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My first big bike - 2009 R1

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by akaluke, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Off restrictions on 17th December...a break for Christmas and New Year, then shopping time. No more baby Ninja.

    Decided on a 2009 R1 in Competition White.

    Bought private. About 3000kms on the clock. Tinted screen, M4 Carbon Fibre Exhaust. Brand new Pilot Powers.

    I've been for one real ride (picked it up on Saturday - freeway to bring it home doesn't count). Sunday I did a few hundred Ks around Healesville.

    Anyway - to say I'm stoked is an understatement.

    It's going to take me a while to get used to - different riding position and soooo much power. 100 to 160 in 0.0001 seconds. I can overtake!

    Mods to come - tank pad, stomp grip. Will also need to find someone to setup my suspension.

    Anyway - looking forward to riding with you guys - no more leavoing me behind on the straights :)

    Here she is:

  2. Nice bike.. looks good. 1K of power is very nice to have. ;)

    You need some white reflective tape around the rims though. I think that would really set it off.

  3. Congrats Luke, looks like a nice machine.
  4. Nice bike Luke - welcome to the 'gang' bud (y)
  5. you are now a god amongst men welcome

    ( good choice - my next R1 is going to be the same red frame/white combo)
  6. hey well done :D absolutely beautiful bike!! (don't drop it!!!)

    i thought you'd been riding for ages for some reason! didn't know you were on restrictions!
  7. wowsers, that's a gorgeous bike :shock:
  8. That's a shweet looking ride, love the colour scheme, my son rides an R1 and they are awesome.

    Zero to Oh Phuck in a nanosecond...

    Stay safe and enjoy the learning curve.
  9. Congrats mate nice looking bike. I have to wait until June 21 before I can become a big boy.
  10. Very nice, and a great pic too (y)

    End of October... :cry:
    Threads like this will keep me going until then though.
  11. He looks like he's been riding for years and he does have losts of 'experience'.

    Just kiddin Luke, can't wait to see it in the flesh.
  12. Great bike Great colours. Congratulations
  13. #13 stu_h, Jan 10, 2011
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  14. well done luke. nice choice! enjoy it :D
  15. super duper nice.
  16. very purty Luke !!

    Have to agree , it's nice NOT to be left behind on the straights .. LOL
  17. Very nice. 'Grats Luke.
    have fun mate. (you know you will :wink: )
  18. yum
    could possibly be my next bike but the rossi special
  19. She's stunning Luke! Yet may I suggest as a precautionary measure only that u invest in some crash knobs & axel armor...

    Also if its only set up that u need from a suspension perspective (and r under 70kgs which u prob are!) then the stock spring will support u fine & most good shops can help set u up - so 60 Degree or High Octane etc... Speak with Lou b4 u even consider dealing with Promecha as the crap she had to endure was atrocious, def stopped me from going there!

    My suspension contact is in Kensington; he is outstanding, so lets chat if u need details.... Just u wait till we ride together again... no bouncing off my bike now :D b safe & enjoy :dance:
  20. Awesome Luke!
    Not suprised on the color tho.
    Perfect match sitting along side your cruiser and your stig colored helmet....:D

    Congrats and enjoy....