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my first bike (ninja250)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by markninja250, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Hi all, been reading these forums for a few weeks now so i thought id join up :)

    I have had my L's for just over a month now and bike the same so i thought id post some pics.

    Some specs below

    Yoshi exhaust, rear fender eliminator with intergrated blinkers (all LED's) slightly larger than stock rear tyre, 140 opposed to 130 wide

    2010 model with 9980 k's which i paid 5k for

    Only a few hundred k's and ill be up for 12,000 service, Bikebiz Granville are charging $580 for that service which i think is a bit steep? but i could be wrong??

    anyways hope you like!


  2. Nice bike, One thing I like about the 250 over my 650RL is the tradional exhaust. I wont say what one of the members thinks what my exhaust looks like but I so want to change it now.
  3. hi mark ninja 250,
    welcome to NR mate,
    congratulations on you new bike. Its looks hot, also I rekon the price you bought it at is reasonable. I hope you enjoy your new ride. I hope to see you sometime on the road.

    cheers buddy.