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My first big ride weekend on L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OzzyDevil, May 27, 2012.

  1. Well i wasn't there at Saturday Prac but i needed to go for my first big ride so i went down to lorne

    I went back home again i did about 250km on that day it was so good.. I did the twisties up there and i had 1 ohh sh!t moment my back wheel hit stones and flicked to the right... PLUS the view was awesome i would go back again and i'll go Port Campbell this time... I'll never go down it to much dirt on the road but up it i will...

    Sunday i did another 250km i went to Phillip Island and back and some riding around it was a great run all day did not rain but it did spit alittle on the way there and on the way back.. Now i'm just nakked :)
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  2. mate we dont REALLY want to know if you're naked!!

    But good to hear you're extending your ride times, question for you, did ANYONE know where you were going, and what time you were getting back?

    Why? well 'what if' you did lose it on the losse stones?
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  3. i meant stuffed... Well to lorne i didn't tell know one and i guessed i should have but to Phillip Island my mother and father went down as well... An d the lose stones was only doing 10k but it still scared the hell out of me...
  4. well lesson learnt I hope, always tell at least one person where you're going!!

    from phillip island bass hwy along the coast is not a bad ride, Inverlock has a nice meal at the hotel there too!
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  5. I'm ALL for new riders getting out there and doing more than just riding to the nearest coffee shop; congrats on giving your wings a big flutter (y)

    But I'm with goddie; at least one other person who can do something if something goes wrong NEEDS TO KNOW where your're going, your probable route and your estimated time of return, m'kay???
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  6. Good news Ozzy.
    Here is a tip, download an app on your Iphone called "MapmyRide". It records via GPS where you are and where you have been. Then simply "ADD" someone else like your parents as a Friend, and they can actually see where you are. We use it for cycling and it would work a treat for this scenario.
  7. Well done Ozzy! (y) Eat up those miles now.

    That looks like a good App. Thanks for sharing. Will try it out.
  8. Good kilometers covered there Ozzy - well done...

    I don't often agree with Hornet - but this time I will.....as a new rider it would be best not to venture too far on your own or without letting people know your plans....

    That said - don't stop loving the ride and exploring on your bike, hell....that's what riding is all about!

    I'm glad you've got the bug and can't stop riding.....congrats mate (y)

    EDIT - I always agree with Goddie :D
  9. Congrats on your big ride! The first big ride you have will always be remembered, I got my L's in late January. I live in Geelong and rode to Lorne along the Great Ocean Road. Before that I'd just been riding around Geelong. The next trip was to Apollo Bay and back, I loved it. My biggest ride so far was the Black Dog Ride from Bacchus Marsh to Maldon. I went 357kms that day, and it was freezing... I had trouble getting off the bike when I got home lol.
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  10. goddie i think he meant knackered.

    not nakked.

    Hey mate, well done on the nice rides.
  11. Thanks guys yeah it was the best ride of my life can't wait for the next one :)
  12. No substitute for good seat time, mate. :)