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My first bike ! I got it !! (: + advice for other first timers on dealership shopping

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by BuffaloBill, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. MY FIRST BIKE ! I GOT IT !! :)

    :):):)[PICTURES BELOW]:):):)

    [Sorry to the people who answered my initial questions regarding my choice of bike that it has taken me so long to post this, life has been busy-busy chaos the past couple of weeks!]

    Well, I got my first bike !!
    She's beautiful.
    She's a Kawasaki Eliminator 250 [aka. "EL250"], from 1988.
    So she's not a spring-chicken, but she's in immaculate condition,
    Has been taken very good care of as far as I can tell with my limited knowledge,
    only done about 19,000 kms, and looks it.
    For an old bike, it's really been well kept, no rust or leaks [well, there was a little fuel leak, but that was just a screw in the carburettor needed adjusting and might need replacing. Easy-easy].

    I visited a few private sellers, but again, as I am still learning about bikes, I wanted to get something that was all certified with all the slips and rego on it, not too many hidden problems,
    and I was advised by a friend just to go with the conventional wisdom of going to a well-established dealership to avoid any hidden hassles with the bike.

    I had a road map of places I visited.

    If anybody is obsessive as I am about getting a square-deal ,
    and wants to be methodical about visiting dealerships, and able to quote prices from dealer-to-dealer,
    I accidentally found this really good way, just by playing around with Google Maps.
    I wanted to get directions from my house to as many dealerships as possible, using the "Get Directions" function on Google Maps.

    But then I accidentally stumbled across this function where it possible to get ALL the directions from my house to each destination on the one map, and then organize which would be the most economical , time-saving route to take, directly from my house , in one round-trip.
    [rent a car or borrow one if you don't have one, or are not biking, as I'm not sure how to do this with public transport].

    Firstly, find a list of motorcycle dealerships in your general area. Mine is Sydney.
    I used this list, which I think has more-or-less all the dealerships i sdn


    What you do is go to google maps, and on the sidebar, go to "Get Directions" :

    Step 1.
    add destination A [your house],
    Then destination B [for example. Bikebiz Granville, where I ended up getting my bike],
    Then destination C,
    Then destination D.
    Etc etc. for all the bike dealerships you want to visit.

    Step 2.
    Once you have typed all your destinations in,
    You can drag and drop each of the destinations on the list one above the other.
    and as you do this, the line of your destination on the map itself will be adjusted to reflect your adjustments.

    SO if you are absolutely obsessive like me in checking out all the dealerships, and what people are charging , and being able to quote prices from other dealerships and used-lots, to make sure you get the squarest-deal possible, and learn to talk-the-talk [sort of]
    You can visually see what would be the absolute quickest way to infinite - dealerships from your house.

    I have attached a photo of the way my dealership route came out.

    Running around to various places can be incredibly time-consuming, and if you don't have a plan, it can be exhausting.

    I had a plan to visit about 10-12 dealerships from this list

    I ended up visiting about 5 stores.

    I ended up at Bikebiz Granville [they have two stores there].
    The one on Great Western Highway had the goods for used bikes!!
    The other one was mostly new stuff.

    I saw this Kawasaki, and she grabbed me instantly, it was love.
    $3200, everything sorted.

    I didn't negotiate. I could tell everything was good, no rust , no leaks, no scratches where there shouldn't be ,
    unless there was some hidden fault which I couldn't see, [I got a test ride] she was golden.

    I didn't want to haggle much with anyone anyway. Just pick the best of what people are offering and quote prices from other dealerships at people if necessary.
    From my research, Bike Dealers don't make a mint, so unless you really suspect them of trying to put one over you, it's just not nice to haggle to high-hell.

    The staff were all incredibly great and went to every length to help me out as a first time rider [really, I'll wax on about that in a bit].
    Andrew Beard, Grant Morris, and Lawrence the Owner.

    After I bought it, I was there all afternoon waiting to sort insurance due to NRMA having the bike listed under a different model name.
    By the time I got out, it was dark and rainy.
    The highway busy-as-shit.
    Grant , the dealer, kinda sensed I was just not confident as soon as I took her out,
    and said "Can I make your life easy?"
    Turns out the owner, Lawrence, lived in Five Dock, so he dropped me home when they store closed at 5.30 or so.
    They delivered the bike free next day, but I tipped the driver $20, $10 for him, $10 for Grant.
    Really walked away feeling good with everything.
    Top guys all of them.


    That said, none of this is to say that I haven't had a couple of problems with the bike so far, and a little bit of amateur work I've had to do on it.

    I'll crap on about this in the next post, and maybe I'll get lucky and somebody might be able to give some advice.

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  2. To wrap this post up in short ;
    She's F****NG MAD!!!!
  3. Wow, that so impressive. Only 18k on it and such a good price. Looks great. I'm not an expert but sure sounds like you've done great. Now, the real fun starts!
  4. Congrats great choice in first bike mate, have fun & get out riding as much as you can, does't matter how far just ride ride & ride more.
  5. she's in great condition by the looks of it...and a great looking bike overall...congrats :]
  6. That bike is old-skool cool, Bill - really like it. Congratulations!!

  7. She is GORGEOUS! I had bought my Suzi at BB back in March... and if this Kawa was there at the time i would've swooped in myself :p

    Give her lots of lovin' and most of all, have fun!
  8. Damn - that's BEAUTIFUL! It must have been a limited edition model??
    I like the look of those shocks!
    Love the tail light!
  9. A friend of mine learnt to ride on one of those, all I can say it was a great little bike, gave no problems whatsoever, he was actually really sad when it came time to upgrade (but not for long :) )
  10. @dazzabee
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I got super-lucky, and even if I didn't, I still feel that way, so there's no effective difference. :)

    Yeah, I've been riding all over the place! Every chance I can get.
    The first two weeks I had it was almost just non-stop riding, and I was very timid and scared shitless, due to a spill on the first day and a near spill a few days later. So I was SUPER-slow, it would have been pretty funny to watch me riding. So over-careful.
    It's taken me a lot of practice to feel confident and relatively safe on it.
    Still a long way to go, but I'm busting up speed limits on empty straights now late at night and other stuff I shouldn't do, so it's all fun!!
    It's a great learning curve, and I'm getting a lot out of it.
    On Friday night I couldn't sleep the whole night so I went out at 4am and just rode around until 7am, into the sunrise. Great feeling. Hopefully no cameras will bust me as I was getting a bit carried away.

    Cheers! She gets quite a few stares and has gotten a few comments, even from people who know stuff, so I'm feeling very happy.
    There's always a lot of doubt when getting into something like this, but so far I've been lucky in just about everything.

    @KLR Nirvana
    Thanks! Haha, Yeah, I love and will try me best to stick to the old-school cool! I ain't no new-school fool!

    Thanks so much! You're helping to swell my chest up with pride in her!
    Haven't decided what I'll call her yet.
    Maybe Pepper Jackson ! Or Lula-May Sims. Or Dallas Lee ! Or perhaps Cheyenne Magnolia.... Somethin pretty !

    Bikebiz are the best! [the one on Great Western Highway] I only went to about 6 dealers, but everything about my experience there was great. I'll wave their flag, and be supporting that shop.

    THANKS! :) I have to try my best to think of cornflakes or something dull when I look at her pretty muffler! :eek:
    She grabbed my eyes when I first saw her.
    Yeah, the shocks are cool, nice haunches on this hoochie-coochie girl!
    I love her large rear tyre too. She's a weapon, for a small girl!
    I'm not sure if it's limited edition, but so far the main problem with the bike is that I am having real difficulty finding a manual for it, so maybe it is.
    Apparently [despite being an import] it is super-easy to get parts for though, as there is a long list of interchangeables between suzukis and other kawas, but I'll need that manual asap.... it's a difficult find!

    @ametha elf
    I think I already understand how your friend felt. I've got a tight-bond with this one already. Great fit for me. I think I'll be with her for a long time yet, and I intend it to be a long-term relationship, or as long as I can comfortably stretch it....
    I must admit, I've been already looking at other bikes, but I chastise and curse myself every time I do! Damn fickle-heart of mine. :)
    So far, apart from a few hiccups, she's treated me well, so I feel compelled to do back in kind.

    Buying a whole lot of motorcycle maintenance guides, so that should keep me busy.
    All this mechanical stuff is super-new to me, so I'm still super-retarded with it,
    but I want to keep her in fine fetter.

    Cheers again all!

    I'm off to tick up a lot more kilometers with her. :)
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  12. Kernel :
    Thanks heaps for that ! :)
    The second one looks like a good match.

    I suppose even if it is just CLOSE, that may be enough [?]
    Ya reckon?

    Damn, my eyes hurt. Sleeep soon.
  13. lol mate, you're 2 bricks short of a loose cannon.
  14. Kernel :
    Thanks heaps for that ! :)
    The second one looks like a good match.

    I suppose even if it is just CLOSE, that may be enough [?]
    Ya reckon?

    Damn, my eyes hurt. Sleeep soon. :)
  15. Great bike - I just picked up a 1997 model and went for my first ride ever on Saturday afternoon. They seem a good little cruiser and a little rarer than the yamahas. Everyone comments on it when they see it. Good luck
  16. @Kernel
    Tell me about it!
    I gotta live with myself! :beer::D

    I'm a proper fool, I am.

    Oops, gotta go.
    I hear sirens,
    which means the men in white coats are coming to take me back to "the home" again.

    Stay Mental!
  17. @tallstreak
    Yeah, it's a great design! I've looked at the models from past and future years, and they haven't varied the design much, even with the bigger engine sizes, which is a good thing because I love it. Classics don't die! I love the JapAmericana thing. Plus it works really well. Yeah, I like the way it gets comments. I'm living through my bike now, haha, everytime somebody gives it an admiring comment I get a swelled-head.
    We should start a "DEADLY 250 ELIMINATOR CREW" and tear up the highways early morning / late night , haha. I'll work on getting some deadly eliminator crew members together. The uniform is everybody has to slick their hair back with a 1/4 tub of brylcreem, and wear ridiculously huge collars and sharp sunglasses and have to modify their bikes to look like a bosozoku biker gang
    Have fun and be careful!
  18. For anybody who is interested, I am looking at doing most of any repairs that need doing on this bike myself, and I have ordered a few books on motorcycle maintenance , servicing and repair, inexpensively through Amazon [probably can get a good deal from BookDepository too if you're keen].
    The reviews make these look pretty indispensible, especially the first one .

    The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance: Tips & Techniques to Keep Your Motorcycle in Top Condition

    How to Repair Your Motorcycle (Motorbooks Workshop)

    Also, I have ordered a book which seems to be the absolute standard / bible on riding safely called
    "Proficient Motorcycling" by David Hough, which seems to be the absolute standard / must have.

    I've read 20 or 30 pages of a borrowed copy, and it has helped me a TON already. MUST OWN.

    I will start a separate thread when I have read them, and let you all know how I get on.

    This might be a while. I've got a lot on my plate. But it will be fun! :)
  19. That is an absolutely excellent price for suck a nice looking bike..................i actually had to take a double look at the price to make sure it was real.
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