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My first bike! [Melb]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wentworthmeister, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. After a small setback :facepalm:

    thanks to full-time holiday work and a very generous mate, i am proud to say i have just bought my first bike! :grin: :grin:

    I was looking long and hard at the CBR250RRRRRRRRR, but i thought i might do something a bit different (ok i admit it, i just couldn't afford one :LOL: ), so i got a 1988 Kawasaki ZXR250 with around 35000kms on it and in good condition (apart from some scratches on the lower front fairings).

    It's got an aftermarket can on which makes a nice burble/growl/scream :cool:
    I got it for $3100 with rego and a RWC, a steal i reckon!

    Anyway i've only ridden it home from Collingwood to Clayton along Princes Hwy, but that was enough to realize it's a fair bit more responsive than the ZZR250 i've been riding! :wink: (I know the guys with big bikes will be snickering right now, but hey it's got plenty for me in the meantime)

    I'm really happy with it, in fact i'm stoked!
    I've been wanting to get on a bike for a few years now, and the dream has come true today. :)

    I can't wait to come along to some of the rides soon, i need to get to the twisties to slowly build some cornering confidence.
    Might even drop in at the local coffee night or two, i'll have to see.

    For those nearby, look for the 6'2" beanpole riding a black 250 ninja, wearing an AGV Stealth helmet (St Andrews design - blue and white) and a black RST jacket.

    Updated pics:

    See you out on the roads!
  2. Now you'll need to get yourself a paddock stand like this www.andersonstands.com so you do servicing, lubing the chain, etc.

    Did that model come standard with a hugger, or is your's an accessory as well???
  3. Congrats mate! Glad you finally got on the right track bro :grin:
  4. Congrats on the new purchase, hope to see you at mystery ride tomorrow night :)
  5. Thanks fellas.
    Hornet i'm not sure about the hugger, i presumed it was standard, never really noticed it. I'll check the other ones for sale to see.
    The mystery ride sounds good, i'll have to see how i go for time this week as i've got something on from 5.30 till about 6.30. Maybe i'll move it forward a bit.
  6. nice one dude. you'll love the ninja :D

    might see you at a mystery ride or two soon ;)
  7. congrats on the new purchase, can i suggest so you don't have to learn another lesson the hard way you get full comp or at the very least 3rd party

    Every your new toy

    cheers stewy :wink:
  8. Stewy full comp will be through the roof for a 19yo male :roll:
    I've got 3rd party with RACV, $170 per annum, not too bad i reckon.
  9. cool just letting you know these 2 wheels tops have a habbit of falling over and when they do they can sometimes cost a bit to replace.

    Anyway great to hear you have atleast got 3rd party :wink: now get out there and start riding :)
  10. Thanks for the concern stewy, i appreciate it.

    I've updated the pics in the OP. Enjoy :cool:
  11. Sweet bike!!!

    Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of bike ownership.
  12. Today i went for my first non-commuting ride. A mate on an '06 RS125 took me for a few laps of the yarra boulevard. The ninja was fantastic and i really enjoyed myself :grin:
    I was just coming home after about 3.5hrs on the road and it started to rain, so that was good timing (or luck!).
    Now bring on the spur. And some good weather :roll:
  13. That was you!! I can't remember exactly where, but I definitely remembering seeing a bike just like that with the same colored gear... actually looked pretty hot! Congratulations!
  14. Haha cheers Pinkxie!
    I rode from Clayton down to Cantebury along middlesborough rd, then in towards the city. Travelled home along burke rd and the monash.