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My exp with megelli 250r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Scottyboy8289, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Back in Dec/Jan last year i posted about which bike i should get blah blah blah kind of thread and in my head i was leaning towards the megelli 250r although many people had said get the CBR instead i still ended up getting the megelli and would just like to share my thoughts, opinions and experience with the megelli.

    First off, im still a new rider been riding since early Feb 2011 so my thoughts may seem stupid to a more experience rider considering this is my first bike and ive never ridden any other bike.

    When i got the bike everything was great, learnt around the backstreets of revesby/padstow in sydney and was enjoying it i then decided to take it to work for the very first time and knowing the blokes at work i would be fighting and arguing with them to "Get OFF my bike !" so i bought an alarm off fleabay installed it and took it to work and had no troubles.

    After about 1400km's the bike started to play up on me, it would struggle to start in the morning with the choke on/off ....it didnt matter ....just wouldnt start checked the battery (which is under the tank) and its fine.
    I had to get my brothers help to push me and clutchstart the bike everytime i wanted to ride it.

    I realised i was past my first service by 400km's and booked it in and took it round and explained to the guy the issues i had.
    Turns out that the issue is caused by a faulty fuel Diaphram which has been issued to every megelli dealership to be installed on any new bikes or ones with the issue free of charge, he also said that my alarm could be causing starting issues aswell, so i disconnected it :(

    Since then ive had no mechanical issues with the bike but will list a few things i like/dislike about the bike.

    * It is a head turner.
    * Digital speedo (i would of got a ninja if it had a digital speedo as standard)
    * Its light and relatively low to the ground as im short
    * undertail exhausts are sexy even on a 250.....(unless your the pillion)
    * service costs are cheap...considering i was paying $500 services for my car.
    * mechanically pretty good.
    * Brakes are good

    * fairing on one side doesnt quite line up and has leant on the motor causing it to melt.
    * Paint is Sooooo easy to scratch, expecially when taking the seat off on on.
    * Neutral Gear is Very! hard to find, if im on a long ride and want to rest my wrists at a set of lights i cant unless i turn off the engine.
    * digital speedo is pretty small, they coulda made it bigger.
    * single cyclinder !
    * Fuel must be causing an issue as my engine/exhaust POP's repeatedly when i downchange gears for a corner after i ride hard, spurts out brown junk onto the rear tailight.

    Its now due for my 3000km service & love the bike regardless of the small issues.

    Also, if there are any local (Menai) learner riders who want to go for a ride just send me a PM.

    Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.

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  2. Thanks for the write up, i was interested to know how these things went. There were a lot of worries about their reliability, but i suppose if the manufacturer actually took the initiative to have the new diaphragm installed for free they are actively taking the matter into their own hands to improve their image. They are sexy, sexy bikes.

    Interested to see how a more long-term test goes.
  3. Its often easier to flick it to neutral at walking pace just before you stop, than find it once stationary. That is what I have found on bikes where neutral is hard to find.
  4. I saw a Megelli 250r at MCAS Auburn last week. They are such a nice looking bike. I hope you don't have any major problems with it. Good to hear your story so far. No matter how many problems you DO have, it's your first bike, so you're gonna love it no matter what haha..

    I'm a learner from Menai too. Well, Alfords Point actually. I ride a Hyo GT650R. I'll shoot you a PM and maybe we can head to the netrider learner session together. Would love to check it out and it would be good to have someone to ride there with.
  5. Mate I'm in Padsow if your ever up for a ride long or short hit me up....More than happy to ride/mentor a learner.....
  6. thanks for the replies guys.

    I went out to my bike today and maybe karma or my bike wasnt happy with what i've written and has decided to have a dummyspit.

    this morning before i rode to work i noticed a pool of oil under my bike .....my L plate had flown off and now my headlight doesnt work.

    my bike is unhappy with me. but still :) all minor problems right ......hahah i still love the bike

    @ discocbr & Umirin - shoot me a PM with your phone numbers and ill contact you sometime in the next 2-3 weeks for a ride as im really keen to get to a saturday learner lesson or a run through the national park perhaps ?

    @ vertical C - my brother did say that it was easier to walk the bike into neutral but when he tried he found it difficult aswel.
  7. I've had that problem with a hard to find neutral as well (albeit not on a magelli) you'll probably find there is some trick that will work. Try;

    Letting the clutch out slightly to move to neutral, or
    As you are coming to stop (and its safe to do so) go down to neutral from second rather than up from first, or
    Rock the bike back and forth and with some gentle pressure let it pop into neutral.

    Otherwise good write up I reckon these are the best looking 250s out there.
  8. Neutral finding may improve as the bike runs in. In my experience, gearboxes are the last bit of a new bike to settle down properly and 3000kms is nothing really. Difficulty getting into neutral at a standstill can also be a sign that the clutch isn't freeing off completely, so I'd check the adjustment.

    Popping and farting on downchanges isn't particularly unusual on singles. Could be an exhaust leak or it could just be like that.

    I suspect that the brown gack out of the exhaust is caused by your usage profile. 3000km in 7 months ain't a lot so I suspect that you're either doing quite short rides or not riding at all for lengthy periods. As a result, condensation will collect in the exhaust and not get blow/burned/dried out on short runs. Take it out for a good long thrash once a week, getting everything properly hot and I would expect the issue to go away.
  9. +1 to Pat Scotty go out for some longer rides, a few trips through the National Park. Thanks for the review, the best reviews are from riders who have had to live with a bike over many months so good on you for posting.
  10. have you tried tapping down into neutral from second?
  11. Ok, once I get my service ( and fix the new oil leak ) I'll head out with some locals for long rides.

    And I have tried numerous ways to find neutral and have had my brother who is an experienced rider also had a few goes.
    We can get it into neutral but it's just difficult to do so, I haven't been able to get it into neutral from second, mostly only works when I rock/roll it forward.

    Also, I have 2 more dislikes to add:
    * vibrations in the mirrors when riding ( probably normal )
    * low visibility behind me in the mirrors due to the Angles plus my arms (also probably normal)

    Haha anyways :)
  12. Certainly not unique to the Megelli on either count. Many, many bikes have utterly crap mirrors as standard. If you can't get a reasonable field of vision with adjustment, or combinations of head/arm position when doing mirror checks, you may have to consider swapping them with something that works or spacing them outwards a bit somehow (not familiar with the bike so can't offer specific suggestions). Meanwhile, you'll just have to be doubly serious about your head checks.
  13. just a quick update.

    just rang around for quotes on a 3000km service on the bike, looking like its going to cost $300 for the service.

    also, could the oil leak be caused by me riding or have i ridden the bike to hard to early on in its life ?
  14. Where's the leak?
  15. from the engine block, will have to confirm more details tonight as to exactly where the oil is coming from.

    the leak only occurs after i ride, slowly drips for an hour then stops. so my guess is its when the oil/engine is hot only ?
  16. Sure it's not coming from the air cleaner?
  17. ok have taken the fairings off and had a look underneath and after a closer inspection it doesnt seem to be oil, it seems to be a corrosive leak of some sort.

    On the lower front right hand side of the motor there is a white powder with a tinge of green and seems to be of a crusty texture when it dry's, i ran the engine for a little while and couldn't pin-point where the leak was coming but it is coming from under the black casing of the engine on the right hand side and it is a clear liquid.

    The liquid has also spilt onto my right hand lower fairing and managed to get under a frame which has heated up and melted the inside of the fairing.

    so i've been advised to take it back to the dealership i got it from, but was just wondering if anyone has had similar problems on thier own bike and if this is a simple fix.

    thoughts and opinions are much appreciated.
  18. If it is a corrosive leak it will be from the battery. May be split or over flowing. If it is make sure you wash it off with bi-carb.

    Is this the water cooled model?

    If it is I suspect a coolant leak. Not likely to be a big problem, just a hose connection.
  19. Greenish tinge says coolant to me. In my experience battery spills on aluminium go a more yellow colour (sulphur from the sulphuric acid I assume).
  20. it is the water cooled model.

    checked the battery and it doesnt appear to be leaking either.
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