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My first accident

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by natzca, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. I've had my Ls for a couple of months now,
    and was enjoying a nice ride out to Manly for the day, with the weather all great and that.

    So, on my way back towards the city, while riding in a bus lane, with the rest of the traffic backed up, a car in the lane to my right decided to turn left into the street, crossing the bike path right infront of me.

    I panicked, slammed on the brakes and tried my best to brace for impact, ended up sliding my bike into his car.

    I know we have to be cautious about what the cars around us are doing, but this was ridiculous what this guy did.

    btw - I thank my lucky stars to escape with very little injuries, mainly a sprained wrist and thumb and some grazing on my knees.

    but first reactions was an adrenalin rush, and rage knowing how stupid a move this guy made.

    here's some of the comments the other driver made:

    "you came out of nowhere, you we're going pretty fast"
    - umm no, I was doing around 40km/h, if I was going faster I would've been hurt a lot more...

    "but you were in the bus lane"
    - yes we're allowed to ride in the bus lane...

    all while ignoring the fact that he indicated just before he turned, and crossed a lane while doing so...

    okay positive points:
    - I realised the importance of protective gear, my draggin jeans saved a grazing from becoming a fair loss of skin, gloves and boots did the job to protect me from the bike falling.

    - I know not to expect cars to behave normally, i.e. expect the unexpected

    - Not hurt that badly let's me ride another day, but can't say as much for the bike...
  2. Well, good to hear your injuries are only slight, pity the bike didn't fare so well :( Nearly all bike accidents I've seen where there's a bus lane involved happen at an intersection.

    A natural reaction when he wasn't aware of your presence in the first place. Really, he mean to say SMIDSY.
    Read on...
    Get used to it - I know that's a harsh comment but it's going to happen time and time again. Sometimes you can tell by a cager's body-english that a change of lane might be on the cards.

    You need to extra cautious when travelling in a bus lane. As you found out, some people haven't the foggiest that a bike is allowed to travel in these lanes (unless marked "bus only"). The other thing is cultural, cagers are looking for a big lump of metal commonly call a bus or possibly a taxi, not a small motorcycle and a brief last minute scan quite often won't register the bike. I switch to high beam when using a bus lanes in a (possibly vain) attempt to make myself more visible.

    When riding in a bus lane, be aware of these factors and be especially cautious when there's a side street/intersection involved. In addition, be on high alert, slow down and cover your brakes when the other lane(s) are stopped or crawling! In addition, where side streets are involved and the traffic is stopped, look out for cars turning right into the side street (your left) from the opposing traffic. Military Rd does seem a bit worse than other bus lanes around Sydney probably because it's always congested.

    Sorry you had to learn the lesson the hard way and hope you get back on the road soon.
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  3. Tough lesson to learn OP, but Blaise's advice here is the best you're gonna get.
    The other thing they'll do (and they do it fairly regularly right outside my office...), is pull over and use the bus lane to stop and let a passenger out.
  4. Glad to hear your ok natzca! Great advice from Blaise and NiteKreeper.

    I had a similar accident a few months ago. At the time, I couldn't help feeling there wasn't much i could have done to not slam into the car. Since them, I've been working on a couple of things, firtstly my emergency breaking and secondly hazzard evasion.

    the aim here is to reduce your likelyhood of a panic reaction by making them more controlled.

    Good luck with the insurance claim and getting back on the road.
  5. don't be shy to use your horn if a driver up ahead looks like he might be about to pull into the bus lane. might make them look around.
    i don't use bus lanes much and only as a last resort. not an ideal place to be on the road, higher risk. if i used them alot i think i'd hardwire my horn on.
    something else you forgot. if a driver dose'nt use his side mirror, then he dose'nt need it.
  6. So what fine is this guy getting? I want dipshits like this to eat their words.

    They didnt see you, but saw you long enough to judge your speed.

    If they saw you long enough to judge your speed, they knowingly caused an accident.

    You shouldnt give them any info in response to their excuse, but make sure its used to fine the driver.
  7. Yes the Cage drivers comments are mutually contradictory, but not much chance of getting a fine to stick. No witnesses, its a he said you said situation. The comments above are correct chalk it up to experience. If you have insurance they may pursue him for recompense but otherwise the lesson is people are lousy drivers.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys,

    he wasn't being a d$#k about it, and was genuinely concerned about my safety, so that defused me a bit.

    I do try and be more aware when in a bus lane, but yes, have to be aware near side streets, I guess I was keen to get onto the freeway, and would've been on the home stretch.

    Not sure if anyone knows the area, but it's on military road, just before getting on the freeway. There was a another scooter near me who stopped, and a few witnesses, one guy was nice enough to give me his card to contact him if needed.
  9. I would've if I could, have done so when cars try to merge into my lane, in this case, there was a lot of traffic and therefore almost standstill and going slow, his car was just one which pulled out of the queue.
  10. I do have a witness I can call on, and he admitted to turning left from the middle lane.

    He obviously didn't really know the road rules for turning when a bus lane is involved, and crossed my path.
  11. I've got a witness if needed, but didn't call the police, so i guess that makes it difficult to get the guy fined.
  12. okay, another problem... I've only got third party insurance with insuremyride,
    does that mean I will need to claim everything myself against his insurance?

    need to find a mechanic/repair around the north of the bridge,
    get a tow etc...

    hope I can get the bike back on the road asap, got my P's test at the end of the month
  13. I think for his insurance to pay for your damages, you will have to establish who's at fault. For that you might need to call upon your witness or even better yet, get the driver to tell his insurance it was his fault.

    Good luck
  14. I'd be reporting it to the Police. I think in NSW there is a requirement to do so if a vehicle needs to be towed away. Provide the name of the witness or a statement from the witness.
  15. Where is the bike now? If still at crash site then contact pol and get it moved if at yours don't bother. Keep all receipts repeated to incident and put then on the claim
  16. good to hear you're ok dunno if riding with high beam on whilst in bus lanes will help any..
  17. If any vehicle requires towing as a result of an accident, the police must become involved (in NSW). So, if you are not comfortable riding your bike, or the bike is not able to be ridden as a result of the accident, the police must be called.

    That way the facts of the incident (or at least your version) will be documented for the insurance company to see, as well as the details of the witnesses and any other parties involved.
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  18. First, sorry to hear mate. Very glad you're ok tho. Great advice already given.

    Second, another rider without insurance?! I'm just not sure how/why people do this? (not trying to get on my high horse, just genuinely don't understand).
  19. Agreed insurance is a must people. Glad your ok though, the bike can be fixed.
  20. Thanks for the advice, is it too late to call the police and make a report now though?

    since it happened on saturday? I'm planning on getting it towed to a mechanic tomorrow, since everything was closed on the weekend.