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My first big boy bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Chuck Norris, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just picked up this yesterday


    It's a 1988 GSXR 750 and is my first sport bike but I have been riding a DRZ 400 for a few years now. She needs a little cosmetic work but took her for a spin around the block today and all seems to be good.

    I've always loved the look of these old oilers and didn't really plan on getting a second bike but while window shopping in ebay, I noticed this bike didn't sell so I offered the guy a few hundred below his reserve and the rest is history.

    It does need a set of tyres though so if anyone has any suggestions on what to get I'm all ears.
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  2. Can't offer you any advice as I don't know much about road tyres or sportsbikes but I will say take very good care of it and never EVER get rid of it because give it a few decades and it will be worth a fortune! Is everything (bar consumables of course) original? Sure looks like it!
  3. I always loved the twin head lights. And the name Slingshot, just awesome. Wow how big are the mirrors. Good luck have fun be safe.
  4. Maso is that the Aprilia Pegaso in your DP?
  5. Nice,thats where the gsx originated till this day,good choice raw uninterupted power,not sure what size wheels,if its front 120/55/17 rear 180/55/17,try the perelli diablo 2s,awsome tyre,cheers.
  6. Kernel. no its a Honda Transalp.
  7. Everything appears to be original except for the pipe. The plan is to ride it for a while and may do a full rebuild down the track if the value is there.

    I did a bit of a search and only found 2 of these for sale in Aus and only 1 was original. Hopefully you are right Kernel and it will be worth something in the future. I like investments that go 180 km/h
  8. oh right, cool :)
  9. nice man, a good year for sure. you might find it hard to get tires, bridgestone makes some decent tires in old sizes, sport demons are supposed to be good, i have them, but i hate them i came from diablo rosso corso on my old ride, so sportdemons are nothing in comparison.

    also there are a few dunlops you can buy i think, i dont hear good things about them.

    Just try to get radials.