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My email to Yamaha ...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by duncan_bayne, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. #1 duncan_bayne, Mar 7, 2010
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    Tilting at windmills perhaps ... I wonder how many riders there are out there who think the same way about two-strokes?

  2. ...look up Bimota.
  3. Dunno, I think those kinds of 2 strokes have passed their prime.

    I would like to see a CVT Burgman or similar with a small 2 stroke forced induction diesel engine though.
  4. Have you looked at the RS500?

    They tried to make a v-twin fuel injectected 2 stroke, and did. Problem was it was a giant POS and ruined the company.

    There have been other ompanies that have had success with 2 strokes though, I know of a 250 twin crank that is reported to put out 90HP, will see if I can dig it up again...
    Edit: found it http://www.brceng.com/250fe.html
    And IRC honda had a really nice experimental 2 stroke adventure bike in the mid 90's. Not sure what happened to it, but I recon it worked a lot better then they expected and they to kill it off... lots of money invested in 4 stroke development... [/tinfiol hat]

    And apparently normal fuel injection doesn't work very well on two strokes, not sure why :shrug:

    For those wondering, I ride a '78 x7 ;)
  5. That'll show 'em.
  6. Exactly the reason I recommended he search out the history.

    Two strokes are on the wain due to environmental laws... they're going to be a thing of the past for any main kind of motive power... two stroke brush cutters and the like might be all that you'll see in future.
  7. i'd love to see someone have a crack at a 2 stroke engine that runs some fancy materials to eliminate (or considerably reduce) oil consumption. or maybe someone needs to make a synthetic oil that burns very clean.

    it's a shame the 2 strokes are getting phased out.
  8. " ... which is a 500cc fuel injected two-stroke sportsbike.

    i'd be dead inside a week
  9. 2-stroke Direct injection, or DiTech as it's been used on some Aprilia scoots. Developed by The Orbital Engine Company, (an Australian mob).
  10. Yeah, probably the biggest hurdle for the dingers, though according to a few articles in motorcycle trader last year several groups have developed 2S FI systems "that produce 80% less emissions than equivelent 4S engines while useing half the fuel"
    I'm still waiting to see one in action or any proof they exist... still one can hope... 200HP 500cc V/Inline 4, yes please :D

    [tinfiol]Still recon company politics/money plays a big part in lack of decent 2S engines[/tinfiol] 8-[
    Edit: Ok ignore half of what I just said... got any info on those 2S FI systems Wayned?
  11. I wonder why forced induction 2 strokes are not used? Theyre not like regular 2S with exhaust and intake ports, they have intake ports down the bottom and cam driven exhaust valves up the top. Even on cars?

    Im with you orb, do you have a spare foil hat?
  12. I have an entire roll of hats in the draw :LOL:
    Good question about the forced induction 2S, the only place I'm aware of them being used is on diesel electric trains.
  13. im sure Yamaha will be out designing 1 right now just for you, say goodbye to anything 2 stroke
  14. Heh, at least he did _something_ other than just whinge.
  15. The reply ...

    It's what I expected, but still ... :-({|=
  16. I'm impressed they responded with something other than a canned answer. Well done Yamaha...sort of. :)
  17. I'm suprised you actualy got a reply :shock: