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My Duc picks up helpdesk chics in cyberspace !!! LOL

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. A strange thing happen today at work.

    We are having IT network issues here at work and I had to get helpdesk to remotely access my PC. ie helpdesk accessed my PC and was able to see what was on my screen to sort out the problem I had.

    Anyway, i got this helpdesk chic, she asked me to minimise all my windows and she was able to see my wallpaper. The wallpaper I have on my PC is a photo of my Duc Monster.

    She says to me over the phone . . .
    I didn't know you ride Michael !
    Is that your bike ?
    Like that bike there on your wall paper is exactly what you ride ?
    I love Ducatis !!!

    . . . and she kept blabbing on about how she wants to ride and would like a Duc also etc etc etc !! :LOL:

    yeah . . . so, . . . . . .
    thats all I have to say !
  2. Is she hot???
  3. It's all about the big pipe.
  4. Who cares, does she put out?? :LOL:
  5. She's an IT nerd, what do you reckon?? :eek:
  6. Here's a joke she'll love, should clinch the deal:

    1100010010010001? 001100010000101010!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Easy there tiger, this IS a G rated forum! :LOL:
  8. Micky's OP clearly lacked vital information! :LOL:
  9. Here's two mutually-exclusive sentences.

    1. She works on the help desk

    2. Is she hot?

  10. Hornet, there's nice surprises to be had. :)
  11. :(

  12. i know at leat 3 IT "nerds" who break that generalisation.
  13. see, thats when you know you are getting on in life.....
    your priorities change :p :p :p :p


    for the better of course :LOL: :bolt:
  14. You'd be getting lucky tonight, if you had a Kawasaki on your wallpaper!
    :LOL: :roll:
  15. +1 :WStupid:

  16. :worthlesspics:
  17. Massaging your EGO with OOOOooooo thats a nice bike is the best way to stop your customer/ client getting blasted by you on the phone.
    I have irrate customer who ordered something, doesnt come in and she is furiuos, I meet her and flatter her and she giggles and smiles and is putty in my hands.

    Helpdesk chicks do the same to make things easier for them, its all in the training.


    Let me know if you get anywhere...... :grin:
  18. :rofl: @ stookies reality check!!!! :rofl:
  19. She fixed your bike, i bet you went red blushed when she talked about it,