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my first actual stack

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by damien613, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. it happened about 30 mins ago, and literally 45 seconds from home...

    anyway firstly the bike is ok - some scratches on the right hand brake lever / throttle, light mark lower fairing, scratches on exhaust and broken front indicator. so all in all not a bad accident but potentially could have been pretty bad.

    the area I live in is one of those new estates being constructed out in the west, so construction everywhere!!

    pulling out onto a main-ish truck rd (which I might add having a school where I was turning from makes the speed limit 40!) I had a mini bus stopping shielding my view of the lane I was turning into and as I start moving out holy shit its a cement mixer truck and moving damn fast!!!!

    he slams his brakes on and I slam mine on causing the bike to move out from underneath me and send me onto the road just stopping from going under the truck!!

    truck kept going speeding off leaving me laying in the road but I quickly got up and moved me and my bike to the side of the road.

    technically yes this was my fault, however he was speeding and never stopped to see if I was ok?? luckily my neighbour who I had yet met was approaching saw it all stopped and 'blessed me' (must be religeous I guess?)

    my back is freakin killing me!! lucky I already have a massage booked for tonight for my legs but now the lower back needs attention...

    I'm relieved my bike has only minor scratches.. no doubt as the day goes on my leg etc will become alot more sore!!
  2. You probably should go for a check up with your doctor just to make sure everything is ok. Not good to hear the truck driver didnt stop. Did you get his licence no? I hope you have a quick recovery, you must be feeling pretty shaken up.
  3. Wow I cant believe the truckie didnt stop, what a wanker.

    Glad you and your bike are both ok tho.... Take it easy out there.
  4. Mate , firstly sorry to hear about the stack. Bloody wanker truckie. I bet if he was lying by the side of the rod injured he'd be cursing the heavens if no one stopped to help.
    Just some advice, get your back seen to. It doesn't take much yo create problems from something like what you described. Even if it's something small, over time that will become a much much bigger problem. Believe me I see it everyday!
    If you were in Sydney I'd check you out no charge but if you need a good Chiropractor on Melbourne just ask and I'll send you their details. Good luck and hope bike is sorted asap :)
  5. If the cement truck had a load he was probably in a rush to dump it - no excuse but that's probably why the dork kept going. +1 for seeing a GP.
  6. Yep get to a docs, stat! :p.
    I ignored a niggle in my back for a couple months and it worsened, finally went to see a dr and its 2 very mildly bulged discs. The worrisome one is internal toward spinal cord, but ive mostly fixed that myself with exercises, and the other is outer and just ocassionally gives me a dose of sciatica down my right leg, but it needs an op to correct that one, as it sits just above my nerve root.
    Ive been living with the ocassional ouchie from it for 2 years, i really dont want to have a back op, regardless of how 'minor' the surgery is, and for the most part i manage it myself.
    As im nearing 30 though... i am considering the op more seriously, before i get 'too old' (yes you over 30s, you are old and ill be joining you soon :p).

    Dont ignore back pain!

    P.S. sorry for semi hijacking the thread and making it about me :p
  7. thanks yeah definatly getting the back looked at... I did a half ironman triathlon on the weekend and my back was niggling abit than so had the massage booked for tonight to get that sorted and the sore calves...

    last time I saw my masseause for my lower back he did some cupping on it which worked excellent! I think the cupping will help...

    abit more soreness has kicked in.. wrist and knee which copped a graze but I'm really lucky I think that it isn't any worse body and bike wise.

    I have a beep test for the fire brigade monday so I'm hoping my leg doesnt bruise up and wreck my running! I think I jinxed myself by saying the only way I could possibly fail the beep test is if I crashed my bike.. well here we go? hah riding like an absolute granny until than cannot risk another off.

    the truckies in my area are insane, like Sooty said he probably had a load on board but even still I was left in the middle of the rd all it took was a few mins to help me up see if I was ok or needed a hand?

    as I mentioned it's a school zone, the speed he was travelling would kill a kid or anyone that may accidently step in front... I couldnt get his rego because he was a long way down the road by the time I could look up.
  8. Ah mate. Dont stress too much about the brigade test, my father was in the brigade up here in NSW and so was my brother.... I have trained quite a few guys to get them fit for the entrance test but really all they needed to do was about 6 on the beep test (stephen hawkings could probably run to that!) so you'll be fine.... as long as Vic have the same standards ??? Good Luck!
  9. Oh and Mr Messy.....
    Avoid the surgery at all costs....believe me it is not a long term solution, short term it may relieve pain but long term just buggers everything else up.....again I know from seeing people day to day who HAVE had the surgery....There is always a better, non-intrusive solution. Ive seen people go from semi paralysis due to pain who have been told they will never walk again without surgery to turn around 18months later and run marathons.... All naturally. Just remember as car salesman sells cars....what does a surgeon sell?
  10. Happens to everyone buddy. We all need a reality check from time to time, and any one that you can walk/ride away from is not a bad one. Sorry to hear about it, though, and +100 for what the other guys have said about seeing a quack.
  11. It's ******** advice like this that seems to think my ruptured disc at L/L5 with a bone fragment from my vertebra impinging on my sciatic nerve will just disappear over time. ](*,)](*,)](*,)

    For someone who calls themselves a medical professional, one would hope you'd have the professional aptitude to refer a patient for an x-ray or even a CT scan before you performed a single manipulation on their spine if they referred to you with even remote symptoms of sciatica. After all, how can you fix something when you don't even know where it's damaged.

    And before you launch into me for not knowing anything about chiropractors, I was seeing one for several months before going to see another one who wanted me to have an CT scan. This led to an MRI and he referred me to a surgeon. Sure, surgery isn't the answer for everything, but there's thousands of people out there who've had spinal surgery without incident. An ill informed chiro could do more harm than good, though.

    As to the OP, you really should get checked out. The pain might be manageable now but if it gets worse, you may have a hard time claiming through your insurance if the injury hasn't been recorded within reasonable time.
  12. Noted :) cheers. Ill go see a couple new chiros physios again and see what they say.
  13. Technically, and in any other way I can think of too. Try to separate your anger at a truck driver that was speeding in a school zone and didn't stop to help, from the lessons you MUST take from this incident.

    Hope you and your bike get back to 100% asap.

  14. I agree completely....did I at any stage sage a CT/MRI should not be performed??????
    Just because you saw an incompetent professional somewhere along the line do you dare for a second undermine my effort to assist someone!
    Do you not think they are better off for getting as many opinions on this as possible. Do you not believe that there have been many many many countless cases out there of unnecessary surgery?? I SEE THEM EVERYDAY!!!
    I spent $150,000 installing an xray unit in my clinic to ensure people DO receive every possible option and on a weekly basis I refer to a network of surgical specialists for intervention for those that warrant. ALL NEW PATIENTS are xrayed. any with neuroradiculopathy are referred for CT/ MRI. Im sorry if giving an opinion on a forum did not suffice as a proper Initial consultation for you (this takes an hour in clinic) but damn you for bringing my intentions into disrupte and get stuffed for the assumption that I may be "loose" with my approach to peoples health.
  15. errr ok?
    why should I not be angry at the truck driver?? for starters I never said I stood there in the middle of the road cursing the truckie and hunted him down did I?

    I have all right to pissed off tho at the amount of truckies who speed like race car drivers down marquands rd, and leaving an accident scene is also a crime. so dont tell me I need to spare my anger.

    I've learnt my lesson, and truck drivers that speed are ****s!
  16. It's crap that he didn't stop, but not uncommon.

    By the description you have provided, you have pulled into his path, when a vehicle was obscuring your view. If that was a car doing the same thing, we'd all be up in arms and berating the car driver for not being more careful. I believe the poster who is asking you to review what you did was referring to that only.

    Is the school 40kmh zone permanent, or was it in the active 40kmh times?
  17. I didn't say you were not allowed to be angry at the truck driver. I only said that you need to separate your anger from the lessons you need to learn.

    From your description, the accident was entirely your fault. It is simply not acceptable to assume there is no traffic because you can't see it. You need to be constantly aware of the traffic around you, and a big part of that is knowing when something 'unexpected' might happen.

    And quite apart from needing to learn to read traffic more competently, you also need to learn how to control your motorcycle. You never 'slam' the brakes on (with the possible exception of abs equipped vehicles), you 'set up and squeeze' just like they taught you when you got your learner's permit.
    If, as you say, you came off and slid towards the truck and still pulled up in time, then you had time to swerve or straighten and brake safely to a stop.

    Ceejay is right; I am only trying to get you to review your riding so that you can learn from this stack. If you keep up the attitude that because the other party was doing something wrong it is all their fault, this will not be the last time you come off. I only hope that you are as lucky next time.
  18. hey damien.....i had my first stack yesterday as well (if it makes you feel any better).....i would like to blame the bus drivers who went on strike (jks). Normally, on a wet rainy day I would catch a bus to work. I was riding as I would normally during a fine sunny day (i.e. filtering, overtaking, etc), and then all of the sudden while crossing some "white painted lines" on the road, I lost all grip and control. Bike slid underneath me....

    lesson i've learnt: take it slow n steady in the rain (haha...pretty obvious....buts its not until u stack it that you realize how vulnerable you really are)

    anyway i hope you feel better soon and your bike is not too messed up. I came off okay...back is a little sore...few scratches. My bike resale value prob dropped like 1 K, lol (went from perfect to clearly been dropped).
  19. Hard luck prks... I find im avoiding white lines even when its dry!
  20. Glad to see your okay is the main thing, but I agree with getting the war wounds checked out.