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My first bike (pics incl) - SUZUKI GSF250V (Bandit)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bonkerrs, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Couldn't help but have to show off my new used bike. My first bike!! I got it inspected by MIS and am very happy with it. I've only had it for 2 days so far and have been riding in quiet streets to get used to it. I bought it privately and paid $3,700 for it.

    I was mainly looking at VTR250s but this came up and it looked sooo good and it had a bigger frame which is something I wanted.


    One thing I'd like help with is... how would you clean these pipes? There is also some spot surface rust on the front forks and rear vision mirror stems I'd like suggestions on removing.

  2. Nice.

    For polishing the downpipes you'll want autosol metal polish.
  3. Thanks, will get some to polish 'bits' of the bike.
  4. If it goes down on it's left I'll buy the slip on. :p

    Found it easier to clean the forks while servicing it.

    Good purchase for a 250 (maybe I'm biased...)
  5. Nice mate. I recently picked one up myself, as a first bike. Excellent bike to ride, very comfortable for commuting or long trips, also very capable in the twisties! No chicken strips for me ahah

    Pipe looks pretty good, hows it sound? Ive put a pipe on mine since i got it, sounds louder but not too loud and adds abit of performance too.

    rs101 where did you get your ozzy knobs, and how much? cheers
  6. Thanks duff_boy. The pipe is a Staintune, this is what the pre-purchase inspection report said. It sounds great, a nice deep baffling when idling, definitely too loud though. Again on the report, it is very likely illegal but I'll leave it until I'm told by the law to change it. It's gotten passed for rego with it.

    Which pipe have you got? I'm starting to look into different pipes to prepare for changing it.

    duff_boy & rs101 - how long have you had yours? what do you do to keep the bike in good maintanence? The guy would sold it to me was saying something about checking the chain tension and spraying chain wax every so often.... to be honest I was so excited I didn't really take in what he was saying.
  7. Chain maintenance is essential for any bike (with a chain). The owners manual covers all the basic you need to do and when, if you didn't get a copy then there's one here:
  8. congrats! bike looks great!

    was pondering getting one myself. definitely looks the treat
  9. Great looking bike mate! My brother learnt on one of those and loved it.

    Enjoy :grin: :grin:
  10. Nice bike man, looks nice and big for a 250, and you gotta enjoy the 16,000 (?) redline. Enjoy :cool:
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone. It goes to show, sometimes it's OK to buy the first you see :p

    Now that I've had a chance to ride it for a couple of days I realise what people mean when they talk about high revving with the 250s.