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My first bike!! Help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by purdie, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Hey all,
    I'm new to netrider, and to riding in general. Been on a fair few dirt bikes throughout the year but just got my license a few weeks ago.

    I am now on the hunt for my first bike. As it is i've ridden a friends big 1000 Yammy Virago. That thing was comfy but hardly riding. I've test ridden the Hyosung gt650r also. I really liked this bike, great sound and power, but i'm sceptical of the quality, and also wonder if i'll be able to sell it at all if i derestrict it?? I would only get the 2010 model as the EFI is one thing I think the bike would fail without! Also want to get my leg over a 2009/10 Ninja 650r and maybe the cb400? The gs500 was also fun to ride, love the position and feel, my close second after the Hyo.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Look forward to hearing from everybody!!

  2. welcome to NR purdie.
    Im looking for my first bike too and also considered the GT650. I decided against it because i think you will be pushing shit uphill to sell it when you want to upgrade and if you get it derestricted in my opinion it will be near impossible to offload. I cant see how anyone on their full licence will buy a secondhand deresricted hyosung 650 when there are so many other awesome mid size bikes around. would anyone seriously buy a second hand gt650 over a second hand gsxr or r6? even of the r6 etc were a few years older than the hyo, the hyo wouldnt get a second look.
    i think if you stick with the other bikes you mentioned you will not only get better quality initially but will find it easier to sell when the its time to upgrade. I took a cb400 for a test ride today and thought it was a fantastic little bike. good luck.

  3. I've never heard of a ninja 650r... The 250r's are pretty good for a learner bike (though expensive if you crash)

    I ride a zzr250 that is 18 years old and it hasn't ever missed a beat. My advice is don't go new because you will drop it! the CB400 from what I hear is a pretty good bike and its a naked so no plastic to destroy...
  4. I've heard of Kawasaki doing a restricted for LAMs version of their ER6.
    But I had also heard that their LAMs approval was being held up, and they're all sitting in a warehouse somewhere costing someone a lot of money.

    To the OP - if you're looking for financial advice: buy something old and 2nd hand, with as few km on it as you can find. VTR250, CB250, ZZR250.
    Hell, if I had my time again, I'd look at auctions for write-offs, find a pretty faired LAMs machine and streetfighter it for cheap.

    If you want motorcycle buying advice: buy whatever you love.
  5. From experience I can only say that although the GS500 may seem bland (especially compared to hyo) it is a far better machine in the long run. I bought a used one with over 40000k's on the clock - never missed a beat and sold it for more than I paid for it after 6 months. Apart from a used GS I could only recommend the used VTR250.

    I know these may seem like really boring and obvious choices, but you will have a good reliable bike to start with and you will be able to sell them quickly privately. So when it comes to upgrade the whole process will be much cheaper and faster.

    I think many people put far too much into their first bikes, regardless of what you buy you will find that when you have the chance you WILL upgrade and you'll love whatever your first bike is so long as it doesn't give you any great mechanical greif.
  6. I would hesitate in getting a hyosung with technology that has not been trialled for at least a couple of years. In terms of reliability general opinion suggests that 08-9 models seem to be fairly reliable especially compared to the earlier models.

    Or I'm willing to sell you my 250r
  7. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the replies! I think the ninja 650 is just coming in to the country now. My original idea was to get a 650 and use that for ages but I think you are all rite and I'd be better off just getting something learner friendly and dealing with it for a year or so. I've always loved the gs500 and getting a leg over it only made me love it more!! I hear the new cb400 is much faster, inline 4 and all. I've also never really liked the ER6's even despite the fact that its pretty muvh a gs500 in drag.

    At this point i'm looking for a gs500, pretty new, low km's and maybe street fighter it a little. Or a cb400 and do the same!

    thanks again guys. Please keep it coming
  8. The 650 ninja is a nice looking bike, especially with the exhaust hidden close in to the right footpeg, I go for one of these any day over a hyosung. A lot more grunt than a 250, test ride one today at your local Kawasaki dealer!
  9. Restricted too much, power is massively down as its something like 33hp as per euro license restrictions. SV650S LAMS is the way to go, clearly ;)