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My first accident, yes another one

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by htlin, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, had my first accident last night. a lady pulled out of a drive way and into my lane on the opposite side of the road. i thought she was turning into the outside but continued into mine. So i had to brake hard to avoid collision and i came off. all i can say is THANK GOD for the alpinetstar jacket. as my left arm and should took the most impact. Minor grazes on my left knee and wrist.

    the driver stopped and infront of other witness admitted she did not see me and admitted to fault.

    question is, how hard would this be for me to claim from her insurance as there was no actual collision, but she admited infront of a neutrual 3rd party it was her fault?

  2. Sounds like you came out of it alright, good stuff.

    Did you get the names/contact numbers of the witnesses? Hard to think of at the time i know, but she can easily retract what she said at the time if its your word against hers...
  3. yes i do have the contact number of the witness.
    as he mentioned he has noted everything she's sed.
  4. Then Work out your costs (Including jacket and Helmet) and send a letter of demand
  5. +1

    Someone wrote a pro-forma letter of demand ages ago and posted it up, somewhere here. Do a search; as I recall it got the thumbs-up from a few people who whould know what's what in that area......
  6. Its stickied in the legal section i think.
  7. Thanks for all the help guys, much appreciated
    as i'm quite new into the bike scene would i need to go to 3 different places to get a quote for the bike? or is it different from cars?
  8. Get two quotes and include them with the LoD. Don't forget to keep copies of all documents.

    Just for future reference, put your (state) location in your profile so we (if it matters) which regional laws apply to you.
  9. Bad luck about your accident/off. Looks like you came out of it ok though.
  10. thanks Hornet,
    yeah i came out quite well..
    only if i had some draggin jeans.
    but the jacket realy made the difference.
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  12. Taken to small claims he would get something however, because he did everything in his due care and attention to avoid the collision that could possibly have caused more damage.
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  14. next time brake hard enough to slow down safely, so its a slow impact with her. then ur guaranteed cover :p
  15. damn this is turning out to be more of a headache then i first thought..
    i will keep u guys updated with the up and comings
  16. Hi,

    I had a similar accident when I first started out.

    Basically I highsided when I slammed on the brakes (oh those nasty rear brakes) to avoid a collision with a truck turning into my lane. Even though I had a witness, the truck driver still denied any wrong doing as he insisted that he did not hit me & claimed that I crashed on my own - therefore he's not liable for accident.

    I got really frustrated after fruitless attempts to get details of his insurer. After posting my situation on here (this was back in 2002 lol), the admin at the time rang me up and advised me to send him a letter of demand twice before getting a lawyer (THANKS!). I did just that and his insurance coughed up the amount I've demanded for and also paid for my legal bill. This was settled outside of court as the court date was looming. It's an interesting note that the other party will make counter allegations. But I think the bits that say 'I don't own the motorcycle and I didn't have a license & etc..' sort of gave away that they were going to settle.

    It took me over 4 months to get my money back (claim was 3800 and I got 3500 + 2800 legal fees), so don't give up.

    Anyway good luck with this.

    BTW. It was probably a blessing that you crashed and not collided with her car. Who knows what would have been the consequences of slamming into her car.

    Oh and another thing, always report the accident to the cops. At least that way there's an official record of the accident that you can later refer to. If the cop is being an @rsehole about it then say you need it for TAC claims then they will be obliged to take it down. Who knows they might even fine the other person for wreckless driving.
  17. idiot fk sticks who dont look where they are going are the ones who deserve to have blood pouring from their heads..

    I witnessed a Truck change lanes in the m5 tunnel a while back right on top of a small car who happened to get squished right up against the wall at about 60k's.. now this lady was driving in the trucks blind spot but none the less.. the w@nker realised what he'd done and took off on his merry way not stopping to see if the old lady was alright. Now imagine if that was a bike..

    Un-related, I just read on another forum of an event which occured on putty road due to inexperience.. take it easy guys and safe riding!
    condolances to the family of the departed.. rip
  18. hi guys,
    nothing much has happend yet.
    The cops just gave me an event number.
    They need to take her statement.
    once that is iwill start gettin quotes and what for my bike.

    will let you guys know more when i do.

    thanks for all the advice guys.

    deeply appreciated