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My first bike - Honda CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by AmazingMonkey, May 8, 2012.

  1. Well after much procrastination I finally took the plunge and bought a red and white 2011 CB400 last week.

    The 50km trip home in the poring rain on the east link wasn't the most relaxing, as it was the first time on the road, on a freeway and in the rain since getting my L's.

    Got her home in one piece though only to make a couple of noobie mistakes in the drive way. Wondering why I kept stalling getting it up the drive, managed to get it where I wanted, stalled and parked up....then couldn't get it started again or get it into neutral. Quick call to the garage, and a slightly embarrassed me had forgotten bikes won't change while stationary, had been in 4th all along, and the side stand was down so wouldn't start. Doh!

    Been out on her pretty much everyday since, practicing as much as I can, I think I'm going to have to get myself to the Sat morning learner sessions in Elwood as there's plenty I want help with.

    Hopefully see some of you guys down there.


    Here's a couple of pics


    Trying to get my daughter into bikes early....

  2. Nice bike! I should know, I have the exact same one :p

    Re the changing gear while stationary thing. They will. Just let the clutch out to the friction point between changes and it'll go down/up :)
  3. Bloody beautiful bike.
    Ride it everyday, if you can.

    My first ride was from Ballarat in the rain. :D
  4. nice bike, good post and pretty kid

    ticks all the boxes, actually

    (You just KNOW that Honda know something about bending the LAMS rules when you see the size of the front brakes on this bike, don't you :LOL:??)
  5. We've all done the starting with the side stand down thing, next will be the kill switch thing. Congrats and enjoy!
  6. Congratulations and good choice, I have just clocked over 20k trouble free klms on mine and it is still going strong. Hope to see you at Sat practice, they are a very friendly and helpful group and it will be good to have another CB400 down there. There are quite a few turning up already :)
  7. Nice bike Tim.
    BTW: you look great in the jumpsuit, how do you reach the handle bars?
  8. Ha ha maybe a little big for my first bike!
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys, still getting used to...pretty much everything really, had a ride through the city today in traffic and up city link, quite surprised how much buffeting there is around 100kpm, I guess I'll get used to it.
  10. They're actually a pretty good bike. The only issue is that by virtue of the fact that they're a LAMS bike they attract every gushing learner who states "this is the best bike ever" and "it will keep up with the sports bikes" and "I love it" blah, blah, blah. (Yeah, I fell into that trap before taking an R6 for a ride...)

    If it wasn't LAMS I think you would find a lot more riders saying "Hey, this is an ok commuter and sometime hills ride which is good around town and has Honda reliability." Instead of "OMG! It's ripping my arms off! Gonna get a blue flame exhaust and a power commander!"

    Or maybe it's just time for me to upgrade...
  11. Yeah, I think it's just wishful thinking when LAMS dudes say it'll keep up with sports bikes.

    I go for a ride with a mate of a Street Triple which is bog stock and I have no chance straight line wise. Worlds apart. The CB might be top of the LAMS crop but there's a reason the LAMS crop is designed to be more sedate than the R6.

    The motor does sound alright with a blue flame on it :p
  12. Yup, might be time for an upgrade :p

    I'm under no illusions that my limited skills or the bike's capabilities have any chance of keeping up with a proper sports bike. I've had faster cars in my past than the CB400, however, as it's a new experience for me being on a bike certainly feels faster.
  13. I bet it does! As I said, good bike and I like it. But once on a full licence the world opens up...:demon:
  14. Enjoy it! =D>
  15. This is a wonderful bike and you have made a very wise choice, and contrary to what someone would say, this bike WILL keep up with much bigger sports bikes on winding roads.. and quite obviously it's not a dragster so straight line speed might not be the strongest of its points..

    Anyway, enjoy it and you would soon realise how much potential this bike's got.. get yourself the oem visor too and that would hopefully reduce the highway drag, but still dont worry you'll get used to it, it's a naked bike thing!
  16. Within the confines of the speed limit I do tend to agree with NAK.
    The suspension lets it down somewhat, and the motor is not anywhere near as powerful as a Street Triple or R6 etc, but at 150kW/tonne (including the weight of a 90kg rider), it is plenty powerful to keep up with big bikes when all they can do is 80km/h to 100km/h through tight corners.
  17. That's my only complaint, it doesn't make the greatest sound stock
  18. Makes virtually no sound stock :p
  19. I might have a remedy for that. :D
    Should have a video to show you guys in the next couple of weeks
  20. I have a Megacycle pipe on mine, certainly nicer than stock but doesn't attract too much unwanted attention