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My first bike =D

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by sylvaner, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, finally brought a bike, going for my L's in 3 days.
    1991 Yamaha FZR250.
    P1010690. P1010691.
    I'm not the biggest fan of the pink all over it but i can live with it.
    It looks clean in the pics but its been dropped a couple of times, you can see where he has reattached the broken pieces but to be honest I dont really mind because I will probably drop it while learning to drive.
    I love the sound of this bike, I wanted a bike that could rev high and this redlines at 18K which is just awesome!

    This bike had sooo many stickers on it when I picked it up, it was almost like a de-ricing project.. most of them are gone but still have a few more.

    If anybody could direct me to the helms manual free download for this bike which is not written in Japanese that would be great.

    I do all my servicing on my car which saves me a fortune every year, I'm wondering if I do all the servicing on my bike will it decrease the resell value because its not through a mechanic with receipts..? its done over 50,000Km

    Thanks for looking at my bike, cant wait until I can ride it
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  2. If you do your own mechanic work, document it - people will appreciate that more than "oh, I did all the work myself", won't take up too much time and will give the buyer more to work with.

    Anywho, congrats on the bike purchase! Never ridden one of those myself, bit it looks nice for a 250, have a good time and keep the fairings off the ground :)
  3. congrats on the bike, looks nice, getting oggy nobs for it? Will help reduce damage to the plastics when you drop it. And we ALL drop at least one bike.
    Service it yourself is no problems, if you keep it in good nick even better as mentioned above document what and when things are done.
    Good luck with the learners, you'll be right with it :) if in melb sat morn prac sessions when you feel ok to ride on the road down to Elwood, a thread on here about it.
  4. looks good mate, will teach you a lot about riding im sure, i hear those yammys are a very good bike, quite rare.
  5. I will be there next saturday morning for sure, just hope I will be okay riding on the road..
    I live in an estate where not many cars drive around so I will beable to get my practice up before I hit the big roads ;P
    I'm just glad I had my car licence before I got my bike licence.
    I'll research those oggy nobs too, seems like a good idea.

    Its amazing, the bike is so small, yet I still havnt found where the oil goes in or where to put the coolant/check levels..
  6. what a disgustingly tidy garage :LOL:

    Nice bike :)
  7. hahahahahaha you havnt seen the other side of it!!!
  8. Okay give to me now! :)
  9. Wicked Bike dude! Love the late 80's Early 90's bikes... The sound on the old bikes are so good.
  10. Love it.....keep it serviced and tuned properly and you can sit on 18k gloriours sounding revs all day! Enjoy ;)
  11. I like it ,My 1st good bike was the RZ250 of the same vintage , I wanted the red and white of the FZR and the 2stroke of the RZ. Ended up with a blue 2stroke


    also take it slow to learn the bike, I remember the RZ scraping pegs a few times. Ride hard around a corner , you have to physically lift it back up. not a bad thing .just different to a lot of bikes
  12. well done.... it looks pretty fast! the white wheels set it off very nicely..
  13. Nice looking bike and good luck with your L's
  14. passed my L's and have been for a few rides on the Fizza =D

    That bike is way too powerful, I haven't revved it above 5000 because there is no need to hahaha

    I have been riding around my estate for the past 2 days, took it out on the open road for about 10 mins tonight, was scary stuff but I'm sure i'll get used to it.
  15. Okay guys, so after many many hours of reading I can now call my self a motorbike mechanic =D I have stripped this bike down about 30 times, and that is not a joke and have tuned it up to my standards =D I think I am ready for a serious ride now because I have spend at least triple the amount of time working on it then riding it ;P

    Does anybody have a petcock from the FZR250 by any chance of know where I can buy one? I purchased an ebay one but it is underneath the tank now and it is very tricky to reach under there every time I stop. Cheers
  16. Oh no.. Another bike I like the look of.

    Nice buy!
  17. Nice, very tidy looking bike for its age.
  18. Looks like it should be lining up on the grid for a GP race :)
  19. Awesome little bike those FZR's, very nearly bought one myself! Only thing that stopped me is the owner wasn't overly accommodating in trying to sell it to me. Should sound like an F1 machine with some good pipes!