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My first bike & ride home

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Chriss, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, got my first bike a new cbr500r today. Picked it up from near Gosford, Worthington , rode back along the freeway. Perfect day for it aswell.
    Few things I noticed that no one really mentioned during my Lead up to getting a bike that I thought might be worth mentioning.
    Wind, oh my is it fun at 90k an hour. Get ready the wiggle around on the road and have your head turned for you if look at all to the sides.
    The turning/leaning resistance when travelling over 60ish is so completely different to anything in the pre earners, so if your new, plan your trip back from the dealer etc, drive the route, plan the corners first so there's less to think about.
    The ride back was fantastic, minus a stall a dealers lol and some over braking stopping at the first set of lights Ive already made progress on just one ride. Smoothed out my braking/stopping and balance, figured out rev matching for downshifting and even a little hill start woohoo.


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  2. Well done, take your time and enjoy it
  3. Welcome, congrats man, you will very quickly get used to wind and it will feel like nothing soon.

    Enjoy your new ride :)
  4. Nice write up, nice bike!

    Welcome to NE, please enjoy your stay.
  5. Good job mate, wait til you feel the wind at *cough* high speed...:woot:
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  6. Good report.

    If you're going to ride the freeways a lot you might invest in a small fairing, just to take the wind of your chest and give your shoulders a rest......
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  7. Nice post. Am hoping to buy first bike next week - nervous already about pulling out of dealership. Good idea to pre-plan and drive route
  8. ... Or have a friend follow you home in a car. Good way to get to dealer too!

    Got a new (2nd hand bike) from the mountains and (with no other way to get there) got the mrs to drive me up, and then follow me the few hours home. Getting used to a new bike takes some time, i stalled mine a few times taking off getting used to how much heavier than my old bike it was. Same if a newbie. It's good to have a friendly car behind you running defense for you! And get them to keep their space of course. But they hate doing 90 on the freeway behind in a cage when they have been off restrictions for 15 years ;)

    Advanced user tip: if you take the other half, buy them something nice for their effort. After we did deal on bike, we grabbed lunch and she got a new handbag. Now still tells everyone about that and has never hated on the bike. #winning
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  9. Actually this, my wife and I drove there, I followed her back.
    Caffeinemonster you will be nervous it's inevitable, take your time gearing up, sit on the bike, play with all the controls to get a feel for it. This calmed me down, once your off still take it slow like learning to drive do things in stages.
    Gonna turn? Indicate early and forget it, now you've just gotta slow down, right speed? Check. Need to change gears? Check. Look where you wanna go.
    I had the whole ride, gear changes, road positions, how many lights already mapped out. Helps with confidence. Good luck man.
  10. Nice one mate. U think it's windy at 90kph ? Try hanging onto a street fighter at the creek at 230kph ...
  11. Welcome to Netrider and 2 wheels Chris! ....and a great job riding home from the dealer (y) (I wasn't ready for that and had my bike delivered!).
    It took me a while to get used to the wind resistance but you do get used to it after a short while.
  12. I had my scooter delivered when I first bought it. I was so nervous on the first ride and im so glad no one was watching as I patiently rode around the block a few times. Im very confident on motorbikes however on my first licensed ride I didnt even have gears to worry about. Congratulations on jumping on the highway and the F3 which I think is the scariest highway in AUS. Enjoy the bike. Dont drop him. (My first (almost) drop was at a petrol station when I was thinking more about fueling up rather than the stand and stopping properly))

  13. Nice report, Chriss. Sounds like you are convinced. Now to ensure that you learn from mistakes and don't repeat them. Easier said than done. It only takes a distraction or two to miss something, like forgetting to cancel an indicator, or putting the side stand down before getting off, or up before setting off - can happen to anyone, any time. No distractions. Even well established good habits can be undone by distractions.

    Think "Perfect practice" and live every ride as practice for the next one, and you will become a confident, competent rider real soon. This is a great place to pick up a few tips.
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  14. good on ya man, cbr500r is a great choice!

    I found the wind pretty hectic when I first started off - felt like I was a sail in the wind. just a tip: Squeeze the tank tight with your legs, and be really loose with your upper body and arms, just be really smooth - go with the flow of the wind. you shouldn't need to put any strength in with your arms and your grip, just keep it really loose. the handle bars are only used to give the bike instructions.

    keep it loose upper body and arms, and hold on tight with your legs
  15. yeah i remember the first time.......feels like sqeezing your head through a pinhole, bought a screen for my first streetfighter real quick
  16. If yr a bit of a short ass like myself(or not),really concentrate when coming to a stop and putting the kickstand down to park, double concentrate if ground is uneven.
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  17. Something else to consider when riding freeways is roadkill.

    Besides the obvious hazard created from running over the obstruction if your not paying attention, at 110km ph a 3 second gap between you and the car in front is not always enough for the guts mist created by the car in front to settle prior to you riding through it.

    The first time I was decorated by the small red dots I was still 3 hours ride from home, really sucked riding for 3 hours knowing I was covered in roadkill.

    The second time I was decorated I had just moved up closer to the car in front to overtake, and bam, misted again, argh!

    So now whenever I ride freeways outside of Sydney I leave a good 5 second gap between me and the vehicle in front. Athough a 5 second gap at 110kmph is a smart way to ride, my real motivation is to never again find myself cleaning roadkill off my helmet, bike, jacket, and possibly even out of my hair, its disgusting.

    Never again.
  18. C'mon KattKatt, get with the program - ride through a car wash, that'll sort you out ;)

    Seriously though, that has never happened to me in almost 20 yrs riding all up.

    Now I've probably cursed myself, will likely take selfie including animal guts on leathers next week probably....
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  19. Well done, have fun.
  20. Lmao chillibuttonchillibutton you will know when it happens, you will see the roadkill exit the tyres of the car in front first, a normal person steers around the dead meat, unfortunately there seems to be a lot of bad drivers on the road atm that are too busy on their phone to notice the chunk of red on the road until its too late.

    My suggestion is to then glance in your mirror, if noone is behind you emergency break like a boss. However if there is a vehicle behind you and your less than 5 sec behind the idiot in front, then prepare to be misted.

    It will appear on your visor as a few inconspicuous tiny red dots, you will be able to see through them, and I suggest not trying to wipe it off with your glove ewww, but just knowing its roadkill and its also all over your helmet, bike, jacket, jeans, shoes, is simply awful.

    I might try that car wash if it ever happens again, lol.