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My first bike rage.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jimmythehuman, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Rode to work for the first time yesterday, awesome stuff riding in at 7am, hardly any traffic etc mmm

    Coming home at 4pm is a different matter, heaps of soccor mums on the road and various other fools.

    I was cruising home up Cranbourne rd sitting in the right wheeel track of the left lane and a stupid biatch in an old Pajero tried to either overtake me or share my lane on the left hand side. This is the first time this has ever happened to me, so i figured i would try and get away, i floored it a bit and split the lanes and moved up 2 or 3 spots. Next thing i see these fools have weaved in and out to catch me up right at the point where the lanes merge into one and they are sitting right up my arse - now i wasnt scared i wanted to strangle her. I did the same thing, next set of light they are right up my arse and trying to get by me on the left.

    Not much i could do really except floor it to get away from them, at my turn off they were hanging out the window thinging it was hell funny, giving me shit etc, me of course screaming my head of inside my helmet making plenty of obvous gestures for them to stop so we could discuss it further - of course this stupid biatch and her pissant partner didnt stop, which is sad cos iw ould love to have taken the time to teach them some road manners.

    What do most folks do in this situation? I realise this isnt a huge big deal and most folks experience worse every day...just fustrating i guess.
  2. sorry to hear that happen to you jimmy....

    why is it always women in 4wds?

    unfortunately they may think they're joking around but they're actually playing with your life there!

    I'd recommend the mirror.......you know you want to! :)
  3. The angel on my left shoulder says take their number plate and report them to police.
    The little red guy on my other shoulder says follow them home and slash all four of their tyres after they go inside.
  4. May I suggest you find an alternative term of abuse that doesn't put sh1t on pople with cerebral palsy?

    In circumstances such as those, if you can't be sure of getting away in front, I prefer to drop back and keep a safe distance behind.

    Following them at a safe distance until they stop can be a little unnerving for them.
  5. Yead i would definately employ the "follow them until they stop" method. It would scare the pants off of them. They would be thinking "oh bother, it seems we may have upset that chap on the motorcycle, what ever shall we do dear?"

    If it scares them enough it may give them a healthy respect for motorcyclists in the future aswell.
  6. I'm with moike, jth, another word to describe dumbo drivers, rather than that which describes people who've had a dreadful disease, please.

    In fact, could you edit the thread? I'm sure a lot of people find it offensive.
  7. Definitely a drive-away no-more-to-pay situation. The only thing you can do by pulling over is escalating the situation, and creating repercussions the may waste your time with cops and whatnot - and you never teach them a lesson, they just hate bikers more. I'd rather get home, get the feet up with a cold one and forget about it.
  8. apologies, it NEVER occured to me that its an actual medical issue for some people. Its gone.
  9. ^agreed. I'd slow down a lot and let them pass, even to a halt if you have to. Not letting myself get run down by a pajero just to be one spot ahead in traffic, as infuriating as i know it can be when people try to murder you for fun.
  10. Much nicer, thank you.

    (although I'm not sure the mother of my Kelpie would agree ...)

  11. As my mother used to say: "How dare you use that term as a pejorative you little nitwit - be thankful that you're not..." :LOL:

    EDIT - remove the term in question
  12. oops, missed one.
  13. I love the follow people home trick. I usually get out of my car or whatever I am in, wander over to their front door and take down street address details and car regos. Scares the shit out of them. So much so, that I had one person clal the police once and they came around to my house afterwards. Cowards. Another good one is confronting them at traffic lights, they shit themselves..nowhere to go.
    Police were heading back to their place after I told them about how they cut me off at 100 km/h and then went through a red light nearly causing an accident, and that I was prepared to make a statement.
    Remember, you only have to scare them, no need to do anything.
    People that do theese sorts of things are enpowered because they are in a car, which gives them power above their physical size and also gives them anonymity, plus the ability to get away without blame, which is why following them home works so well.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. That's another +1 one for me. Although i know it has already been edited it seems djkearns quoted it before the edit took place so if he also could remove the phrasing it would be much appreciated. I hate the way in which people use that term.

    It almost erks me as the 'special olympics' saying people tend to use on forums.
  15. *cough* brick through window *cough*
  16. As good as that may feel, by damaging their personal property, you are lowering yourself to their sub-par standard.

    I don't beleive in property damage no matter the offence as it is just plain LOW. My mate once stuck up for a friend who was being hassled by some guys. He is a big bloke and basically scared them off (he NEVER laid a hand on them). Anyhow they found out his address of another person who knew him and 1 week later he had 2 rocks pelt his car while parked out the front of his house late at night. One went through the windscreen, the other connected with the rear quater panel where the rear door closes.

    Now the body condition wasn't that great but it was atleast straight. He was planning on painting up the car as he had recently finished all the engine work on it. LOW LIFE SCUM couldn't even resolve their issues by facing him. They had to come and damage some of his personal property.

    /end rant.
  17. Personally I reckon there's not much you can do but accept it, ride on and watch out for idiots like them next time.
  18. What you do is let them pass you.

    When they have stopped at the lights with cars in front & behind em,
    lane split past em as the lights turn green & smack either mirror out
    (depending on what lane theyre in), & make sure they cant catch u
    again :grin:

    next time they'll think twice about whether playing a fool is worth
    having to replace another mirror
  19. Buy one of these:

    http://www.arobron.pl/images/batton walther silver.jpg

    And never let anyone fcuk with you ever again.
  20. One of the advantages of living in a (relatively) small town - had a car try and run me off the road once (one of those two lanes into one and they decided last minute they wanted to be in front). I'd seen the car before however and already knew where it lived, they also appeared to be heading home. I took a shortcut and managed to get to their place first - the look on the drivers face when he saw me stopped on the side of the road near his driveway was priceless (guy slowed but seemed uncertain whether to pull in or not). I just gave him a bit of a glare then rode off, hopefully that's at least one driver who'll think twice next time.