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"My Family" stickers...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by phongus, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. I was reading this article earlier today.

    It's about those "My Family" stickers that you see on the back of cars telling the public their family head count or life style (supposedly). It doesn't really annoy me nor does it get much of my attention. It isn't a bad concept and it's a bit of fun and to be honest, a much better upgrade to the typical HOLDEN/FORD/PIONEER/<insert whatever brand name>.

    I have also noticed, that those with those stickers tend to be bad drivers...either distracted, grumpy or just bad...as the article also mentions. Anyways as bad as they are, one stranger can see, that the people occupying the vehicle, are a family man, mum, dad, father, son, daughter, etc and probably give them some sort of sympathy if they were to get into a serious accident.

    I was wondering, since motorcyclist are most probably seen as hoons, risk taking, crotch rocket riding temporary Australians, rather than a loving father, mother, son, daughter etc...putting these "My Family" stickers on the bike or back of the helmet, put an ease to the hatred of motorcyclist who seem to cause menace everywhere, believing we are nothing but trouble and have no such thing as family value?

    People might not care if you have that sticker on the back of the helmet, but if they can see that we aren't just a bunch of crazy maniacs on 2 wheels, it might just change the public's opinion of fellow road users and keep a few more drivers out there alert.

    They can argue the point that, if you are a father/mother/etc, then why ride? Obviously they will never understand until they ride themselves, but at least they know you are a living being with more value than just another temporary Australian.

    Just a random thought...

    EDIT: uhhh link updated.
  2. People start putting those ****ing stickers on their motorbikes, i finally stop suppressing the voices telling me to kill and reach for the nearest gun.

    I'm serious. I'll hunt every last person with a my family sticker if they start turning up on motorbikes.

    They make me so angry.
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  3. my car ftw :)

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  4. Anger management? :p

    Doesn't have to be my family sticker...maybe "I'm human too" or "I am a <insert family member>".

    A sticker with a hand flipping the bird might be good too, but it'll still give negative image to riders :p.
  5. ahahahahahahah
  6. That's me and frangipanis
  7. I loathe those stickers.

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  8. I dont like them

    but they are a great money maker for the person who thought it up
  9. BAHAHAHHAHA NOW that I would put on back of my helmet
  10. I saw one that had a picture of a man and a woman and underneath were captions "Me" and "Your Mum"

    That was the only one I actually thought was a worthy bumper sticker
  11. Don't even get me started on the ****ing frangipanis.

    However, friend had a good idea:

    I'm coming up to sell my rav4, he suggested that i put some my family stickers on it and some frangipanis so that any prospective buyer thinks the car has just been driven to the shops and back (which is so far from the truth).

    But god i hate the ****ing mother ****ing stupid **** licking **** filled mother ****ing my family and ****ing frangi****ingpani ****ing stickers.

    They are so ****ing stupid.

    Where can i sign up for one of those i'll kill your family stickers?
  12. bahahaha

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  13. Okay that's pretty funny HAHAHAHA

    Gee never thought there was such a "hate" bandwagon for those things...
  14. bahahahah

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  15. ......

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  16. ive got you covered
  17. pretty much everyone who doesn't have one that i've spoken to hates the ****ing things.

    In discussion about them, my normally mild mannered boss became quite animated in expressing her disgust for them. Then when someone walked in who had one on their car, we all went quiet and awkward.

    They will probably cause a civil war at some stage.
  18. hey phongus, I couldn't put it better!!
  19. I hate those things -- its like they are saying
    "look at me I am such a good tax paying citizen breeding more future tax payers" or "look at me I am mainstream and boring " something like that
  20. Someone needs to make one from the cover of the Issues album by Korn.