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My first bike....GS500F

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by panayiotis, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. After all these years of contemplating buying one, after all these months since getting my L's I finally picked up my first bike. Its a 2009 model with 5,100 km. Very happy with the purchase, and after picking up a jacket and gloves today I am looking forward to taking her out for a ride tomorrow morning!

    The only thing I fancy changing on her are the front indicators, Ive seen some with GSXR mirrors which Im going to start looking for. I look forward to my first Sat learners session soon!

    Some pics attached

  2. hehe
    brings back memories...!
    Twas my first bike too and took my butt around for 32,000k and never missed a beat..
  3. Nice bike. IT will serve you well.

    I still use a gs500f as my daily commuter, as it saves having the trumpy scratched and dented by idiot riders who damage your bike when parking to close. Also a lot easier to negotiate the traffic with!
  4. nice, i hear good things bout that bike :)
  5. Great bike bullet proof their a good size little bit of everything
  6. I have the exact same model which i got in March this year as new.

    Been a great bike to learn on and they seem to get good reports all round. Plus future servicing costs aren't going to make you sell your kidneys to raise the funds!
  7. You won't be disappointed with the gs. I bet you find it hard to sleep tonight thinking about hitting the road tomorrow.
  8. they are great bikes, super smooth and VERY comfortable to ride.

    only downside is the F version ( sorry bro) they dont look as cool ast the nakeds.
  9. yeah thanks, but on your last point I disagree, not to say that the f is a good looking bike, but the naked version in my opinion is very dated, the CB400 is the only learner legal naked japanese bike that looks any good.
  10. Nice mate, going cuckoo not being able to ride mine, tis an awesome bike.

    Naked ftw tho, if it had a single seat + cowl i would prefer the F version, but yeh it doesnt look quite right.