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My fight with some plastic

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by madrush28, May 18, 2012.

  1. I first put my leg over a bike in January this year and since then I've been commuting to work every day from Ipswich to Brisbane CBD. For the most part it's an uneventful ride except for this morning...

    It was about 5:15am, traffic was pretty steady and it was still dark. I'm doing about 90km/h on the Ipswich Motorway and riding behind a hilux ute at a reasonably safe distance when all of a sudden a large piece plastic packing material appears from underneath the ute. By large i mean its the sort of thing that they would wrap a pallet of boxes with. Anyway before I have any chance to react the plastic is in my face and all over the front of the bike. I couldn't see a bloody thing! I managed to get the plastic off my face fairly quickly and then had to get the rest of it off the front of the bike. Man I almost crapped my pants! It was probably all over in a few seconds but it felt like an eternity. I'm still a bit surprised I didn't come off. That's probably the scariest incident I've had so far.

    me: 1 plastic: 0 (i don't want a rematch!)

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  2. This painted a terrifying picture.

    This will go to the top of my irrational (not so sure now) fear list!
  3. Yikes!
    Very unpleasant.
  4. Damn - sounds very intense....

    Well done at keeping your composure and multi-tasking like a mad-man to rectify the situation......

    Definitely one to tell the Grand-kinds
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  5. I've had something similar but with one giant piece of cardboard. Clipped me on my helmet (had nowhere to go, but duck) and boy did my head ring for a couple seconds
  6. Scott, you know that people on the other side of the range sometimes try and ride behind a truck, to break the wind and as some kind of forcefield against wildlife? Well, a word from an old hand. When you slipstream a truck, if it hits a roo or simply drives over one that's already on the road, the roo (or what's left of it) pops up in your face just like that plastic. In fact, any time you're close behind another vehicle (yeah, something a bit like this can happen even if it's another bike) some version of this is possible. It's one more good reason not to tailgate. The 2 second rule sounds a little conservative and nanny-state, but it takes in a lot of unexpected sh*t you might not have seen or thought of.
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  7. Yeah very good points, I guess this was a less than gentle reminder that things could have been a whole lot worse if the debris was a bit more solid. In general I like to keep away from trucks because I don't like the turbulence they generate. In this case I felt that I had enough space to allow for the ute to suddenly slam on the brakes however I didn't really consider random debris on the road. Well it was a learning experience and fortunately I came out unscathed... this time.
  8. Wow I would imagine a piece of cardboard could do some serious damage if it hit you at speed. Yay for helmets!
  9. Always carry a Stanley knife!!! Cut away, and keep riding!!!
  10. Haha, I think I would have needed a machete on this occasion.
  11. Hectic! Good reflexes and instinct to survive. I get nervous when I see a shopping bag moving about randomly in the wind, that would have felt like getting attacked by a giant squid. Well done on staying up.
  12. Good to see you handled the ordeal well.

    A couple of years ago, my g/friend was caging through the M5 east tunnel in the left lane heading towards the city. Just before the exit she was being overtaken a semi-trailer when one of the trailer's plastic mudguards decided to part way with the vehicle. It was flung up by the wheel and shot straight into her windscreen but luckily, managed to bounce off harmlessly. She also rode (L-plater) and thank goodness she wasn't on the bike that day!
  13. ... Scary stuff....glad you had good reactions and a calm head!!...