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my favourite bikewash

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by djc, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. There's bikes?
  2. some one get me a towl... :shock:
  3. uh . . . yeah there was a red one . . . wasn't there a red one?

    Better check it again . . .
  4. reminds me of the kittens car wash on warragul rd. gettin a stripper to clean ur car

    but seriously, FK THAT

    i aint lettin no trash bag stripper near my pride n joy, scratch it or drop it or something...
  5. Well said JoeyPav,
  6. maybe she would make it up to you though?

  7. I've had my fair share of women and im pretty sure sex doesnt fix broken fairings or scratches to my ride, unless im missing something here....

    I'm happy to let women keep doing what women were meant to do and I'll clean my toys myself


    (no disrespect to strippers or females, but seriously....)
  8. ^^


  9. Oh I don't know... may be the stripper would like to offer some sort of compensation for scratching / dropping your bike? :cool:
  10. Care to expand on that eve, or you happy to call names without cause?
  11. I'm happy to let women keep doing what women were meant to do


    theres a good girl (you know what i'm talking about)

    Ohhhh +

    i've had my fair share of women.. he's 24... people who brag... usually - dont.

    :blah: :blah:

    Cause enough
  12. And what does he infer it is that women are meant to do? Between this and the Peter Stevens thread it seems that you're very quick to play the sexist card.

    I have no idea where that come from, but now I have Joey Triviani in my head.

    So now you're making a generalisation (much like being sexist) based on his age and a throw away comment.

    Not for my liking, but you're free to say what you want. :wink:
  13. I'd get my bike washed there any day!

    Dude, I suspect you have a lot of mirrors around your house.
  14. So let me get this straight...

    You're going to play the feminism card here, because some 'chauvanist pig' has said he WOULDN'T let a woman clean something?
  15. not at all... I'd even consider letting them wash my bike

    :cool: :wink:

    BWT i'm not a feminist bra burner - i just have a low tollerance for hot air (and bad service :wink: )



  16. *cough* I think its time for a Sydney netrider bike wash :p

    love the girl in the aviators!!!
  17. was making a point that no pussy is gonna fix broken fairings. My record is a fact regardless of ur 'hot air' opinion.

    ignorance is always appreciated :)