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My fairing decided to fly off.......

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Sweeris, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Today I went for a ride with Nibor,Troy and 2 others... We went up from warrendyte>kinglake>chum creek>healsville>black spur...

    For the start of the day we met up at warrendyte for 1015 dep.. We were all there at the time so we headed off.

    I was having a really good ride. We were going at a comfortable speed so not thing much to worry about..

    At one point I manage to nudge 140km on a straight piece of road...

    We arrived at the road house around 1130 and some of us decieded to have lunch so I grabed lunch as well. After that we knew some of us had things to do in the arvo so we were gohna split up. Nibor and another rider was going to keep going where as Troy and his friend headed back to Melb. I stayed behind to do laps of the spur(eventhough there was a section of road works)...

    After everyone left I started my laps. Most of the way I was sticking to 75-80kph. On the straight I would nudge 100kph... On my 4th lap I got stuck behind a car after the road works. I waited till I got to the straight bit of road then I over took the car. When I was passing the car I was just passing 120kph.. Then when I pulled back infront of the car I felt a slight nudge and something hit my right leg... I got the feeling I'd lost something.. I looked down and I saw half of my right fairing dragging on the road. So I pulled over. The car pulled over and asked if I needed assistance. I said I should be fine. She even offered me if I needed a lift to pick up my other bit of fairing. I said I was ok to walk and thanked her for assisting.I looked at my bike and saw half of my fairing missing.

    I walked back 400m and found that the fairing flew accross the road and about 4m into the bush. So I tied the broken pieces of my fairing on to my bike and slowly made my way back to melb...

    Now I probably have to take off the other fairing as well...

    Other than that I really enjoyed the day(Well half of the day).. Thanks to Nibor for organising this little ride....
  2. sorry thats f@#ked but...

    :rofl: :cheeky: :-w :bolt:
  3. What else would expect from a Honda?...or did you forget to do the screws back up?
  4. Er, how? Lost fasteners? Snapped bits? Can you show us photos?
  5. Sweeris, that sucks!

    Part of regular bike maintenance is to go over the screws and bolts to be sure they're tight. Looks like you just found out why... well I'm guessing it's loose or missing screws...

    Keep up the good work though, by all accounts, you're becoming a good little rider.


  6. :rofl:
    You don't have much luck with that little bike! Glad your fairing didn't cause any damage to you, the rest of the bike or another vehicle. Lucky!

    Time to go naked?
  7. took the words out of my mouth pinkxie :grin: :wink:
  8. Sounds like the last owner or 10 dropped it, then the fairing was repaired. Maybe the repair was dodge, or it was just too much damage to reliably repair.
  9. did the same thing on the 1kf, didnt even notice it fly off :shock:
  10. Yeah we were looking at all those cracks on your fairing when we stopped at the Roadhouse...so I'm not really surprised it fell off! Didn't look pretty :grin:

    And...man...! I'm glad you decided to pull out of the rest of the ride with nibor and me - I wouldn't have fancied THAT falling off your bike if I'd been riding behind you through Reefton!!! :LOL: :p
  11. I thought Nibor's VTR250 was a write off?
  12. *mod edit - moved to Maintenance and Appearance from General Discussion*
  13. just call it what it is! Tactical weight reduction! :rofl: