had a guy try and side step into me. Top of my head + his left knee = cracked knee cap for him, and severe concussion for me. Rugby is dangerous, although the little stars in ones vision is certainly fun for the first hour or so.