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My first big bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by xlur8, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Bought this a few months back just finished having the fairings painted and fitted the yoshi's today i think its come up pretty good what ya think cheers



  2. A classic! Those things were the bike to have, back in the day. - Guys who didn't even have licenses were buying them!
  3. nice lookin bike!! first big bike? just go easy :) [dont get caught] lol
  4. thx guys, goddie yeah mate will take it easy only thing i have to get is some proper straps for the cans
  5. Dont look in shop windows as you ride past!

    Tempting - sleek looking bike.

  6. wowsers, looks brand new!!
  7. impressive! clean
  8. curios, how much for the fairing pont job?
  9. Looks real nice!
    I'd be curious to see how the paint on the fairing reflects light compared to the rest of the bike - obviously the tank is going to be different but what about the side panels? Bit hard to tell when half the bike is under cover.
  10. Thx for the comments guys. steltzer cost me $600 to get her painted
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  11. Very tidy bike.

    You might need to look into getting a bigger helmet to accomodate the big smile you get when you realise that you can do the legal limit in a lower gear compared to your previous ride.:D Or get past the fool cager who pins it when overtaking lanes are coming up.