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My First Bike: Hyosung GT250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ~Samuel~, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Hello all, nothing special here but i thought i would share with you all my Hyosung GT250.

    Its my first bike and i think it was the smart choice. I paid $4000 for it from Peter Stevens in Adelaide. Its a 2007 model with 8000kms on the clock. Im a fairly large guy at 6 ft 5 and i had a limited budget so i needed a reasonably large bike. The Hyosung was the right price and comfortable enough so i decided that was the way to go.

    How i bought it...

    First thing to do was get the very faded exhaust off and give it a new coat of paint, i used VHT engine block paint and it seems to be holding up very well so far.

    Next up was a Screaming Demon exhaust, the standard exhaust sound similar to a high speed fan.

  2. Here are some better images of the Screaming Demon exhaust, overall the quality is very nice and i couldn't be happier.

  3. Ok well after the exhaust the next thing that i needed to fix ASAP was the factory Hyosung bars.

    While there is not anything wrong with them they do look like they belong on a Harley, they are bling bling chrome and the rise is very high. Having been a long time cyclist i know that handle bars are so important to feeling comfortable.

    I decided to use Renthal Ultra Lows Road Bars, i did look at a set of clip ons from the GT250R but decided i like the fighter look more than a modern cafe image.

    Not the best comparison photo but OEM bars with the Renthals

    Pulling it all apart

    I got a pair of bar end mirrors from ebay for $50 delivered, surprisingly good build quality.

    After a few big stuff ups this is the finished product
  4. As i brought her

    As she sits now

    Ok well things i would not do again...

    1) Presume the kick stand is down and get off, im a fairly big bloke but it fell on me and boy did it hurt and take a bit of effort to get out from under her. Legs took all the punishment, not a single mark on the bike.

    2) File off the location tabs on the switch blocks, seems the renthal's are a fraction thinner so there was not enough clamping force to hold them in palce, live and learn. Ended up having to put a screw through the block into the bar to stop it from rotating. The screw was painted black after this photo

    Other than that the only real things i have done is swapped the plastic topped pegs for metal one and removed the pillion pegs (cant use them on my Ls anyway)

    The next mods are a DIY fender eliminator and tidy up the exhaust hanger mount.
  5. Some thoughts on the bars:

    Huge difference, the riding position is much more comfortable for me now. Being a tall bloke (6 ft 5) the standard bars were just to high, i felt like i was on a chopper with ape hangers. It has brought the riding position down, not as much a clip on would have but im certainly happy with the position. Next is width, the Renthals are slightly wider which again being tall with reasonably broad shoulders they are more comfortable. With OEM bars i found my hands creeping out onto the bar ends, now they sit comfortably on the grips.

    By far the biggest difference is handling, bike feels sharper and i have much more confidence and feel in the front end than before. This could partly be mental but regardless it has helped me with cornering confidence as the bike feels easier to move around. I was worried about lane splitting with wider bars but its not that noticeable. Also the bar end mirrors are great, much better looking and performing than the standard mirrors, i can see behind now rather than my shoulders.
  6. Mate you probably know aboyt Hyo's hit and miss reputation but I like what you've done.
    I say ride what you love and love what you ride.
  7. Thanks, i couldn't agree more.

    Its a fairly agricultural feeling bike but i don't know any different and im having an absolute ball on it.
  8. Nothing that can't be fixed with some black paint & bar end mirrors, even a Hyosung bought from Peter Stevens!

    Good luck with it.
  9. Thanks, bike sales at PS was good but i did laugh when the 8000km service cost was $480, for two spark plugs, 2L of oil and other than that a general check over ](*,)
  10. Good luck with your new bike,
    Try a local Mobile Bike mechanic, They dont charge like wounded Bulls.
  11. Once it's colder or if you ride in the wet you'll notice how sh1tty the grip is from those tyres,I shod mine with Dunlop arrowmax..Huuuuge increase in grip and cornering confidence. I got rid of the OEM brake pads,I would also consider the' GTR' second front disc and braided lines. Beyond that if you are still riding it in a years time I'd swap out the rear shock..I believe an SV650 shock fits with some effort.
    I liked the size of the Hyo..it felt like a bigger bike..until you went to over take in a 100 zone I would find telling myself saying out loud..she's only a 250. Keep the revs on the boil and she pulls along nicely though.
  12. Yes i cant say i have that much confidence in the Shinko's, they seem to be comuting tyres and are very hard compound, i know they are not good which impacts on my confidence in them.


    I think that will be the next thing ill do along with the fender mod is new tyres. The front brake is bad, new pads and maybe a braided line are on the list, not sure i will botherith a twin disc conversion from the GTR, if i can find what i need cheap i might do it but otherwise ill make do.

    In regards to power she is certainly lacking (my cage is faster) but i figure thats not such a bad thing as i spend a lot of time riding on tigher roads in the Adelaide Hills where you rarly get above 120 anyway.

    Thanks for the comments and feedback :)
  13. Looks like you've got a case of the hyo stuffed disc on the rear there...

    What Shinko's are they???
  14. They are a SR741 according to the tyre, i just presumed they are OEM

    The rear rotor is totally stuffed, i have never seen grooves that bad in any disc before, when i bought it they were all rusted and it has taken a few decent hill rides to clear the disc face.
  15. They are I've trying to find out exactly which ones they are for a while now...

    The disk get stuffed for 2 reasons 1 it's made of Cheese, and secondly the rear master seizes and hold the brake on...
  16. Yes thats them, im a dry only rider so wet weather grip is not a concern for me but i wouldn't exactly say there is a lot of feel from them, probably enough for how i ride at the moment but i an see them being replaced ASAP.

    Interesting point about the rear disc, the rear master is not seized but it could have been in the past and the disc was never replaced, i have had a look on Ebay and it seems a disc is about $80 and pads are $15. I dont use a lot of rear brake, a little sometimes and despite its appearance the rear is still biting reasonable well (i have locked it practicing my e brakes more than once) so for the time being ill manage as it is.

    I like the idea of an SV650 rear shock, the rebound is far to slow and there is to much sag for my 90kg's so the rear end is not as stable as it could be in the corners, its mainly noticeably as i exit and roll on the gas over slight undulations.
  17. yeah..that's the bum sway I noticed when she was asked to perform..dont try two up unless your pillion is a feather weight.
    Mine decided that it would keep the rear brake on after I had cornered..what happened to the get up and go at 7500 rpm? The next roundabout answered that question as I pulled up short and noticed how much power I needed to keep rolling. A quick stop showed the disc looking dark and stinking hot..not light a fag off it hot, but not far off it..after a few minutes the disc had cooled and lots of stabbing on the rear brake saw it free rolling again. I pulled the caliper off to find all sorts of corrosion around the pistons. A brisk cleanup and lube and they were right as rain. At the very least, piss off the stock rubber and put EBC ( or any brand that you might have heard of ) brake pads in and you'll think she's a whole 'nother bike.
    Chain of Ponds and the Gorge Road..top rides btw.
  18. Yeah I found stevo's really expensive. Decided to go to 60 degrees in notting hill. Heaps cheaper and better service. The 8000 service on my hyo was 690 including a new chain and a replaced fork seal, plus heaps of other small stuff.
  19. Looks good mate. Well done on the mods and enjoy!
  20. great job so far mate, those 'stinkos' are shocking, get rid of them ASAP. Careful not to spend to much cash on it mate, if you do you might as well upgrade to something a little more, how do you say, Japanese?