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My first bike 250 Intruder

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Aww i know shes only little but isnt she pretty?

    Granted i look like a knob with my pink power ranger helmet on but i wanna be seen so wasn't taking any chances with a black helmet 8-[ Once im a little more confident ill get a mainly black Helmet.

  2. It may be little but the intruder is a great looking 250, I must say you made a good decision buying it. Love the pink helmet, no cagers will be able to miss you with that thing on :)
  3. Lookin good SJ! Mmmm pink helmet black leathers.

    You look right at home on the intruder, good to see you getting some car park practice. Although did something fall off the back ? :-$

    Congrats on your new ride!
  4. Thanks guys....

    LOL Kruzer something fell off the back TWICE already!! Stupid things if i ever get pulled over for it i wont be happy...

    The bikes been ridden twice by my Hubby, once to get it home and once to get it to my practice ground and he lost the L plates both times! The 1st time he even managed to lose the number plate surround with it!!!](*,)

    Anyway ive got my 3rd L plate ready to go on....

    ETA: The leathers are so much more comfortable than the hornee jeans i bought, Ironic really....My whole life as a rock chick and i never once slipped on leather pants until now lol
  5. Congrats - many happy miles to ya!
  6. Gotta get me one of those "wide rider" invisible foot pegs for my left foot too :wink:
  7. +1 on the Congrats SJ. You certainly look ready to take on the road.

    Just one little question on behalf of our girlfriend who has developed a thing for the Intruder and believes it will be perfect for when she (finally) gets her learners. How tall are you? There is one other question that she would like answered but there's no way I'd ask that of a lady :oops: Should you feel a mite abashed about presenting such details in the forum please feel free to place it in a PM.
  8. LOL thats what u get when someone clicks off a pic as u are coming to a stop Kreuzer....

    J3st3r Im 5"8 and a half....and dont be shy..what was the other Question? You got me curious now ;)
  9. My girlfriend is about the same height as mischiefmaka and she has an Intruder as well (seems the girls like this bike). She's very happy with the seat height although she found it a bit hard until we bought a black lambs wool seat cover (about $70 from MCAS Auburn).
  10. Using the local pool as a rough gauge it would appear that our girlfriend is around the 160cm (5' 4") mark hence my questions regarding height. I've also pointed out to her that the other members of the big four have either done or still do make a 250cc cruiser which will give her additional choices. It would be awesome if anyone with knowledge and/or experience with bikes (particularly of the learner variety) and ducks disease could help us compile a list of (bad pun alert :D) low riders ready for when we haunt the dealerships.
    Thank you in advance (PM's happily accepted to prevent covering old ground)
  11. NOTHING wrong with a visible helmet.
    Is that near the new bank? Looks familiar.
    I've seen that lid around town. 8-[
  12. Thats up in Kangaroo Flat Dave, just outside Clive Peters ;)

    Its amazing how you start to really notice bikes once you ride one yourself, never noticed just how many Bikes get around the Bendigo Area until now...
  13. Thats a really lovely looking bike. I rode a 250 for a year before upgrading, had lots and lots of fun, as I know you will too!
  14. Doh, of course.
    Lived in Golden Square for 12 months I damn well should know it!
  15. Thanks ;)
    I think she is pretty nice too...Its strange but im unusually attached to my bike, I dont get attached to objects normally...The only car i was ever evenly remotely attached to was my XY ( My GT mock up haha) but sadly said goodbye to her when the girls came along and i needed something a little less thirsty.
    Perhaps with the bikes its BC its a little more personal-just you and the bike.
  16. Oh yeah, I know what you mean. I am totally in love with my bike.
  17. Bikes are so much more personal and intimate. You're not a passenger, you * ride * it. I love mine too. Nothing wrong with loving a fine machine between your legs. Ooo er, you know what I mean.
  18. My dad had this bike for about 4 years. My sister used to ride it around, she's about 5'3" - 5'4" and didn't have a problem. She bought my Hornet 600 and seems comfortable on that, too.

    I wouldn't think anyone that size would have a problem with a 250 cruiser.
  19. Hey dude. I'm 5'4 and a friend of mine had one of these a while back. We swapped bikes once and I had no problem's riding it height wise etc etc. She'll be right. :)

    Congrats on the bike SJ.