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My Family against bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Vitaly, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hi ,

    My family have been always against bikes & when i told them i going to get my learners it has been world war 3 for about a month :(((( , but i got them anyways .

    At present they brain wash me about how people are getting killed on the roads & i wont have children in the future because i will paralised or some other bad thing is definetly is going to happen to me !!

    I mean WTF !!! They are trying to put fear into me !

    Did anyone had same expirence in their family ? How to overcome this problem & not being paranoid on the road of having a fatal accident ?

  2. My family has just told me to be careful.

    I just remind them that sure bike riders do die, but of the 10 people who died this weekend, only 1 was on a bike. People die and are paralysed in cars as well.

    Sure, there are more risks on a bike, but that is half the fun.
  3. I had/have the same problem in my family. I ended up sitting them down and having an adult, mature discussion spelling out my reasons why i want a bike, and telling them that i'm buying all the safety gear i can to protect myself, and that the Pre learner course (in NSW) is a very comprehensive and extensive training course on the motorbike.

    They came around to it and were alright once they saw me on the bike, and saw me riding safely (until i got around the corner :p ).

    That lasted two months, then i had an accident, a car did a U-turn infront of me. Wrote both vehicles off, and i had a quick trip to the hospital (no damage, i was bloody lucky). Spent the next 3 weeks/month persuading them to let me back on to a bike. I just bought me second one... while they're in QLD... :p

    I figure the further away i am from the explosion the better :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I have done similar things , i told them that course is very good & concentrates on safety first off all , but that does not help .

    Every night i have a lecture about how i am gonna ride in the rain & truck will smash into me & i will die . I have not bought the bike yet !!!
    They are trying to break my confidence in riding .

    My family should write horror stories , LOL .
  5. buy a bike and see what happens :p

    or if you have a friend or two that are riders, get them to come over and have a chat with your parents. That way they can talk to someone who's got some experience under their belt, who knows the dangers of motorcycles, yet keeps on riding. It might be an eye opener.
  6. This war will never end I tell ya!!! hahaha

    When I was younger... :) I mean when I was like 13/14 I've always wanted to get a bike, I wanted it more than a car... but friends and family around me kept telling me stories of how bike riders die in accidents and how horrific they were...

    I eventually got fed up with it and getting a bike slowly drifted away from me, it only came back until I broke up with my girl friend, I mean, I have all this time in the world now to do the things I want, no one I need to care for, I had to find something to do... and getting a bike just popped back into my head...

    Although my mother doesn't know about it, but my father does and the bike is over at my brother's house as he was the one who bought the bike and doesn't ride... so I guess it's all mine now... all mine!!!

    People do tell you they hear bad stories about bikes, but how many tell you what caused it? you really have two options, stupid rider riding too fast or stupid driver not looking.

    I still have friends telling me stories of bike accidents but I tell them to get over it, because I'm over it and as long as I keep an eye out for myself and wear protective gear and have a crow bar with me, I think the roads will be pretty safe... excuse the crowbar bit... some drivers really need to get whacked one across their heads sometimes...

    The next time you hear people telling you stories or they heard stories, just tell them to get over it.
  7. Thank you for you advice mate :)

    The bad thing , they dont undersrand that riding a bike is enjoyable & more fun then driving a car .
  8. aye.. after my accident my parents offered to buy me a car if i didn't get a bike...

    *looks out the window at shiny two wheeled vehicle...*

    I don't think that offer worked as well as they expected :p
  9. MusH BeE SoME PReTtii HoT LoOkiNG WhEelS
  10. With family we will alwayz have this problem. The reason is that they love us too damn much.

    You just got to be determined to get it and at the end all they can do is support you or otherwise kick you out :p.

    Talking to your family and telling them that your getting a bike for sure really helps the process of your family being on your side.

    I've made peace with half of my family but still at war with the other half.

    Goodluck with the war. :)
  11. :popcorn: and sits down waiting for the spelling/grammar natzi's to enter the fray.....
  12. haha
    my parents refused to let me get a bike( they are both doctors and always keep telling me about the motorbike accidents they have seen!)
    So i really did not have a leg to stand on
    but i sat them down and told them that i would be responsible and careful and wear all the proper gear but accidents WILL happen- i told them frnakly that i will take as much care as possible but sometimes accidents Will happen and i am willing to take that.
    They understood that i knew the risks and still want to do it
    going for my q-ride next week!!!
    i guess its important that your parents understand that you know that it is sometimes risky and you can be hurt or die. Once they know that, they will understand that you are mature enough to make your own decisions and not just a rash faze that you are going through! :)
  13. My Dad told me this anecdote : ( Transleting from other laungage)

    " Trauma surgen comes to the dealer shops & asks how many bikes did you sell this month :twisted: ??? Sales person answers 10 ! Why ??

    Surgen answers where is another one :eek: !!! .

    Thank you for all your replies , Have a safe day .

  14. At some stage - you have to make your own decisions
    It is called growing up.

    If you wanted to get married, and parents said no - what would you do?

    If you wanted to move out of home, and parents said no - what would you do?

    You start to grow up when you make your own decisions, and prepare yourself for the consequences - happily.
  15. Good collection of replies here. Time to add my two cents.

    I never had a huge problem with parents but it was always the nagging of danger and how unpractical it is (rain, no boot, cant drive people anywhere ect) and the same business from friends and the gf.

    I bought books, signed up to places like this and really showed that i was educating myself on riding and that i understood what i was doing.

    There were moments when people told me stuff that i almost gave up on wanting to ride. They always mentioned the worst things and all that negativity gets to you. But when i started riding i realized, they don't ride, they dont know what they are talking about.

    They can only tell you the bad stuff but that is honestly a fraction compaired to the good stuff.

    Would you listen to someone telling you how dangerous it is to drive a car, how many people die each year and are disfigured if they never even sat in a car? No way!

    Walking down the road has risks but if you want to live a boring life and die of old age at 90 then go live in a bubble. I'm no hoon and dont want to die young or anything like that but i want to enjoy life and i am accepting of the risks which are involved in me doing so.
  16. If you can manage to go for about 10 years without crashing at all, then it tends to quieten down a little :LOL:

    You can slightly hasten that process by throwing in the odd casual comment about how there really are some idiot bike riders out there giving the sensible riders a bad name and crashing because they are riding dangerously (and implying that of course you wouldn't ride that that!). Allow 7 to 8 years in that case :wink:
  17. Thank you , awesome posts :grin:
  18. i can't count how many times people keep telling me that I'm a temporary Australian, bloody tools.

    my uncle who has been riding for 20+ years has never had an accident, why do people think because you hear a few bikes accidents on news, it goes for every bike rider.

    so what i did, i bought a bike without telling them, that saves the "i don't think you should get it" or "you better not bring it home" (not that it matters what they say, i just hear everyone talk just for an excuse to make an argument that has nothing to do with them.)

    then I booked in my L's without telling them. surprisingly they didn't say anything before hand. :D

    after all that, they don't give me shit about the bike etc.
  19. My dad didnt want me to get a bike, my gf was against it, my mum doesnt mind, as all her brother rode bikes, and all my cousins ride bikes in perth.

    So i went out a bought a small trail bike to ride off road.

    I have now taught my gf how to ride the trail bike and she cannot get enough of it, she wants her own.

    I have taken my dad out on my trail bike, he was a bit big but still liked it.

    I have told them i am now getting a road bike and they are happy with it.
  20. Time off for good behaviour :grin: :-k