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My encounter with the 'under world'.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ebags, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Riding home a few weeks ago I almost went straight up the ass of none less than Roberta Moran (yes yes the wife of Carl Williams... or Ex wife??? I dunno, dont follow all the gangland killings shit).

    She was pulling into her driveway (the house of her Husbands Dead Mother Barb Williams) about 1km away from my house (I was heading home). She didnt indicate and swifty cut infront of me. I locked up, released, and got back on the brakes. Ended up about 6 inches from her bumper when I stopped.

    At this point I didnt realise who she was. When she got out the car I asked her "if she knew how to use her fuc*ing inicator". She then took her metal pole out of her boot and came at me swinging. That didnt fase me as I had me gear on LMAO. I told her to "bring it on". She was going off her head like a phyco. And then began telling me who she was and how she was sick of people having a go at her.

    Once I realised what I had possibly got mytself into, I apologised about 10 times. Told her that I was just rattled myself and thus my behaviour. Her daughter was there and I also apologised for casuing a scene infront of her child.

    Thankfully she then calmed down and apologised herself. Pheeew!! Amongst of the arguing she took my regestration plate (which is regestered at my Dads house..... sorry Dad!!!)

    Gang War Crime Boss Carl Williams was sentenced in May 2007 to a minimum of 35 years' jail for the murders of three Melbourne underworld rivals - father and son Lewis and Jason Moran and drug dealer Mark Mallia.
    His father, and Ms Williams' estranged husband George Williams, 61, is also serving time - sentenced last year to four-and-a-half years' jail after pleading guilty to trafficking a commercial quantity of methylamphetamine.

    Hopefully they are out of money (doubt it) or dont feel it necessaty to have me whacked over a something so trivial. *fingers crossed*
  2. Hopefully they pick a decent actor to portray you in Underbelly 6 lol
  3. Hopefully they can't read a map... :roll:
  4. Apologise for making a scene in front of her daughter :shock: Shes the one swinging a pole,what a great example of a parent
  5. I'm sure she'd dig being called Roberta Moran.

  6. it is a shame we offer the most respect to the family who offers none.
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  8. Should have got your own pole out and hit her with it... she'd love it.
  9. #9 ebags, Aug 13, 2009
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    They better!!! :p

    Very true mate. I was reasonably calm considering, she keep telling me to calm down infront of her daughter. I did mettion it was her take was acting like a maniac. . not sure if she was listening but. She was going that mental she managed to get some of her spit though my open visor onto my face. . . biatch.

    Thats spot ******* on mate. Very good portrayal.

    LMAO I'm sure she would have loved that, seemed like she needed a good. . . . :wink:
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    Mate, if she's anything like that just be glad she was only trying to touch you with a pole!
  11. #11 ebags, Aug 13, 2009
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    I havn't really followed all this underworld stuff and havnt watch the series, so before I clicked as to who she was, when she reached for the pole from her boot I was thinking, phark me people still keep poles in their boots!! Who is this crazy mofo!!! LMAO

    But yeah could have been something that actually bothered me. Bang bang. Dont think the gear would have helped with that!
  12. No wonder most of them died. Going about your business in that manner can only end in tears after a long enough time period.

    I hate that she made a single dollar by being famous by association to that twerp Carl Williams. What a ho. Acting like she did to you after crying foul over her portayal in Underbelly seems a little ironic, no? I would assume that it would be lost on a woman who sees anything in a fat loser like Carl.
  13. To right mate. I have only seen the clip that pana83 just posted ( havnt seen any of underbelly other than that ) but from that one clip, I can honestly say that's an extreamly mild version compared to my time with her!

    I've been known to yell absue at wank*rs on the road from time to time. I've had a few blokes 'shape up', but nothing like that!! LMAO

    If nothing else it has taught me to keep my mouth shut, you never know who your rubing up the wrong way.
  14. that time of month?

    *post anti-sexist remarks here*
  15. :shock: did you just go there :wink:

  16. The OP is everything I was hoping for but nothing I expected.
  17. if it was the wife of carl williams you should have asked her to sign those racy mens mag pics she did.....

    no, i wont post 'em but google them if you are really interested.....yuck!
  18. Oh i went there. I went there put it down then took a picture of it sister.
  19. Haha! So true!
    I would of tried to grab the pole and pull her in close and said something sexy like "Your ralph shoot was hot by the way" and hope *fingers crossed* she thought it was funny :p
  20. Interesting.... I don't think she is actually allowed to be driving, let alone threatening people with steel bars. Could be wrong though :-k