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My First Bike (flippin finally)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Lobsta, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. SO, after months of annoying most of you with inane questions about cracks and painting and all sorts of useless shit, i have FINALLY found a bike to call my own. I am taking posession of it on Friday, after a mechanical check. I am posting the pics (down Ktutu!) that the seller sent me, and after seeing the bike, they are a pretty good representation of what it looks like. Will post my own pics after i get it home.

    Its a 1998 model GPX250 with 16000 on the clock (apparently the first owner had it in storage for a while) and the owner I am buying it off has put almost 2000 through it. I am getting it for a price of 3500 which includes rego till nov and a tank bag, which i am pleased with.

    counting down the days (and midsemester exams :( ) until i can drive it home from the gold coast... then it is time to show it off a little :grin:

    Best thing of all, it is in SEXY RED!!!!!



  2. she's a beaut and here's to lots of good times ahead. :biker:
  3. Congrats Lobsta!
  4. and it looks about the right shade of red for a lobsta :wink:
  5. Yippidy Yap and Zing Zang Stirrup!!, What a pukka ride.

    Get yourself down the apples and pears and toddle down the rub a dub for some top shelf tiddly.

    ONYA :grin: :grin: :grin:

  6. From Rock Lobsta to Kwack Lobsta :grin: Great bike the GPX, you'll love it, Lobsta red is ideal. :)

    Shiney side up and rubber side down will keep it and you happy for many kms to come. :)
  7. congratz mate!

    gimme a pm or w/e if you want to go for a ride.. I live in teh city near QUT
  8. I have the exact same bike as you. Just a few more K's (almost 60,000).

    Great bike to learn on. Very easy to ride. Just make sure the tyres are dry from age as they;ll give really bad grip as I've found out a few times.

    And sexy red? Maybe but look at the wheels. What are they putrid purple. Only part i dont like about the bike.
  9. ei !! not fair !!
    your bike has 2 exhausts !!!! mine has only one :|

    congratz..finally :p
    nice bike, lookz good too. welcome to the family of red kwakas :p

    spray paint the rims black

  10. Great choice dude. I've been using one for a couple of years now as a commuter. Comfortable, economical and never missed a beat. Fantasic bike. Enjoy.
  11. nice! got one two weeks back as my first bike, its real nice
  12. Congrats !!!!
  13. Congrats on the Kawasaki mate "Let the good times roll"
  14. lobsta, lol, finally mate!

    glad it worked out for you! i should get around to posting my new bike thread :)
  15. Nice looking bike. But then again I would say that, my ZZR looks very similar, its even the same colour. Although your paintwork is in better condition than mine.
  16. Well done. It looks way more honest than that other POS we looked at.

    Fingers crossed it all checks out.
  17. Nice one Lobby, have fun and be safe. If you're ever heading over the border, pm me.
  18. 1>Congrat's champ :cool:
    2>I cant see the pickies
    3> you don't drive a bike!!!!!! you ride it :biker: :biker: :biker: :beer: :beer:
    good luck (my first bike was a kwaka too :p )
  19. as promised, here are some pics of my bike at home!!

    Got it home and gave it a wash and put 2 coats of wax onto it. and sure enough, it got rained on while in the parking lot at work tonight... Bugger... But still, it was nice and shiny for a couple or hours...

    "Wax on, Left Hand, Wax off, Right Hand... Wax on... Wax off... Wax on... Wax off"

    ^ kept me giggling the whole time i was doing it... plus im pretty much ready to enter a karate tournament now. all i need to do is sand the floor and paint the fence

    Lobby - Now with half the wheels and twice the sexy!



  20. yeah, boot farken time.. nice work and everything else that has been said. im up for the black wheel option on that thing also..
    go put some k's on it..