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My Eventful First Ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Scrltx, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Passed my license test roughly a week ago and have had my Honda CBR300R just sitting in my office's garage for over 2 weeks just waiting to be ridden. Weather in Sydney has been bad recently so I ended up riding it on Saturday night. This was literally my first ride after doing the course, never rode my bike prior to this so finding out the friction point and how much more forward and aggressive the seating position is was interesting.

    Boy was that fun though! Feels great riding down the road and experiencing 60km/h rather than the 20km/h you get doing the Pre-Learner was a real eye-opener and it was a blast. Leaning in and doing corners was just so much fun.

    Until I hit a mechanical failure. Bike would start and stall even with clutch held in. Luckily, I stopped at lights and was able to roll it to the gutter and mostly out of the way of cars while I had my hazard lights on frantically trying to figure out what was wrong. Eventually, another rider saw I was having issues and he got off, helped me roll my bike up into an abandoned house's driveway and I was able to contact a mate that lived nearby that came out to help me. Turned out the the nut holding the clutch cable to my actual clutch lever had gotten loose and that's why my clutch felt super loose and when engaged was really doing nothing...

    Quick 30 second fix and back on the road and still had a blast riding the last 15 minutes back home. Really gotta hand it to the riding community, most helpful group of people ever.

    10/10 would do again.
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  2. welcome aboard :) congrats on the Ls bike and not getting stranded :)
  3. Welcome mate, good story. Getting to know how to spot and fix little issues on your ride can save your butt.
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  4. Was he a Netrider?
    If not, he should be...
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  5. Good on you! Welcome aboard.
    Just keep on getting out there and practicing.
    What a good mate...he's a keeper ;)
  6. Welcome big fella.

    Sounds like another one hooked.
  7. Welcome aboard, but I HOPE this is not a brand new bike you are talking about, it doesn't say much for its assembly and pre-sales inspection if it was...
  8. Awesome that another rider stopped to help. I am just starting out on the road this week and have always found that trail riders help one another and its good to hear that there is the same happening with road riders. Its disappointing when you see car drivers making huge efforts to get around broken down cars without any concern at all.
  9. No, it's a Sep 2015 CBR300R I got second hand from someone who was moving states. I got it for a steal of a price comparing to what it is new. It had roughly 1,000kms on it before it came to my hands. Actually went out for a longer ride today, no mechanical issues since but I did miss my turn off of the A4 and had to do a HUGE loop to get to where I actually needed to go... Hate all the confusing exits and stuff in the city...
  10. welcome aboard and congrats. Its a great beginner bike.
  11. Welcome. Nice bike to get started on too.
  12. ScrltxScrltx i don't know if your local or not - seems youre either an interstater complaining about our genuinely confusing roads, or a local doing the exact same thing... Anyway if you want to learn your way around the city or want to learn your way around your new bike and need someone to ride with I've got an old CB400 that doesn't get much love lately and I'll fire it up for a weekday afternoon burn if you're keen
  13. I had a similar problem not too long ago, except the cable just needed adjusting a little.
    Luckly I had noticed the clutch felt a bit odd when I started out on the bike so knew was it was straight away.

    I had the clutch cable actually snap once while at the lights years ago also.
    Luckly the bike shop wasn't far away so I was able to ride there in first gear. :)
  14. Welcome fellow newbie! Had my licence since December, completed my first big ride on Australia Day 300km from Emerald to Nojee back home via Mirboo North. No sore backside just a saw wrist and Palm, but it was the best thing I have done to date.

    Ride was well organised and also a fundraiser, jump on Facebook and have a look for local ride groups in your area, I met some amazing people and learnt a lot.

    Enjoy your riding, see you on the road sometime!
  15. well done. i am an older newbie. done 6000 km in 5 months. it just gets better every ride.