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My First Bike!! New Bike nerves 2

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Actionman, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. OH YEAH!!!

    I Bought the GS500F!

    Now for a monster post...

    So, we went out and had a look at the thing this morning and it was in very nice condition. A biker friend came with me (he has about 10yrs exp, owned a GS500 before and his most recent bike is an R1) Helped me look over it thoroughly, and test rode it for me. It has had a slow drop at one stage in its life, but the damage was some very minimal scratching to the fairing plastic, just a few little scratches on the side engine cover and the fairing mounts did not seem to suffer at all. It has after market indicators on it and the previous owner to the guy i bought it off removed the fairing decals for his own anime style decals, which the current owner removed. Most 40yo guys dont dig anime :p
    The rear tyre is pretty worn, so i'll change it in the next few hundred k's of riding, bonus is that he gave me a brand new rear tyre with the bike.
    It also came with a service history, warranty booklet, haynes manual, spare stock air filter (it has a K$N fitted atm) and neat tool kit.
    It's also been port polished, i wont go into detail but i know the whole story behind this and why he did it, most people wouldnt bother on a GS, the exhaust note has a nice sound to it, a bit louder than most GS's even with the stock pipe.
    The front fork pre-load has already been improved with some aftermarket shims and all the servicing is up to date.

    After much chatting, my friend and i decided on my cash offer to the owner, i went with a figure a bit (quite a) lower than his asking price and met him somewhere just a little under my maximum price.

    It was a great sale and the chap was a really nice guy.

    My bike savvy friend rode it back through the city for me and we put it into the garage. Mission part 1 accomplished.

    So here it is...



    A little later this afternoon, i started her up again and tootled around the carpark of my building to get a feel again for the friction point. It had been a month since my l's course so i was tootling for about 20 minutes familiarizing myself with the controls and first gear plus low speed handling. I almost dropped the thing because my boot slipped on an oily patch (My tyres did not get any oil on them so holster your flamethrowers), but i'm very aware of that now, interesting that the further you put your legs out to stabilize, the more effort required, less balance you have.

    I readied myself, and opened the gate.
    As i pulled out of the carpark, indicated, dialed in 3500rpm, felt friction, head checked my right, released rear brake and took off, a feeling of accomplishment waved up and through me.

    For the next hour i was riding around my local area, clocked up 25k's, a few times i was in a bit of traffic, as in between the quiet spots there are a few sets of lights,
    I took it easy though, didn't rush myself and only embarrassed myself a couple of times, once with a stall, and twice with the whole indicator turn off thing. :| Getting ontop of that one very quickly though.
    I practiced emergency braking from 20kph, 40kph and then 50kph, using both brakes together and downshifting. I only got her up to about 60 today. (not in a rush, ey!)
    Some guy got sick of me riding up and down one street about 10 times and made some rude comment about noise. I guess most people won't consider that learning takes repetition. A bike passing their house once aint annoying, 10-20 times might be. :p

    The initial feeling of accomplishment was replaced with a profound realization of just how much there is to learn and a burning desire to improve my skills. I want to be the best and safest rider i can be, and i know thats not what i am right at the moment.

    My Internal observations of what i thought were important and i should be practicing most at the outset. In no particular order are...

    Indicators, mirrors and Headchecks.
    Using 1st Gear well. Clutching, maintaining revs at low speeds, advancing in slow traffic.
    Trust no-one.
    Downshifting to maintain the correct gear whilst slowing for turns.
    Lean angle is more natural if you are moving at above 20kph.
    If you are moving slowly, eg a u-turn at a culdesac. You will tend to have the bike too vertical, making your turn too large.
    Remember to keep a full lane position or cars will pass you. This happened when i stalled at the intersection.
    There really isn't much between me and the road, don't fall off!

    I didn't have too much trouble with these but just know they need vigilance.

    Back at home now and really happy with a productive day. Time for a celebratory drink.

    If it ain't too windy, i'll go for another ride tomorrow.

    Thanks Netriders!! your support and advice up to now, and i'm sure into the future is appreciated.
  2. Congrats on the new bike.
    I had a GS500F 2005 ,and it was HEAPS of fun ,you made a really good choice for a first bike.

    And sounds like you are doing the right things and doing the drills your taught from the L's course.
  3. Big congrats. My first bike was a GS, it was a beautiful thing to learn on. I wish you all the best.

    Soon enough you will get used to doing things on the bike and it will all become second nature. After that you can start to really pay attention to what is going on around you. I was shocked a couple of times, when I first started, by cars "just appearing" next to me. I wasn't checking my mirrors enough.

    Hope you have lots of fun, safe biking years ahead. :)
  4. ahhh so you got the GS, nice one mate :grin:

    she looks a beaut! sounds like you've had a great "bike" day..... I reckon you've got the right idea taking it easy and practicing... being a fellow learner I notice if I don't ride for a week or so the skills seem to drop back a bit.... all good fun though....
  5. Nice bike mate, treat her right and she well treat you right.
  6. Join the other learners going down to Picton and kangaroo valley tomorrow, would be a great time to become friends with your new toy.
  7. GS500 is a great learner bike - better than most 2fiddys... Smooth, easy to ride, good vision, comfortable, great in traffic etc.

    Good luck with it.

    If a guy like me who'd been riding since 1990 could put up with one 2002-2007 they cant be that bad.
  8. yeah, i heard about the ride tomorrow from a fellow netrider who's going.

    If i'd had more than one hour on her i'd be totally down.

    Reckon i'll keep to the back streets till things are a bit more natural,
    then head over the bridge.

    So many people want to visit to show off my beast, so getting comfortable on her is a priority. :grin:
  9. Man i freakin' love this bike!

    I Went for another ride today, 35klms.
    Practiced parking, speedbumps, intersections, pedestrian crossing, roundabouts etc.

    My clutching and advancing at intersections is much better, and i only left the indicator on a few times.

    No night riding yet, but if i take my bike to work tomorrow (only like 2 klms, i normally walk) i will have a short ride home at night. One that i've done on my pushie many times and know very well.

    I love how smooth the power delivery is on the GS, it's not unfriendly at all but there is certainly plenty there.
    In an industrial area (almost no traffic on sunday) out at Artarmon i had a quick squirt up to 70, she gets there bloody quick.

    I love the sound of this thing too. When i catch up with some riders for a Sydney coffee night or a skills day i'll have to see if anyone thinks it's different to normal.
  10. Geez i can't wait till i get my first bike. I've got a really long driveway (Really steep) and the last couple of days ive been driving up and down my driveway(Practising the hill starts :p )in the car annoying the neighbours. Counting down the days till i get my L's.

    Congrats actionman!
  11. thanks Makybe,

    I went for a night ride today, met up with a friend at an indian restaurant in Crows Nest, it was fun to park my bike in the MC parking zone next to 4-5 other bikes for the first time, it was just one of many significant but small moments.

    Braking practice has to be the most critical and important thing on my mind at the moment, i locked up the rear wheel while slowing for an intersection, it was easy to correct and control, but thats because i was vertical and in a straight line.

    Just working to make things smooth, practice, practice, practice.....