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my experience at flywheels motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by juzz, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys
    Just thought i would share a recent experience i had when i had my motorcycle service with these guys. I had recently purchased a track bike and wanted to give it a full service before taking it to the track.
    To cut a long story short they had it for about 6 weeks which was fine because i was not in a rush but as my track day was approaching, i got a little concerned when the bike still was not ready a couple of days before a long week end as my track day was on the monday. Relieved when i finally got the call to pick it up i was pumped for a day at the creek.
    The bike seemed to be going ok until i hit turn eleven and the throttle did'nt roll of and caused me to go off into the litter. I got the bike into the pits and straight to the guys at Madaz. They took off the tank off and within 2 minutes the guys started shaking their head and asked who had did the service. What they showed me next made me both angry and shocked. The throttle bodies were loose and there were hoses that were not connected properly, along with a twisted throttle cable.
    So i contacted them on the monday and began to explain what was found, i was stunned to hear the excuse of "we have been under the pump lately sorry". I have spent allot with these guys in the past and and when i brought up what the last bill was i got the reply of "that was cheap".
    Im thank full it didnt end up any worse and the guys at Madaz enabled me to continue my day at the track.
    thanks guys!-any one got a good mechanic?

  2. uh, are they going to pay for the damage on your bike?
  3. and first post in 6 years?
  4. Check out Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers up the road for me ;)
    I was thinking about taking my bike up there for the next service.
  5. ombudsman, don't let them get away with that mate, take them to the cleaners, thats negligence endangering life.
  6. You hit the beach, what if it had been a concrete wall, or tyre wall. You might be eating your food through straw for a long time.

    What is it, that they were doing to you bike that took 6 weeks or more to do.?

    Either way, it's piss-poor!
  7. That's a shame, there had been some good reports about flywheels here previoulsy from memory (is that the one on McEvoy St?)

    Although I can understand that from time to time any business can put in a bad performance, given the length of time they had the bike for and their poor response anyone considering them in the future may need to revisit their options.
  8. I'm curious as to why the first reply to the thread was deleted.
  9. what first reply?
  10. Sydney MotorCycle Wreckers can be hit and miss aswell, I had a bike sitting there for a year!!! I know both these places get a shit load of work!
    Ended up getting it taken somewhere else, once I had time aswell. ;)
    Prior to this, they did some work for me on the spot!
    So how do you gauge it?

    But just goes to show in your case (and mine) if there not interested, forget it!
    Sounds like it sat there for the 6 weeks, and worked on just before you picked it up,
    Classic Rush Job!

    Couple of pointers -
    (yes they ****ed up), but never leave a work shop without going over the bike with the mechanic!
    I know from experience, sometimes as they are explaining thing's, with the oh shit lucky you reminded me! (Lucky I reminded you???)

    Lastly, is learn to do as much mechanical work yourself as you can.
  11. Last night there was a reply asking the OP if they rode a certain model and year of bike giving the impression that they perhaps know him. Now for some reason that post has vanished.

    Joined 2005, first post 2011, disappearing posts, something a bit stange here.