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My experience with importing Alpinestars gear from the US

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by philski, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Hey all,
    Seeing as I just bought my Honda Spada!!! I thought I would let you all know how I went buying my riding gear. I have been looking for a while and liked the look of both the Alpinestars and Dainese leathers... but I was a bit shocked when I saw the price - so I had a look on eBay, and what do you know it's dirt cheap (well compared to Aus prices).

    I went into our favourite store, Peter stevens...... :evil: ..... and tried on all the gear I wanted, found the size and noted it all down (and I didn't feel guilty at all about wasting the salespersons time). So I decided on Alpinestars TZ-1 jacket, track pants, SMX3 boots and SP-2 gloves, I was looking at about $2000 odd for the lot.

    I found everything on eBay at a store called flyinbriansdeals (i think thats the spelling), and emailed him about shipping - he said he would mark as a gift so that I didn't get taxed (all good news so far). So I went ahead with the order and it all worked out well and the gear arrived from the states today (took about 5 days). He was true to his word and marked it as a gift & put a lower $ value on it... in the end it all worked out about A$1250 delivered! So in my opinion, save yourself some $$$$ and go for the import!!!
  2. thanks for the story philski, a lot of people ask questions about buying online from overseas and this provides quite a few answers.
  3. Just make sure helmets aren't on the shopping list due to Aus standards.
  4. HE'S got the famous Icon Skull jacket, for $399.99 guys....
  5. mickdundee yeah I know about that... and you never know how roughly it is treated in transit! Could be useless by the time it arrives on your doorstep...

    There is some great ICON gear including jeans etc.
  6. not to mention that o/s helmets don't carry the as1698 sticker - cops will book you!
  7. I tried looking up that user name on Ebay and couldnt find it

    Any chance you can find out the correct name Philski :)
  8. if you go to www.flyinbriansdeals.com it will re-direct you automatically to his ebay site.

    I sent a few emails to him, and his response was always prompt and friendly. Good to hear that the actual purchasing experience was just as good.
  9. Ok... here we go... I just checked it and it was the website name (which redirects you to the eBay store)...

    website: www.flyinbriansdeals.com

    ebay name: flyinbrian31
  10. and if something goes wrong with it. don't take it to your local store who's time YOU wasted and expect them to help you
    They have to pay to have it bought into the country, they pay their taxes, they have bills to pay and to pay the wages of the staff person who's time YOU wasted
  11. Well i received my new one piece suit from germany...yet the seller declared the full value of the suit and i got done with customs. $455 dollars later and a 2 and a half hour round trip.

    Its a pretty hefty fee on top of the purchase price and shipping. So if you get done expect to pay around 17% for clothing items.
  12. Good to hear. Im a bit iffi about buying things from over seas but if I here of a place that has a good rep I just may buy something from their. Just might check this place out.
  13. Are you serious? Tell me theres not something wrong when i can save hundreds ordering one item all the way from the US even after postage... If big stores cant beat or even get close to the price when doin so much business theres somethine wrong...

    The stores are ripping us off, so what if he tries somethin on at a store and buys elsewhere?. He gave the salesperson the oppurtnity to sell him something just by going there. If they had of thrown a better deal at him than what he could get elsewhere im sure he would have bought it...

    Let me guess you own/work at one of these rip off merchants?
  14. Re: My experience with importing Alpinestars gear from the U

    I don't have a problem with buying online... but deliberately wasting some poor underpaid salepersons time when you knew you had absolutely no intention of buying anything from him is pretty low :x
  15. Rip off merchants? You act like their margin is 200% or something. Hate to break it to you, but the price you can get them for illegally overseas is cheaper than what the store is paying for them, or a similar price. You think the could knock 40% off the sale price and NOT feel the pinch? You're kidding yourself.

    I agree, wasting that person's time was quite rude, at the very least. Reminds me of those people who just hang out and read the magazines while they're in the newsagency. Yeah, sure he pays rent and gets those mags in just for you to peruse them at your leisure. Try a public library next time. :p
  16. Hey good work philski. I've been watching that website for awhile now.
    Haven't actually purchased anything yet, but I will definitely some gear from there.

    But there is a bit at the bottom that says "We offer a 30% discount on the total shipping amount when multiple items are purchased."

    So lets say I purchased 3 items, and opted for "Global Express" which costs US $74.98 per item, does that mean, I really pay US $157.46 ($74.98 x 3 items = $224.94 x 30%) for shipping??? Thats like an extra AUD $306 for shipping 3 items. But I suppose you would have saved that much anyways.?

    As mickdundee pointed out, I didnt know you couldn't buy helmets overseas. Good thing it was pointed out. I thought all helmets had the same standards. (excuse my newbee type thinking).
    Shame, because for example, the Suomy Spec 1R Tamada helmet is listed as US$499.95 from Flyin Brian's Deals (actually he'll accept US$392, or thereabouts), and it is selling for AUD $729.95 from www.motorcycle-accessories.com.au.
    Quite a bit of savings there.
  17. Well I tend to agree with Mik84, if I can buy it cheap elsewhere I will. As I said above, I'm not too bothered when you stroll into Peter stevens and they ask you if you need any help, you say NO, but they help anyway - so not my fault they wasted their time. All the same, I wouldn't do that in other stores - just peter stevens. A few mates used to get their bikes serviced there until they found out they virtually weren't servicing them at all - they say, "yeah we replaced that" but they didn't!!! Crazy! Anyway, in the end I picked up myself a bargain, and I'm sure plenty of other people would too given the opportunity.
  18. That's right - you would pay $157.46 (which is actually only about $220AU) - it cost me something like that in postage. I found out (as it says on the customs slip) that postage was $115US or something... so they do make a bit of money on it. I went for global express because I'd rather pay another $50 and know that its in good hands!

    Helmets do have more or less same standards - say a shoei helmet here is the same as there BUT it doesn't have the aust standards sticker on it so its illegal. And as I said before you never know what happens to it while in transit...
  19. Who the fcuk said anything about illegal?? You can get stuff legit for far cheaper... Well id be interested to know exactly how much they do make on a $900 Alpine Stars jacket??

    I just cant understand how i can import one item for cheaper than they can bulk buy and sell. I mean if they were at least close, but theyre way off... Surely thats a fair point?
  20. So, if I purchased a helmet from say www.motorcycle-accessories.com.au, would that be advisable given it needs to be shipped to Perth?

    I Suppose its probably wiser and safer to buy it local huh?
    I guess you cant put a price on your head.