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My eventful ride yesterday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Peanuts, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Life really is never dull on two wheels!

    Yesterday I rode from Footscray to Mornington (to see Clairebear in hospital). On the way down Eastlink, doing 100kph and really fighting the wind, I looked in my mirrors to see a positive hoard of headlights in them. My first thought was that it was a Netrider ride, but next minute I found myself in the middle of a couple of hundred Hells Angels. Have to say I was laughing out loud. Wonder what they thought having this scooter rider in the midst of their pack, even if briefly.

    On the way back I had just got onto the freeway at Frankston, riding along merrily, till suddenly the free flowing traffic starts banking up and slowing. I couldn't believe the reason! Here comes this guy driving up the centre white line, in between the two lanes of traffic (which were parting like the red sea!) in the opposite direction to the traffic! He managed to bump one 4 wheel drive on his way through. And I thought I had seen stupid drivers before. God knows how long he had been doing this, but as I rode on, it was nearly 1km till the next exit, though how he could have driven up it without realising he was on the wrong track beats me). I do hope someone in a car got on their mobile and called the cops!

    Then as I neared Melbourne I could see a heap of black smoke pouring into the sky. City Link signs said "Freeway Closed, Major Incident, Exit at Yarra Blvd". Most of the traffic just kept on keeping on, but I thought bugger this, I'm getting off at Yarra Blvd, which I did. I bet the cars were sorry they did ignore the sign because the freeway was indeed closed (for two hours apparently) due to truck smash. So all those cars were stuck there with nowhere to go.

    So all in all, an interesting trip. :)
  2. Interesting day. Good on you for visiting Clairebear.

    I think the Hells Angels were heading to the Tattoo and Motorcycle show in the Rosebud Industrial Estate that the family and I accidently stumbled on. There appeared to be a lot of them there. Not that I wanted to stare. :shock:
  3. Just curious, how did you know about Clairebear? :)

    And what is it with you and eventful rides peanuts :LOL: ?
  4. Well, I try to make every ride an event!!! :grin:
  5. Just from the OP. One of the best things a friend can do when someone they know is in hospital is to visit them. I don't anything further but responded to a comment that explained why the trip started. I hope that makes sense. And I hope that no offence was taken.
  6. Absolutely no offence taken at all :) Claire is my partner is all, I just thought there might have been a post put up that I missed somewhere.
  7. Scooter in amongst a group of Hell's Angels. Pretty obvious to me really. Support vehicle for the Harleys. :LOL:

    Hope Claire is OK.
  8. That's it. Definitely support vehicle for the Harleys! A whole new career awaits me.

    Claire is improving (burst appendix). Probably out of hospital today. :)
  9. That's good. I thought from your question and location that you may have been closely related to her. I hope her recovery goes well and that she gets to back on the road soon.

    All the best. :grin:
  10. All the best to Claire.
  11. Quick healing Claire.
  12. So riding with the Angels hey? I better watch out, I don't have that kind of street cred.....

    *Hides* Don't let the big bad biker get me! :D

    I must admit, I would have laughed as well, that would have looked awesome!
  13. All is OK I trust?
    Say g'day to her from me!