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my first bike [ FZR250R ]

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by KrazyKazza1, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    hey guys,
    im 16.5 years old and lookin to get my bike license.
    i was lookin all over the net & found a nice 250/4stroke which my dad said wld b a nice bike to have while im on my L's.

    there were just a few questions that i wanted to ask which i keep getting varied answers on..

    top speed: ?

    wat is the exact date n shiz of the bike shown above: ? [i think its a 1992 but not sure]

    where can i pick them up in SA ?

    How much are they being sold for (roughly) ?

    are these bikes a good learners bike - i will b travelling long distances on it. ( If anyone knows how far Elizabeth to Saddleworth is lol )

    - if i hav any further questions i'll post them on here.

    Haha, yes i am new to the whole Motorbike thing so excuse any stupid questions.. gotta learn somehow :wink:
  2. G'day Kazza, and welcome to Netrider and riding.

    I tend to look for bikes and prices online at least as a way of seeing what's out there: www.bikesales.com.au is my favourite site, but I'll also check the Trading Post online and www.bikepoint.com.au

    I can't date one of those just from a pic, though there may well be people who can.

    The FZR250.com forums should have a fair bit of info for you on the specifications of the various models and so on.

    Top speed is, at a complete guess, probably somewhere around 150 km/h, but is one of the least useful things to know about a bike if you only intend to ride it on the road. It'd comfortably sit on 110, which is more important to know.

    Bikesales (clickety) says there are only 12 FZR250s for sale in Australia at the moment, ranging in price from about $3,500 to $6,500. Unfortunately none of those are in SA.

    I'd advise not fixating on a particular model at this point. Sure, these are nice, but the other major manufacturers have equally nice bikes in the same category, and some of those were officially imported to Australia, whereas the FZR is a 'grey import' from Japan which sometimes means it's hard to get parts.

    By all means if you find a nice one grab it, but don't lock yourself in too early.
  3. Bravus is quite right, don't set your sights on one bike.

    If your going for a screaming 4 pot, also look at the:


    ect, or go naked with
    Bandit etc.

    the more racey fully faired bike will top out around 160-180 depending on condition and the rider, but as stated, what is important is that they will sit nicely on 110.
  4. I agree. The honda CBR's will probably be most commonly available as they were officially imported, although most are grey imports. You can get parts and manuals from a dealer. This is followed by the ZXR250's which were imported in lower quantities, but for a longer period of time.

    FZR's suffer from a lack of parts availability. Presumably the GSXR's will be the same.

    Top speed? On all the fully faired jap four cylinders it'll be anywhere from 150 to nudging 200, depending in which decade the carbies and engine were last tuned.

    Oh and pretty much all jap 250cc bikes after 1993 were restricted to 40hp.
  5. what is meant by " Grey Imports " ?
  6. Grey imports are bikes that were originally sold in Japan. There was a rule there a while ago that made bikes over a certain age or number of kms unattractive (or something like that), so a lot of bikes were imported to Australia. They need to have an Australian compliance plate on them to be able to be registered.

    Some grey imports are fine bikes in good condition, but some are pretty dodgy and may have been cobbled together from parts of several bikes. Some are also old with low kms, but parts are showing their age, such as the rubber parts of the bike, or corrosion on the metal.

    The other problem with grey imports is that many are models that were never released in Australia, so it can be hard to get parts for them. I owned one (a GSXF 400) and it needed new rings, which took 3 months to order and get from Japan.

    It's not an automatic thing that you should avoid all grey imports, but you should be careful. In many cases there are just fewer pitfalls in choosing a bike that was originally released and sold in Australia.
  7. I definitely agree with what other readers are saying. Take a few different bikes for a ride and see what you like. There are plenty of cheap 250 rockets out there that are easily as good as the Yamaha. If you limit yourself to one type of bike you'll pay a lot more for it. If you are open to a heap of different makes/models you may come across a real bargain and make your money back when it comes time to upgrade.

    Don't get too wrapped around the axles with cosmetics. A lot of people drop their first bikes. If it's good mechanically, it's all that matters. You'll hate yourself if you ruin a more expensive shiny bike. Just tape up those indicator stalks and bash the handlebar straight and you're good to go again!

    Anyway, good luck and safe riding.
  8. In Japan for road safety if as a vehicle ages the rego becomes more expensive.
  9. ok thankyou for the tips guys.
    deffinatly widening my range of first bikes. how much should i be paying for my first bike ? if it runs perfectly and is in recently good shape when i get it.
    i've been looking on Ebay and those other Motorcycle sales sites and the average for the zxr250 is about 3-4 grand. was thinking this is what it will be like second hand ?
  10. What you spend is what you can budget for.
    Just remember to include the cost of you gear as to what you can afford.

    Theres no real answer to what you should spend and what you will get for your money.
  11. Yeah your price is gonna vary depending on what bike/year model etc. But you can definitely find a respectable ride between $2500 to $3000 if you look and bargain hard. Prices seem to have fallen slightly on 250cc bikes in SA after LAMS was introduced. A lot of people are buying slightly bigger naked bikes like the gs500, cb400 etc.
  12. Also keep in mind (if you haven't seen it already) that some of the 250 screamers aren't learner legal in SA.


    They're all 2 strokes (the 5 bikes at the very top of the list are not learner legal, the rest are) but it's good to keep in mind that since LAMS came in they've also changed it so that you can't ride ALL 250cc's, a few are exempt. But with the advantage of letting us ride a few bigger bikes :)