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My First Big Bike 98 R1

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Simon1990, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Thought i'd share with you all my excitment of buying my first "big Bike", very happy with it as have been looking for quite some time for one and found one that was the perfect price and love the colour scheme :)



    Not the best photos but its currently at a mates house until I'm off restrictions (this Saturday :D)

    Basically stock atm besides the Remus slip on exhaust.
    Will be getting a service very soon and a carby clean and balance.

  2. Beautiful.
    Just treat it with the respect it deserves, that is a hell of a bike......
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  3. Grats mate. Looks great.

    Just remember the golden rule of R1's. They will all, without warning, spin the rear wheel upon roll on exiting a corner.

    This is an inbuilt system. Internal balance system figures out when you are bringing the bike back up from a lean, calculates the speed you are rolling the throttle on and then proceeds to remap the throttle position reading so as to make 3% throttle redline the engine.

    This is factory standard and cannot be modified.
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  4. A very, very difficult bike to tame. Be careful.
  5. Siwagod - you crack me up
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  6. Thanks guys, I'll treat her with the respect she deserves :)

    Ha...yeah I've heard they can be a handful, I'll be taking it easy for quite some time before I play around with the power
  7. is R1 is good
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  8. legendary bike. enjoy.
  9. Good looking bike. have fun.
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  10. Thanks Guys...as you can imagine I am extremely excited to get on the bike over the weekend..only 13 hours untill my restrictions are up :D
  11. ................... only 14 hours until on the spot licence suspension!

    You take it easy now Simon, nice bike.
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  12. Don't do what I guy I know did and go driving 4 hours before his restriction lifted resulting in a further 12 month suspension.
  13. Haha...Na mate need my license for work. I like to think I'v done all the stupid things in the past, I know its got power but ill be saving it all for the track..well thats the plan anyways :)

    Exactly why Iv left it at my mates place, I probably would have ridden around back streets if I had it at mine but its just really not worth it these days with all the technology the cops have plus not covered by insurance ect...Iv waited this long, may aswell wait the extra few hours :)
    Im sure the wait is going to be worth it once I'm riding my baby :D
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  14. Mmmm, there was a stage once upon a time when my licence plates had a tendency to jump from one bike to the other. I'm a far more responsible 12 year old now though.
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  15. Awesome, the short wheelbase brutal carby version. No fancy bs to protect you from yourself.

    Just remember to be smooth like butter in everything you do, give the tyres time to come up to pressure and you'll be fine.

    Take care and enjoy.
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  16. Gratz on the purchase. Great looking bike.

    I wish I had a button that would swap mine between Raven and Yammy Blue depending on my mood, love that colour.

    Treat her well and you'll be having a love affair in no time!
  17. Radar lock is hard to achieve on a MOTO........we are small - harder still if you move lots.....

    Rear number plates (although should be at a standard height) often are not.........harder for cameras to read....

    I am not endorsing anything...........be safe......

    But Meh..........techno cops.............ROFL......

    These two things - in the normal world.....do not exist.............the average cop thinks a MegaByte is a BigMac at lunchtime.............
  18. Haha was just my way of justifying waiting until on fulls...only 2 hours to go..to bad the bikes at my mates place and he is away till Sunday morning...hmmm

    Thanks UDLOSE, I plan on being super disciplined with my right wrist on the throttle, until I get used to her at least ;)

    Haha don't sweat it Kewish I would have loved it in the black but on my budget I wasn't gonna be to piccy...very happy with her tho...
    When ever you feel like swapping colors I'm happy to swap bikes :p
  19. Congrats on the new bike and getting your full license. Enjoy, these are exciting times!
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  20. Hit us up with a pic of your smile from ear to ear when you're sitting in the saddle.
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