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My first bike - Hornet 250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by toadcat, May 16, 2010.

  1. I got my license on Friday afternoon and by Saturday morning I bought a bike :)

    Here's some pictures of it.



    4 cylinders of goodness.

    Also, does anyone know a good place to put an L plate? If you have a look my plate isn't really 'conspicuous' but I can't figure out another place to put it.
  2. congrats mate, put L plate under number plate?
  3. Thanks :)

    Yeah I've tried but it either covers an indicator or the rear reflector or the brake light depending which corner you stick it on, also it obscures the number plate characters too.. Actuallly *goes and speeds past cameras*
    Is there a mount bracket like they have for cars?
  4. I only got my "L's" recently, and I had a little trouble with attaching the L Plate, but I went to Supercheap and bought a bracket for cars and simply adapted it.

    I know some people seem to be worried about others seeing their "L's", but to be honest, I don't have a problem with it. The coppers are less inclined to hassle you if you're doing the right thing I reckon.

    Mind you.....anyone who see's me ride knows I'm only a learner.:D

    I'm sure you could modify a car one to suit.

  5. nice bike :) I have a silver '97 hornet 250. Like it a lot... only downside I have found is tire replacement is a bit exxy compared to other 250's!

    I had my L plate attached via the bolt that holds the reflector that is just under the rear number plate, seemed to do the trick !
  6. If someone hadn't hacked off a perfectly functional rear mudguard in the name of style you'd have no problem affixing your number plate.

    250 Hornet is a nice bike, enjoy.
  7. I think the mudguard is stock? It doesn't have a fender eliminator. I can fit it under the plate quite easily but I just don't like the idea of having the rear reflector obscured.

    Also she hit 36,000 today :) Bought it at 29,000 so I've done a bit of riding in between breaking an ankle hehe.
  8. that rear mudguard does pose a problem; I can't actually see how it complies with ADRs to be honest
  9. It probably doesn't :p - afaik all the Hornets are grey imports from Japan so there's probably a few they got slack with while doing their compliances. It's quite an ugly chunk of plastic there though ... At least it keeps the dirt off my back.
  10. check out the standard guard on the 600 model, then :shock:
  11. Just had a look - mine looks exactly the same :s
    I've just cable tied another L plate to the back through a hole in the license plate. Hopefully it stays there