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My first accident on the bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Well I was heading to Geelong to visit family (pre birthday dinner) and I managed to get hit by a car. *joy* to me.. I was in the merging lane going onto the Westgate at about 10-20km/h when I felt a bump and next thing I know I'm falling to the ground. The lady behind me comes out going "Oh my god, I'm sorry! I wasn't watching. It's my fault, I'm sorry" etc etc. From what I can work out seems she wasn't watching in front of her and just ran up the back of me.

    Anyway, I look at the bike, not too damaged, bent gear peg and cluth lever a bit scratched. I say to her "we're holding up traffic, let's move to the emergency lane". I wait for a car to pass and then push my bike into the emergency lane. *boom* I look over and the woman has taken off and kept going. I didn't catch her rego plate or anything :evil:

    Lesson learnt. Make sure I get car rego plate before doing anything else. I didn't expect the *beep* of a person to take off after we had that little talk about her being in the wrong etc etc.

    Stuffed up my trip to Geelong, didn't want to ride along the Princess with a bent gear peg and whatever else. I'm home a few hours later, relaxed and I've fixed the gear peg. Bike is ok, I'm ok. Makes me want to kick something when I think about it.

    There, I've had my whinge. *shakes fist in fury* About the best thing to come out of this is I think there was more damage to her bumper than to my bike.

  2. Amazing.

    Did you happen to notice if the surveillance cameras cover that are? Perhaps the police might be able to subpoena the vision?

    Techinically it isn't a hit and run, nor is it a "fail to render assistance following an accident" but the cops might still frown upon that behaviour.

    Good to hear that you walked away unscathed.
  3. Bugger :evil:

    Glad your OK, and the bikes not too beat up.

    I can't understand people these days, no honesty, no morals, no conscience just "cut and run". I reckon she deserves all her tyres going flat, her battery to boil and keys get locked in the car.

  4. I reckon that quick stop was premeditated!

    Kitz is correct it isn't hit and run or failing to render assistence since she stopped and checked.

    I wouldn't be surprised if she stopped just to avoid those problems... the biatch!
  5. Can't believe she just took off! The hide of some people!!! Glad you and your bike are okay.
  6. why are people so unkind?
  7. Some people have no morals, she will however be looking over shoulder every time she see's a bike.

    Glad you got out of it with little damage...

    The f%ck*ng $itch
  8. i think you better report to the police, you remember how she look like, age, height..., what sort of car she drive. Especially she said it was her fault. Tell the police about that, sure there will be surveillance cameras for traffic condition.

    I hate those kind of people. "I wasn't looking" she should be out of the road, driving without looking.

    Anyway wish you can catch her back soon.
  9. it is illegal to not exchange details tho isn't it? at least thats what i always thought? :?

    i'll be farked mate, at least the cow that hit me ended up pulling over for a qick chat, even tho i was in 'HER' lane :evil: sounds like you got rorted, keep an eye out for her mate, she's bound to pop up again.

    you might have to learn to me a bit more hot headed, i reckon i woulda given chase, theres no way someone is gunna get away with doing damage to my bike if i can do ANYTHING about it :evil:
  10. I never got the rego or details of the driver that ran me off the road, but at least he gave me a business card to contact him on...and thank god it was his card not some strangers from a shop.

    I think that the best thing to do if in a accident whether it be bike or car, is pull out your camera phone and immeadiately take a happy snap of the plate number, and any surroundings that may be used as evidence. It's very hassle free and it beats carrying a pen and pad with you.

    Wish id thought of my idea at the time of my crash..lol

    P.S. For the lady that fled the scene, KARMA has got her back covered.
  11. Failure to exchange details after an accident is an offence and too right, the cops definately look down on it.

    Go to your nearest station and make a collosion report. Takes about 20mins but then they can get the camera footage and take the biatch to town.

    Mind you, if she's not the registered owner, there's not much hope of finding her, but it's still worth a shot.
  12. you have got her for leaving the scene of an accident .
    you have got her for failer to render assistance as she left prior to exchanging details .
    also failer to exchange deatils.
    contact the police with the type of car and the time and they can get hold of the survalaince for that time , even if they can get the exact thing on film you may be lucky enough that this ladie has an e tag which will put here in the vacinity .

    make sure you report it quickly so they can action it first thing .
  13. It doesn't matter if she wasn't the registered owner. The police will put a formal demand on the registered owner to give them the name and address of the driver at the time of the incident. Failure to give this information to police is another offence.

    I agree, go to the police, make a collision report. They will sort it if they can with CCTV. :)

  14. I would have gotten back on the bike and taken chase.
    Caught up with the cow and made sure she pulled over one way or another.
    THEN I would have taken her keys and made sure she STAYE PUT!~
    Why did you not go after her and at least get her rego?
  15. Not to mention for her to collide with you is careless driving on her part. The hard part will be finding a cop who will give a damn.

  16. ^$#^%$%$#

    :evil: :evil: :evil: some people!!

    Good that you share the story, next time it happens to me *touch wood* I'll know what to do ......never mind the injury or bike, FIRST! GIMME THE REGO!!!
  17. that sucks mate
    you should have chased her down and given her what for :evil:
  18. damn =\. Can't believe someone would be stupid enough to just take off like that. It would have just taken you to remember the number plate and she would have been taken down for a couple of 'failure to' offences. It was very silly for you and lucky for her, that you didn't taking a look at that number plate. Oh well, lesson learnt. Now hope there's some camera footage of it.

    There might be a camera operator who saw the accident and zoomed in to watch it, so hope for that.

    In any accident involving someone else, even if your fault, always:
    1. Get their number plate, and remember make and model.
    2. Exchange details (the number plate is important for this so they can be crosschecked).
    3. Find a witness.

    The witness thing, my mum has been burnt once for not having a witness when the other person changed their story.

    It's pretty bad when you can't trust humanity to do the right thing, so one has to always be weary about someone else going to screw you over.