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My first (and now second) near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Sooty, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Yesterday I was cruising along Maleny-Montville Rd. The speed limit of the section I was on is 100km/h which I was obeying. Coming along a gradual right hand bend, double whites, I see the nose of a green Hyundai Excel poking out of a driveway on the right. So I ease of the juice and cover the brakes.

    I must've accidentally left my cloaking device enabled because the car proceeded on. I start braking heavily because I felt I could stop within a reasonable margin. However the Hyundai must have seen me at the last minute and swerved into the on coming lane. This presented me with an unusual situation because the road rules have been tossed out the window.

    I decided that now it was unsafe for both of us but he wasn't going to move back into my lane until he knew what I was doing - bad that I'm only left with assumptions. So I throttled on and passed as quickly as possible on the left.

    I was a bit shaken afterwards but otherwise fine.

  2. You anticipated well and survived, get used to it as it happens automatically.
    Just think if you were in the car and the other car did that, I'd say someone would be sore and sorry.
  3. Just had my second!

    Coming up to the northern Landsborough intersection on Steve Irwin Way, heading north. Car in front of me indicates to turn right, there is no turning lane for right hand turns. I couldn't get a good view of the bank of traffic waiting to turn towards Landsborough across my path and there were no cars behind me so I veer as far left as I could go since there was no traffic waiting to come out from Landsborough.

    As anticipated a car begins to turn in front of me and stops at the last second. I had jumped on the brakes when I saw the car move off and had just gotten to the point of hearing that straining rubber sound from the front tyre when I relised the car had stopped so I released and got out of there.

    I would have done my best superman impression if I didn't go wide because the car had blocked the whole lane by that stage. There was room to go past the car that I was following in the same lane since it had pulled right over - tempting for a motorbike...

    They say they come in three's :|
  4. Do yourself a favour... run into a brick wall at low speed. Call it your third :LOL:

    Keep safe mate
  5. that would be a crash. at the last second swerve to avoid it.
  6. I stand corrected ... ;)
  7. Ahh the rule of three's. :wink:
  8. That's what happens when you steal dodgy klingon cloaking technology!
    (ok, so I'm excited about Star Trek coming out-It's my secret shame :p )
    Stub your toe, break the cycle of three!
  9. Just to check.

    Seeing a car, in a single lane highway, make a right turn and despite being unable to get a good view of the cars waiting to turn across your path, you veer to the left of the turning car. Even though you are anticipating a car turning across your path, you still have to apply the brakes hard enough to have the front wheel screeching and you narrowly avoid becoming Clarke Kent (an apt analogy considering Chris Reeve) over the bonnet of this persons car.
  10. +1 That is not good road craft. (Very subtle cejay.)

    You should have passed slowly to the left of the right turning car in your lane (if at all, but I would have myself, if there was room), then approached the intersection at near walking speed, making sure you were visible to the oncoming right hand turning cars. When any turning cars had cleared the intersection, and all remaining cars had stopped to give way to you, then you cross the intersection.
  11. oh i do that all the time....a gentle knock on some peoples windows helps alot :LOL:

    suprised that no one was comming in the other direction and hit him stupid cager who goes onto wrong side of road on a bend...even if he cut you off he still coulda accerlated and made you slow down instead of causing potentially another accident which coulda spilled onto you[/quote]
  12. Google Street View Link

    You can see the passing lane on the left hand side, picture me in the extreme left of that. I should have explained better. It's a stupid intersection by all means.

    It is a 80km/h zone and I would have been doing 60km/h at this stage because the car in front was slowing to stop - I did not speed up to pass it.

    Front tyre wasn't screeching, just making that 'rubbing' sound that tells you you're close to its limit.
  13. What direction were you going in and where you intending to turn into any of those roads?
  14. Northbound, and heading straight through.

    Edit: northbound is probably a bit vague for that section of road, in the direction the view is pointed, which is North East.
  15. From the look of that Google map, there is a left turn lane and a right/straight ahead lane. You went to the left of a car turning right, into the left turn lane, directly into the path of a car that was turning right.

    From the safety of my keyboard, I'd put that down to you.
  16. Turn lane? I see a turning lane on the other side but not the side I was on.
  17. Sooty, i see what cejay is saying. It simply isn't marked as a turn lane.

    However i would have to disgree with you cejay. From what i could see and noting that it is QLD it would be accpectable to use that left lane to pass the car that was turning right, as it is not purely marked as a left turn lane such as the one on the other side.

    Maybe sooty you could have slowed down more then you did but, i know i would have.
  18. I agree. All I am trying to do is explain what I see as poor road craft. The turning vehicle would always (I believe) be deemed to be wrong if it went to court, but there is no point being right and dead.

    My beef at the moment is the posts that express outrage about 'damn cager tried to kill me' and the subsequent 8 pages of posts of agreement, without anyone going 'what could I have done differently to avoid this and did I contribute to the situation'.

    I've not had an accident yet that I couldn't have avoided if I'd done something differently. It's the ability to honestly critique your own behaviour and look for improvements that helps you survive.
  19. I've taken what you're saying on board. Slower is what I should have done. I'm just making sure that you're not thinking that the situation arose due to me breaking a road rule and whatnot.

    I go slower through that intersection in general as a result.