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My first big ride.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Changa, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Well....a big ride for me at least. I've had my "L's" for about a month now, and have been riding locally as much as I can....in rain, at night, just getting experience.

    Yesterday, in those cold, incredibly windy conditions that Sydney enjoyed, I rode from Campbelltown to St.Georges Basin. It took me 3 1/2 hours to get there doing that incredible maximum speed of 80 kph. I was nearly blown off my bike thanks to wind gusts, and even though i was rugged up good, i nearly froze to death.

    Was it a horrible day to ride - yes. Do I love riding (yesterday included) - you bet.


  2. I'd have to say that in my limited experience of riding in weather.... wind rates as my biggest irritant. Totally put me off my entry into a corner once or twice.
  3. It was a shocker. Mind you, I learnt heaps about riding yesterday, and in particular what gear to wear. I have no doubt that on a nicer day, I would have had the time of my life. As it was, I had a huge learning experience and even though I'm still defrosting - I really enjoyed the experience.
  4. Good on you for getting out there and getting the experience. Glad you enjoyed it ........ sort of. :)
  5. Good onya mate for getting out in the rain and the cold! I'm too much of a sissy to ride in the rain on purpose - let alone a 3 hour ride!

    The other day I was riding along a fairly major road and the wind was pretty much straingt across the road. At times I swear I was leaning way to the left to counter the effect af the wind as it tried to push me onto the verge of the road. And because the wind strength is not consistent I ended up wobbling all over the lane. ](*,)

    Very frustrate-ment!

    Fun Ha!
  6. Good onya mate ! Sounds like you're expanding your skills and stretching the envelope...great way to learn.
    Did a ride a few nights ago from Mount Martha to Templestowe, Melbourne and although it was only a 1hr ride, at midnight, it was blowing a gale also...and I felt my body closing up on me....rather painful.
    Didn't stop me mate, as is the case with you (y) and in less than 1 week I'm doing my first BIG ride also : Melbourne - Sydney (via Huskisson) and back...
    Safe riding to you.
  7. Always good to push the comfort zone. As for knowing what to wear to keep warm, its one thing to pile on the layers when you're inside a nice warm house thinking its way too much, but totally another out there on a bike in the wind and rain, its a real trial and error thing for me. Just think how great its going to be when you actually get to ride in nice sunny weather and dry roads!
  8. Heated grips... best mod for a motorcycle by far...
  9. Yeah good on you for getting out and having a crack and not sooking.

    Cold wet and windy? I recommend thermals, polarfleece and Motodry gear unless you have leathers in which case just chuck some waterproofs over the top.

    With your wind issues, I did a trip from Melb to Port Campbell a couple of Decembers ago and typical Vic summer it was p!ssing down with high winds. I had a 2006 1200 Suzuki Bandit and it was blown all over the place. I don't get that with the Gixxer so full fairings do very well aerodynamically.

    +1 re heated grips....if the weather's crap and I have to ride, I'll take the mrs's SVthou with toasty grips :)

    Actually one reason I don't like wet weather riding anymore is all the cleaning I gotta do to get the filthy white HO squeaky clean again.
  10. G'day again guys,

    thanks for the posts.

    Yep....I can't wait to do the ride again in better weather. I must admit though, I'm trying to get out in as many varied weather conditions as I can, so I'm not caught off guard in the future. I try to take the bike out later at night, after it's been raining, into heavy traffic - whatever different conditions I can. Not sure if I mentioned I took it through Kings Cross the other day and through the city....niot a bad run seeing as i live in the outer western suburbs of Sydney and it took about 45 minutes on the Freeway to get to the city.

    As for the cold.....yep, have learnt heaps for next time. Definitely the worst part was the hands, but I'll sort that out.

  11. Ohhh yeah! Nice place for riding for sure. Kangaroo Valley after Husky?

    Changa - good to hear you're heading out whenever you can for the big-wide-world school of biking. Nothing beats experience IMO. If you're after gear to beat the cold on long trips, its hard to beat leather. Check eBay for an older model suit that will fit you. I got mine for $50 delivered, would you believe it! Otherwise, I wear my Rivet Urban jacket and snowboarding pants (warm and waterproof, zippered vents too).

    As for gloves, damn hard to find a good pair that work. I'd go for the heated handlbars anyday, or wear normal gloves with XXL washing up gloves over the top to stop the wind.

    Cheers - boingk
  12. Mate....if i were you, I'd jump on the Freeway and go for it. If you can do it mid-week it's better, because the traffic seems a little lighter.
    I did the M5 into the city from Campbelltown and while it scared the crap out of me doing 80, there were no real drama's.

    It's a good experience, but you just need to be aware that you're a bit slower than everyone else. One problem i did have was that even though I indicated well before changing lanes, checked mirrors and looked behind myself, by the time I went to move into a lane some bugger flying up behind me doing 110 or more would simply try to weave around me and almost clean me up in the process.

    Doesn't matter how safely you do things, there's always the possibility of someone doing something stupid or not paying attention.

  13. riding from newtown to rebertson, if your on your L's head down through sutherland through the national park then through bald hill through the suburbs and over the seacliff bridge, the majority of the ride is 80 zones tops, till after you maybe go up the bulli pass and then hit the freeway to albion park and head up the the pass to robertson
  14. Ok, thanks. I'll make Robertson my next run, might try it next weekend.
  15. You might find that some inner gloves might help. My local dealer put me onto that idea and it certainly helps.