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My first bike: Ninja

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by lynda, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hello :)

    I have yet to introduce myself on Netrider, so I felt like it was about time that I did so. My name's Lynda. I own a 2008 Ninja 250R (wanted a newer one but cannot afford it, and not really worth it for a learner bike). Reason I bought a Ninja: Because I'm a short arse (150cm, 4'9") and so are Ninja 250s. Love my bike, but surely wanna upgrade once I hit my fulls. So here are a few photos taken of my bike and the Mister's Megelli 250R.


    As you can see, it's still very stock.

    OGGY knobs
    LED indicators
    Spray painted windscreen
    Rim tape
    Fender eliminator

    To be installed:
    Yoshi pipe
    Seat cowl
    +more (I hope)

  2. Welcome :) - think i have spoken to your other half about his Megelli 250R, nice Ninja, rode the same on as a beginner (but green), my wife likes the seat height of the Ninja too (she's also short).
  3. Welcome Lynda, that's a nice pair of bikes you got there!
    Must be nice though, knowing you can smoke the mister whenever you want...?!
  4. Hi Linda, very nice bikes there.
  5. @PGriz: Yeah he made his own thread. The seat height on the Ninja's are pretty low so I'd say it's good for anyone short who wanna ride.

    @NiteKreeper: Thanks. Yeah, pretty sure I could smoke his bike, but never really tried. Never found a time where it's safe to do so. He's gonna hurt me when he reads this. Lmao.
  6. @PGriz: Yeah he made his own thread. The seat height on the Ninja's are pretty low so I'd say it's good for anyone short who wanna ride.

    @NiteKreeper: Thanks. Yeah, pretty sure I could smoke his bike, but never really tried. Never found a time where it's safe to do so. He's gonna hurt me when he reads this. Lmao.
  7. nice pair (of bikes) you have there !
  8. I dont know about that. The Megelli is considerably lighter than the ninja. Probably more top end speed but off the line the Megelli would be fast.
  9. Howdy and welcome!
    Where abouts did you take those photos?
  10. Hi there, person on small parallel twin. Just a thought: A yoshi pipe will cost you around $800 if I remember correctly. It will do absolutely nothing except make the bike louder. Save yourself the money, if you want a louder angrier sound grab yourself a screaming demon pipe off ebay for $200 (or you could rip the guts out of the stocker).
  11. Welcome! I may be baised, but I also reckon the Ninja is a great starter bike - I'll also be upgrading soon...
  12. A billy cart down a steep hill is fast too...

    The only time a megelli could keep up with a ninja (in terms of performance) would be before 60k/hr :D After that, bye, bye lil chinese toy :D

    Don't get me wrong, the megelli looks like the absolute sex! Waaayyyy better than the ninja does. Like not even the same league. But there have been some teething problems with them. One is the side stand drags when you get over too far. It'd be awesome when they sort out these problems (and put a better engine in it or get more out of it).

    Linda, great choice. Don't ever let your man ride your bike. Make him stay on his. One ride and he'll wanna swap when he realizes what a lame duck the megelli is :D

    You are majorly short, you can get your bike professionally lowered if you need to. You may need to get your bike lowered if you end up buying a bigger one.

    Lastly, there is nothing sexier than a woman that can kick your ass. I'm majorly jealous :D

    EDIT: oh, and boy.racer is spot on. Don't bother with a yoshi. save your money. I've got an ebay spec exhaust from ac-bikes out of china. pretty cheap. sounds as good as a mates $700 brand name full system from the US. I've heard a screaming demon on a hyosung, sounded pretty good. Don't, under any cirumstances, remove the baffles from the stock pipe, it will sound like shit. Just buy a cheap slip on.
  13. Aaaand ... boy.racer gets a new candidate for a sig quote.
  14. I only quote people that get mad. It is my way. I feed on your hate.
  15. Alexandrino, you say that like its hard to believe. Boy.racer does spout a fair bit of crap, but occasionally he comes up with an absolute gem.

    Taking the baffles out of the stock ninja exhaust is horrendous. Better to spend $200, get a slip that looks cool and makes your twofiddy sound as good as a two fiddy can :D
  16. Hmmmm, you spray painted your windscreen. Looks good from what I can see but then again my eyes are painted on...................
  17. Took them at North Heads in Sydney. You can get some pretty great views there.

    I have looked at reviews and videos of a few pipes, including the screaming demon. Personally, I don't like the way it sounds. I like the sound and look of the carbon fibre Yoshi on my bike, but because of the price (which I also think is a waste), I haven't brought myself to buy it. However, any other louder exhaust is better than the Ninja's stock. You cannot hear when that bike is coming towards ya with the way it squeaks.

    Yeah, I was pretty jealous with how sexy the Megelli looks. It gives you that (mini) R1 vibe. The newer model of the Megelli is actually much better. Never had a side stand drag (that was the old model). But.. I'll say to you what I ALWAYS say to him about his bike: "too many problems". Hahaha. He doesn't mind either bike since he thinks he can smoke me on his anyway. Like I said, I've never tried. I believe I can beat him.

    I am pretty short, but never wanted that to prevent me from learning how to ride a bike. I only had the seat shaved.. Thought about getting it lowered with lowering links but if I wanna upgrade, I'm gonna have to get used to a higher bike and riding with only 1 foot on the ground.

    And for the last point.. Thanks for awesome support!
  18. Yeah, decided to save some money. Easy to do as well. Getting a genuine Kawasaki tinted windscreen ain't all that cheap for something that does nothing.
  19. You realise what a windscreen is for, non? Quell drama. You can't tuck in now.