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My first accident... (help!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tenoq, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. ...and I wasn't even on the bike!

    Minding my own business tonight, filling up at the petrol station just before making a short trip to see a mate. Just as I'm about to close the cap I notice this car reversing towards me at ever-increasing speed. I'm thinking, 'Gee, must know what he's doing reversing that quick...'

    About the same time I realise the car is going to hit my bike, I also realise this car has no driver, and have just enough time to think 'fook!' and put my hip against the tank as the car scrapes past the right-hand side of my bike, making some god-awful sounds. The car doesn't stop though, no, it keeps going until it ploughs into the back of another guy's car as he pumps up his tyres, where it finally comes to rest.

    Oblivious to his possessed car running amok in the station, the owner walks out of the shop with that dumbfounded look: 'Dude, where's my car?' Shortly after which he notices it planted in the rear bumper of a Commodore wagon, and two very upset motor vehicle owners are staring at him.

    Long story short, looks like he parked, but didn't quite make the PARK position in his auto trans, only getting as far as REVERSE. So, with the engine still running, his crappy old ute decided to cause as much damage as vehicularly possible (poetic license on that word).

    And now I'm sad, as my bike has it's right peg and brake lever completely sheered off, some decent dints in the exhaust, cracked lower fairing and brake fluid pissing out everywhere. It sucks my first accident wasn't even on the road, or even something I could say: "Damn, I could have tried this to prevent that..."

    C'est la vie! :p :cry: :cry:
  2. Now to the question bits:

    This bloke has no insurance, not even third-party. He's offered to pay whatever it costs to fix in cash, just pass him on a quote. Apparently he's a reasonable bloke (the cashier at the station knows him well). So my question is this:

    Do I just go and get a quote, pass it on to him and wait for the money? Or am I safer going through my insurance and making a not-at-fault claim?

    Which is the better option? How long do I have before I have to claim on my insurance? If I do make a claim, will I get the money straight away, or do I have to wait until they score the money from him? Do I have to pay an excess, even though I'm not at fault?

    Notes: Full comp insurance for me, no insurance for him.
  3. That's awful.
    I wonder what the situation is with insurance.
  4. I'd prolly give your insurance company a call and ask them. Afterall, you pay you're premiums and they should at least provide you with an advisory service.
  5. that sucks, the anger levels would be high :evil:

    good luck getting a quick solution, at least someone elses car was hit so if he denies all knowledge down the track its his word against yours, the other car drivers and the service station guy.

    (hope you got the other victims details)
  6. I remember my first accident. Guy in ute ran into back of me at roundabout. Said " I thought you'd gone."
    I said " No, I'm still here" :x

    (Different to your situation. He was insured with GIO. I called my insurance. They said send quote to him. (If you have problems, come back to us)
    I went immediately for quote. Sent it off to his insurance. They paid. No Probs.)
  7. if you get a quote it'll cost you to get it down to be assessed and the price will be fairly on the ridiculous side. if you know a thing or two, chase around the repair costs as if you're fixing it yourself, add a few bucks to everything to covery something you might have missed and give him a price. if he's not happy with that, get a quote, i'm sure he'd be pretty happy to fork out the first price after seeing that. thats what i'd do anyways :)

    thats based on him being a decent bloke tho, i reckon that way would be the best option. otherwise, if he doesn't come through with the goods, figure if its worth the excess and increased premium of claiming it :? it sucks but you might be better off doing a repair yourself.....
  8. If he's a reasonable bloke, be reasonable also and give him the opportunity to pay you ... it will be better and easier (read: quicker!) for you also if you can arraneg with him directly rather than involve insurance.

    Get a quote, pass it onto him and ask when you can expect the money. If it's a reasonable time (say within a week or two) and you see the money, then everyone's happy. If you don't see the money in the timeframe, just fill out a not-for-fault claim and leave it with the insurance companies and then wait the 6 weeks it will take for them to sort it out (if he admits liability to them)
  9. Mouth, you took the words out of my Mouth :D

  10. Cheers Mouth, that's the sort of plan that was formulating in my head. Fortunately the bike is already on a friend's bike trailer (lucky to have such a friend!) and I have the option of them taking it to a local repairer, or picking the trailer up myself and getting it to whatever place I want. So I guess the next choice is do I go Mornington Kawasaki, or get it up to Brighton?

    Who's a recommended crash repairer?
  11. Tenoq,
    I agree with what has been stated thus far,
    If the guy is being resonable about the accident,
    Give him the chance to pay for the damage caused,
    Get Prices of the replacement parts and labour,

    In my experience, I had a not at fault accident,
    My Blade was knocked off its sidestand whilst parked,
    The repairer quotes ranged up to $3500,
    Insane considering the real damage
    I did not have a cracked fairing, was scrapes, broken mirror etc,
    nothing structural just cosmetic damage.

    The guy is willing to pay up, let him,
    he will just get a major screwing by the insurance company,
    as we can all understand as they screw us on the premuims.
    If that fails,
    get the insurance company to fix your bike and get the money from him.

  12. Tenoq, that sucks man, hope you are back on the road in quick time.
  13. Bit of an echo, but I'd second what everyone has said so far - if you're willing, get the quote, send to him and if its not paid up in a short time, then go through your insurer. I hope this works out better for you - I've tried this twice in various accidents, but both times the other party has suddenly denied all knowledge of the incident, and the insurance has then come back and said "we'll fix it, but you pay the excess".

    Sometimes its just easier to go direct to the insurance company and take the stress out of your hands.
  14. The chance of getting screwed by the "I don't remember that incident!" is fairly unlikely, as he hit my bike and another car, and I got the other guy's details as witness. In addition, there's the servo attendant, and no doubt their cameras were on my bike too.

    Unfortunately for me there is some fairly decent damage, but I'll get a quote and pass it on - he's tried to do the right thing, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.
  15. Tenoq...

    If you weren't so candid in your writing, I would be angry for you. :evil:

    I'd say do both things at once...

    The chances whether he claimed to remember or not remember are just as likely.....more inconvience if he claimed he didn't......the belief in humanity is in this guy's action....there's one thing you can do to increase favourable outcome....make it out that you belong to a "bikie" gang.... :p :LOL: :LOL:
  16. hate to ask a dumb question but who leaves there car running when they get out to do things like this?

    can i give the owner of the car my - Karma vote ? he needs it
  17. Thats a bummer :(

    Old column Borg warner 35's (old valiants and falchoons) had a horrible tendency to vibrate out of park into neutral when the linkages get worn.

    The guy probably got used to just dropping it into park and getting the parking "pawls" to be the handbrake while he quickly runs into a shop etc.. No excuse for not using the handbrake, but I reckon he got a shock :shock:

    I like to think the best of people, so I'd be tempted to trust him first up, you do have at least two witnesses (other "crashee" and the servo guy)

    Hope it gets sorted real soon.

  18. I couldn't understand it either - why leave ur car running? I guess no-one would steal it: 'twas a bit of a bomb. :p

    Don't get me wrong - I'm pissed, as I need my bike for work. But I know it could have been worse, so I won't get too aggro.
  19. I'm just glad that you're OK. Don't ever scare the crap out of me like that again by saying that you're bike got hit by a car, and then mentioning that you weren't on the bike at the time
  20. Welcome IceMaiden :wink: