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My first abusive experience

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Dannyboy, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. I was riding in Melbourne today parking the bike on the footpath at Fed Square. I wanted to be as polite as possile when parking the bike as not to make too much noise or go too fast, so I was riding at about walking pace when I past one guy going in the opposite direction who contunued walking along my line of travel casuing me to swerve slightly to avoid him. As I was avoiding him he said to "get on the f***ing road dickhead" :shock:

    I just continued along not wanting to make an issue, but was I doing anything wrong when I wasn't intending to cause any problems? I probably travelled a good 20-30m on the footpath to get the spot where other bikes were parked. Anybody had a similar experience? How do you park your bike without causing issues with the peds?

  2. Climb the gutter nearer where you park the bike near the others, you don't need to travel 20-30 metres on the footpath..

  3. Wtf, was that really the shortest possible route to get to the parking spot? You might want to read your parking rules.
  4. I'll usually try to give way to people on the footpath. I think technically we're supposed to get off and push the bike when on the footpath, but the way I see it is as long as we're going slow (walking pace) there shouldn't be a problem. Haven't had anyone complain to me yet though. Maybe he was having a bad day.
  5. He travelled 20-30 METRES along the footpath.
    best you read this
  6. Who gives a f#@$ just ignore him and move on.
  7. [quote="smee]Climb the gutter nearer where you park the bike near the others, you don't need to travel 20-30 metres on the footpath...
    best you read this

    Firstly, thanks for the feedback, positive or otherwise, it's the whole reason for asking the question.

    My rationalisation behind the whole thing is this.
    The way I took was the shortest path to the spot where I parked, as it was the only spot where the gutter came down to road level so I could gently roll-on. I never considered climbing the gutter because I wasn't sure if I would just end up compressing the forks and not going anywhere up the gutter onto the footpath. Plus I'd need a few revs to get onto the footpath so making that kind of noise and those revs with heaps of pedestrian traffic around isn't a viable option as the risks of damaging myself, somebody else or the bike were more likely to happen vs coasting down the foothpath.

    How do you mount the gutter safely?
  8. Front on even throttle, no need to rev it as the momentum and power of the bike will push it up without fork compression.
    Best to practise it first.
  9. I'd recommend parking closer to a place where you can safely mount/dismount the kerb, m'self. :)

    Edit: Now that I think about where you're probably parking at Fed Square... Yeah, driving up the kerb should be alright.

    Edit edit: Just checked in Streetview... Yeah, pretty small gutters. Go nuts!
  10. The footpath parking laws don't allow you to actually ride your bike along the footpath, you are required to dismount.

    It's a bit of a grey area if you dismount and 'push' it with the engine running that might help you get up that slope to the parking location :)
  11. Had you been riding a fatboy or soft tail & looked the part, this would not have happened.
    Funny about that.
  12. Unfortunately...that's pretty true...and body language can have alot to do with it.

    Technically you were in the wrong riding along the footpath...BUT!...really...if you are being considerate of others and are'nt doing any harm then the arseholes attitude to you being there is pretty anti-social.

    (Don't worry...one day a cager will be yelling the same thing at him when he jay-walks - HECK!...he might even get runover! BEWDIE! :LOL: )


    mmm...I think I'm having another "exploding head, day"
  13. Plus one to what Raven said.

    We ride motorbikes. That doesn't make us bad boys, but I've found it does attract the ire of certain types who wet their pants the second a bike turns up, regardless of how politely and quietly we pull up. Some people just have an under-lying anti-bike attitude. Just be thankful you're not Aboriginal or (insert unfavoured minority), I suspect this underlying thing is analogous to the knee-jerk knicker-wetting that goes on for some people when they see any group who are to them bad or wrong by default. ACA and Today Tonight are on air because a lot of people watch them; Andrew Bolt has a job because people read him - that same audience also walk the street and live next door...
  14. Can you give us a source for this?
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  16. You're a biker now, HTFU.
    We have a middle fingers for a reason. Failing that, a few revs will scare the shit you of him & next time he'll get out of your way quick smart :!:

    But yeah, shortest route should be shorter than 30 metres! :wink:
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  18. The rules say we can take the shortest practicable route, not the shortest possible route. If a rider isn't confident with gutters and there's no suitable parking near te enry point then 20-30 metres might be the shortest practicable route (although at that distance it's unlikely).

    Nonetheless, the guy only growled because he's a wanker and is scared of bikes. He uses big words like dickhead out of jelously, ignore him, be nice to others and do what you want. :)
  19. Nice point. I'm in no mood to jump some gutters with the low fairings on my ZZR-250. I actually heavily scraped the bottom of them coming off a gutter in Parkville a month or two ago. No serious damage, but I don't plan on doing it again!

    I personally pull in the clutch and roll once I'm on the footpath. It means the bike is quiet and no-one gets intimidated. As long as you give way to pedestrians and slow right down if you have to get close to them, I don't see any practical reason for dismounting and pushing the bike like the VMAC suggests.

    Mattb's right, a large section of the community hate motorcyclists just because, or maybe because they are intimidated, or maybe because they are jealous. Either way, helps to get your anger out on a punching bag, at a firing range, or on this forum! :LOL: