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My first 12 months of riding - a reflection

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. well I've just clicked over 12 months of riding on the road & thought I'd havea think about everything that happened....

    Got my L's on August 28th 2005, and bought a CB250 within a week. A great machine, it's never done me wrong. Starts without fail, runs like a gem, and I can even get it into neutral once in a while! lol

    My first ride in traffic was wierd - all of a sudden I realised there were cars VERY CLOSE to me. But after about 30 mins I relaxed & enjoyed the ride!

    I remember my first big group ride - the WIMA pink ribbon ride. the cibby had a hard time keeping up once we hit the freeway etc but the bike did it's best & I certainly did not get there last!

    Since then we've had many adventures, several near misses, but I haven't dropped it (yet)

    Memorable moments include: riding through the barossa & actually hitting 110kph!!! an achievement on a cibby i tell you!

    riding from Adelaide to Naracoorte on the cibby, then returning through the coorong - lots of bugs, sore arse, but a GREAT trip

    riding to gawler with my dad & BF for the afternoon

    riding to work almost every day & just thinking to myself "man - this is so much fun!"

    I still haven't gotten her to wheelie - must try harder I'm considering getting a custom plate "2-Fiddy" but not sure if I can justify the cost!

    meanwhile, in February of this year, the same day I passed my RDate test, I bought the Honda Hornet 600. Only 5 months & 2 days to go, she's sitting in the shed while I turn her into a custom streetfighter. not much left to do to her.

    anyway just wanted to share a few moments with you all!
  2. It is always great to hear stories like that. I think days like those are the reason why most of us ride. :)
  3. Not particularly fond of work, but love getting there and going home, my daily dose of sanity...now if only i could move further away...