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My fave Netrider

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sirian Sun, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. Seems that nobody is feeling the love here right now and its upsetting the kids (wont someone pleeeaaase think of the children lol). So for shits and giggles (and ego boosts :twisted: ) I am starting this thread :grin:

    My fave forumite at the moment is Tankgirl cause damn that girl is hilarious lol Seriously though she is one clever cookie. TG you get a virtual JD - until I get to Melbourne hahaha
  2. My favourite Netrider doesn't get on all that often, but for sheer inventiveness and humour, no-one beats Chairman :LOL:.
  3. my fave NR seems to have dissapeared. where art thou Ktulu?

    also ProPilot was always good for a read
  4. Ktulu is alive and kicking and still posting just under a different name.
    Most of my favourite netriders have left for other adventures on other forums but Chairman has to top it with his posts.
  5. You're right there Paul, but unfortunately his current job means Mark can't get on and be as opinionated as he would like to be.

    I'm not sure I could actually pick a single favourite. A lot of the better ones like Incitatus have fallen by the wayside over the years. - however there's several ratbags left (I mean candidates) :LOL: .

  6. I think you were right first time :grin:
  7. Pro-pilot, or at least I think that was his name.

    Such hilarity should never be discouraged.
  8. really? i havent seen any humerous posts lately that would give any indication of who it is.

    has the man himself lost his mojo?
  9. Think of the sound a goose makes and substitute the b for an h.
  10. I beg your pardon... :evil:

    While Paul and I are of a similar vintage with similar musical tastes - that's about as far as the similarity goes! :p :LOL:
  11. hahaha :p

    Ok you get a nomination too Tony, for the corny jokes you tell so well lol
  12. I like all people equally but mainly 2wheelsagain and quaterwit.

    Then again are a lot of people that I respect on the forums and I CBF naming them all.
  13. Good point geeth :)

    There are lots of cool peeps on here - but Robsalvv also gets a special mention
  14. Just because it's a happy thread
    woot 1000th post

    That was exciti oh a peice of candy
  15. :dance: :beer: :applause:

    You can have a virtual JD too geeth - congrats on the 1000th post
  16. Bravus seems to have his head screwed on pretty tight.
  17. The current and former wessiders are a good bunch. Good yarns, great support.
  18. Is that a good thing? lol.

  19. +1
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.