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My First Bike - cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Thejosharcanum, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. I got my first bike a week ago today and i've fallen in love! been taking it for little rides every chance i can get. It's a cbr250rr - '99 Australian delivered, which i believe means it was built in 1996 and imported by honda and sold in 1999. i bought it privately off a very nice guy who had owned it for 5 years and kept it in good order. i had to look at quite a few to find one that wasn't either totally beaten up or had serious cosmetic surgery at the hands of sumoto. i believe that the only aftermarket things on it are the left mirror and fairing and i can see evidence of it being dropped on it's left by a small amount of scratching on the engine case on the left side. all in all though it seems to be in relatively good shape and has been very fun to ride thus far! i know youv'e seen a million of them already, but here are a couple of photos of mine.




  2. shhhhhhh nice bike dude. i've got one too, a '92, that looks a hell of a lot worse than yours. finding one that clean would take forever.
    and cost a fair bit too i bet
  3. Nice bike. mate of mine used to have one just like it.

    Have fun!
  4. Cheers guys! I paid $4000 for it, they probably are overpriced for what they are but this is the market learners find themselves in and it was in the middle of the price range. I'm happy with it, so that's the main thing i guess.
  5. congrats there a wicked fun bike to ride, and that one looks to be in epic condition. how many k's?
  6. Awesome bike man, i've got the Kawasaki version.
  7. Nice bike, you get what you pay for and as long as YOU are happy with your bike, thats the main thing!! Keep smiling and ride as pften as you can :)
  8. She looks great. Have fun riding :)
  9. It had 28,150 on the clock when I got it which by my calculations is an average of about 50km a week. It seems low, but it's more realistic than most I looked at. The condition it's in supports the figure as well, but who knows? All I know is I've had it a week and put 500kms on it so I thats anything to go by it'll be a hell of a lot higher when I'm done with it!
  10. great looking starter bike mate.. done very well
  11. Nice one! they are probably the best handling learner bike out there, if you want a hard riding bike then the 250RR is pretty much what you must have.