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My experience wtih QBE (former insurer)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by blackjacket, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, I want to share my experience if it helps you choose your insurer.

    First off, I had a 2002 Ducati 748, insured for $12k (should have been insured for 13k, but my mistake in all the exitement). My premium was $1.5k and my excess $1.5k.

    On the 29th of March, I had an accident which wrote the bike off because the frame was bent according to the assessor. I was not breathalyzed at the scene (1am) but I did put down on the claim that I had 2 beers earlier that night (9-10pm). I was taken to hospital for some X-rays, and they are required to do a blood test whenever you are admitted to hospital following a motor accident. I was pretty much good to go besides some gravel rash.

    I put my claim in the following week and was advised it would take 6-8 weeks for the police report to come in. I was OK with this, so left it at that for 6 weeks. After that, I rang them up every other week to check on how it was going. Because I was getting sick of being without a bike. Every time I always got the same response, waiting for the police report.

    I chased up the police officer myself to make sure that the report was completed. I was advised this was the case two weeks ago, and received my negligent driving fine in the mail a few days later. The officer I spoke to (not the attending, but I have the report number) advised that they could not release the report to me, but it would be passed to the insurance company by Information Services.

    I continued to call up every week, including today. As of today, they supposedly still haven't received the report. Each time I call up, they tell me I can try and call up the coppers and speed up the process which I do. Anyways, I spoke with a Belinda at claims who supposedly handles the claims and chasing up the reports, and I also spoke to the supervisor Vanessa. Apparently the policy is that they make an attempt for the report, then close the claim for 20 days (3 weeks!!) before re-addressing it. They told me there is nothing they can do, but feel free to call the coppers and try and speed things up. I called the cop shop for the nth time and the officer advised that yes the report has been completed, and the insurance company are probably bullshitting. So looks like I'm back to just waiting. "It could be two weeks or 3 months".

    I must add that these people are not overly courteous on the phone and regularly talk over you. It is quite clear that the claims department are in the mindset that they hold the position of power.

    I decided that I've had enough with this company and that I'd rather not have to deal with them ever again, so I just called up and cancelled the policy on my new bike. Brett (IIRC) supervisor at sales didn't ask a single question before cancelling the policy on the spot after I told him the reasons why.

    I'm going with someone else who actually does their job and won't hold my finances hostage. I'm going to be liable for $2k in credit charges this week because these guys haven't paid out after almost 3 months. You get what you pay for.

    bj. :evil: :evil:
  2. I'm sorry to hear that.

    Maybe not the brightest thing to say?

    When they say they are waiting for the police report that means they are suss on you and don't want to pay out.

    The more QBE get you to run around the longer they postpone paying you out. It's all a game. Swann did the same thing to me back in 2001. I'm still angry about it to this day.

    Here we go more running you around. They won't actually say you are a crook to your face but that's how they are treating you and guess what, they still haven't paid you a cent. It's all good for QBE.

    I feel your pain. Good luck with the claim. When selecting a insurance company maybe ask a bike shop who do repairs which insurance company they recommend. They deal with insurance companies several times a week year after year; I'm sure most will have an opinion.
  3. I've had both a car claim and a bike claim with QBE and had no problems with either.

    Of course, I wan't injured, and not breathalysed or fined, so maybe that helped....
  4. It sounds to me like they are investigating the claim.
    Most companies wont tell you if you're under investigation.
  5. They just got back to me, apparently they are waiting on the pathology report. I not the kind of person to lie, I take my credibility seriously.

    I'm going to downgrade to TPFT, fcuk this. I'm already $5k down if they pay out. Could have repaired the bike for that much. Bloody crooks.
  6. I have noticed they like to hold over payment as close to the salvage auction as they can. They will, however been keen to settle before the auction.

    Generally I find the people good, but they do make you jump through hoops.

    I think you may be entitled to a copy of the Police's original P4 accident report (some officers here will be able to confirm/deny this). This would have been done within hours of the accident. This won't be the final Police report, but it may be enough to appease QBE.

    Also, check your terms and conditions. you may be lucky and they may be required to pay within a certain time, provided you have met some basic criteria. Doubt it, but maybe.
  7. I had a claim with QBE and was royally stuffed around also. Over 2 months to settle a simple claim, no police, no breathalyser, no charges, nothing. They sat on my money and earned interest on it for 2 months while I sat around with no bike.

    I would NEVER have anything to do with QBE ever again.

    Oh, and they lost my personalised number plates too and didn't even apologise about it.
  8. has the investigator been in contact with you? if so contact them, explain things and see if they can be of assistance.

    when my bike was stolen QBE screwed around and took forever to do anything. They kept saying they hasnt received the police report and that I had to chase that. what a load of BS.

    I ended ringing the investigator and asking him and he told me he send a copy of everything they needed to QBE about 4 weeks prior. So QBE had the docs and were piss farting around. I rang QBE and told them i would call them to process my claim that day or I start calling supervisors. Mind you this was after i started calling them every second day. after about a week it was all finalised.

    claims sucks arse, its their job not to pay out.

    I suppose i should say that Im still with QBE cause their rates are good and so is the policy. so im grinning and bearing it.
  9. I was not aware that my claim was under investigation... in fact I can't recall ever being called by QBE, I have always called them!

    I'm going to ring the hospital tomorrow and see if i can chase up my pathology report. What a steaming pile of horseshit. :evil:

    NRMA should be able to sign me onto a TPFT policy tomorrow, they've never screwed me around.